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XL NAVY MODEL, .38 RIM FIRE w/original holster @ 1875

The XL Army .44 cf & rf, the XL Navy in .38 RF, and the XL Police Model .38RF are considered the finest quality models that Hopkins & Allen manufactured. Yet, all three were manufactured in incredibly small numbers, guesstimated at a few hundred ! This XL Navy, Serial No. 11X is 100% correct. It has the six inch barrel, six shot, in .38 rim fire, finished in blue. This was unusual as mort were finished in nickel plating. Currently it has about 90%+ of the original blue, only now beginning to turn a plum color. ALL factory applied markings are present, all parts are original, and it is 100% mechanically correct in all phases. It was made from the mid 1870's to the very early 1880's, probably in a quantity of LESS than 150, as all three models accounted for only about 400. It even has its original two loop holster which fits perfectly. Although never purchased by the Government, they sometimes are referred to as secondary martial's.

This XL Navy seems to have been used West of the Mississippi, in looking at the holster and overall image. I have seen Cabinet Card images of the XL Army model on the hip of a Westerner, why not the Navy Model. PRICE $ 1,399



Note of Interest: On American Arms, Page 2, the XL Police Model is listed.



This pistol exemplifies the old saying" good things come in small packages". Serial No. 25X is pristine ! It has 100% of the original Prescott nickel finish, and perfect engraving with no wear. It sports a 2-3/4 inch barrel, and is a five shot, 32 rim fire. Naturally . it has 100% perfect working and mechanical actions! NO mechanical problems. Prescott had been in business for quite some time beginning in the 1860's, and made several versions of Pocket Pistols. This one called the STAR  Model is unique. There was NO attempt to place the makers name on the revolver. The only true identifying  is the step frame and style of the revolver. It was called the STAR Model as some , NOT all, had a five point star stamped on top the barrel flat above the cylinder. This one does not, instead it is magnificently engraved.

ONLY a few hundred of this Model were manufactured. To say it is rare is an understatement. THEN to have it engraved by Ulrich, at this level is astonishing. It has Rosewood grips complete with their factory varnish, no wear !

This is an outstanding opportunity to own a Master engraved pistol, a scarce never seen model. ALL condition, and delicate work. Whomever owned this in the day really loved it, as it was never used only shown.

 PRICE $1,850







APRIL 30, 2024


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