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FOREHAND & WADSWORTH, "OLD MODEL ARMY" .44 with California Bear.

In the mid 1870's the demand for large frame frontier revolvers was at it's zenith. All the major manufacturers were making them, and Forehand & Wadsworth did not want to be left out. Primarily a maker of "pocket" size revolvers they designed and made their first large caliber big frame, and this is it. Introduced in the mid 1870's in a quantity of LESS than 1,000 revolvers. They are hardly never encountered by the collector today, and when found, most are in derelict condition. This example, Serial No. 124X is one of "THE" very finest. It has 99.999% of all the original factory applied nickel plate. It has softened, ( not bright and shiny) and been UNTOUCHED, and remains all original. ALL factory applied markings, such as barrel address, serial numbers etc.. are present and vividly clear. Mechanically it is in PERFECT working order, in ALL phases of working operation. It is really enhanced by the presence of ORIGINAL Mother of Pearl Grips. The grips have the vibrant colors only natural age of 135 years plus can create. The frame is marked with a California Bear stamped on it, which recently has been discovered as a "trade marking" used by a selling dealer in the old San Francisco area of 1870's California. The mark was used by Vellegia & Slotterbeck  Arms, a dealer in firearms, and high grade shotguns.

F&W old model army 44 with california bear closeup

If you are a collector of F&W's, or a collector of Frontier Revolvers from the old west expansion era, this is a rare chance for the 1st Model, a.k.a. "old Model" army to collected. In nickel, you would be hard pressed to find a better example! PRICE $5,500



F&W old model army 44 w/cal bear

This Forehand & Wadsworth "Old Model" Army comes with it's original holster.

F&W old model army with original holster

original pearl grips F&W old model army

F&W old model army bottom view

right view of F&W old model army 44 with bear


This little gem from Hood Firearms is just about 100% of the original factory condition. F. Hood, who ran a small pistol factory in New York, had many other enterprises, and was at one time, one of America's wealthiest men. This Wide Awake, Serial No. 1720, a 5 shot, .32 Rim Fire, has a 2-3/4 inch barrel, and is fitted with Walnut grips. Mechanically, it is 100% on ALL the working actions. During the 2nd half of the 19th century everybody went armed, the city streets were dangerous, as well as traveling on the frontier. One could defend themselves adequately. Do NOT be fooled these small .32 RF's were lethal !

side view of Hood Firearms 32RF Wide Awake

PRICE $ 450

left view of Hood firearms .32RF Wide Awake

bottom view of 32RF by Hood Firearms

Wide Awake 32RF Hood Firearms 1875


grip of Wide Awake Hood Firearms 1875

" THE HARD PAN 2" ,.32 Rim Fire, Manufactured by, HOOD FIREARMS, NY. FACTORY ENGRAVED !

Francis Hood was one of the wealthiest men in America, during the last half of the 1800's following the Civil War. One of the operations of his vast empire, was Hood Firearms Company, located in New York. They produced a variety of inexpensive Pocket Pistols, with a variety of Trade Names. The quality was very good, and they were very competitive in the market place of great demand. The Hard Pan 2, is one of them, and this Hard Pan 2 is Serial No. 887X. It has the 2-3/4 inch round barrel, and walnut grips. The finish is about 98% original nickel plating, and is decorated with an unusual " Star Burst " style of engraving. It is further decorated with three knurled rings around the cylinder. The hammer and trigger have their darkened case colors, and ALL mechanical functions operate perfectly! A unique pocket pistol. PRICE $400

.32 rim fire factory engraved pistol

Hood Firearms pistol called the Hard Pan 2



JULY 31, 2021


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