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HOPKINS & ALLEN , SINGLE ACTION MODEL, THE " XL No.8 ", in .44 RIM FIRE !!! Mid to Late 1870's

Without exception, this was the finest revolver manufactured, and sold under their name, Hopkins & Allen. This was easily considered of "Military" quality, and yet, with all this only several hundred were manufactured. Within that grouping was even a rare ! variation, the .44 Henry Rim  Fire caliber, which THIS XL No.8 is ! Serial No.44X is dazzling example of a rare revolver.  It has about 97% of all its original factory nickel plating. It has 100% of all the case colors on the hammer and trigger guard.

The hard rubber checkered grips are in superb condition, no wear , and perfect color. ALL factory applied markings are clear and present, manufacturer and model on top strap. Mechanically, this XL No.8 works 100% CORRECTLY on all functions of the working action, as well as loading and ejecting spent cartridges. A rare find for the collector, combining rarity and condition. PRICE $ 4,950

Both grips are in same perfect condition.


EXPRESS....Manufactured by Bacon Mfg, Norwich, Ct. .38 RIM FIRE...1878

In collecting small Pocket Pistols of the 19th century, the name is very important.  This one is  "EXPRESS", normally a .22, this is the FIRST .38RF I have encountered.

Along with the EXPRESS, comes its original box of US Cartridge Co. .38 Rim Fire cartridges, a full box ! The graphics are very good, as all sides of the box are complete, and the top label shows only normal shelf wear. Self protection was a big issue during that period, both in the Eastern Cities and the Frontier. These small but effective pistols could be carried, and render serious stopping power. This EXPRESS, Serial No. 278X, is from 1878, and has a 2-3/4 inch Octagonal barrel. About 95% of the original factory nickel finish is present, with the wear being the position of the finger when grasping the revolver. It is 100% mechanically correct on all working actions. A unique name and revolver, plus US box of .38 RF ctg's.  PRICE $ 575

THE DICTATOR, .32rf, by Hopkins & Allen,  1879....

Besides the more known names of Pocket Pistols from Hopkins & Allen, (Blue Jacket, Ranger, XL) they made their "generic" line, for lower price sales points. This is the DICTATOR, a 5 shot, .32 rim fire from 1879. Serial No. 2305 has about 99% of all the original factory nickel plating, and Rosewood grips. Serial No. 230X has a 2-1/2 inch barrel, and all case colors on the hammer. Mechanically it is 100% perfect on ALL working actions.

PRICE $ 350



Within the H&A line, the XL series was considered their finest offering, from Pocket Pistols, all the way the the big .44 XL No.8. Serial No. 540X is fully factory engraved,  in the style indicative to H&A. It has punch dot, some NY , and a Panel Scene, in this case a Bird. It has the Dogs Head early style grips, and in PERFECT condition. Mechanically, it is in PERFECT working order! The overall condition is 99.999%, in original factory nickel, and inlaid enamel in the engravers cuts. It has the 3 inch barrel, and 5 shot capacity. This is a SPLENDID example of factory engravers art, and one of the finest No.3's available for collection today.

PRICE $1,500



Part of the enjoyment of collecting the multitude of 19th Century Pocket Pistols is the name ! and the scarcity associated with the maker and name. This one, Serial No. 852X is "The Mohegan", named after a Indian tribe of NY State. It is a 5 shot .32 rim fire, with a 2-3/4 inch barrel. It is fully Factory Engraved, and has 100% of the original factory nickel plating present. It is 100% mechanically perfect on all phases of operation. The grips are smooth, and free of damage with a soft patina.

Yet another example of the diversity in the 19th century for personal protection, yet at an affordable price.  PRICE $600


I think the key attraction here is the name, LONE STAR, named right after the State of Texas ! I would guess the maker really thought it would imply a reliable revolver, and impart the Frontier heritage of Texas.  This .22 has a 2-1/2 inch barrel, and is 7 shots. ALL factory applied markings are present on the revolver, and clearly read. It is 100% mechanically correct. It has about 60% of the original nickel plate remaining, mostly on the cylinder and frame. The starburst and banner engraving is clear and present. The wooden grips are smooth and have a fine patina. A quality representative of the  desire to sell by association. The "Lone Star ".


PRICE $475




Perhaps the name "Chichester" came from England, in the fact this would make an excellent "poaching " companion, as it fires the .32 rim fire cartridge, and with the stock, an added measure of accuracy. Or, perhaps it was just an advanced Target Pistol, and with a detachable stock, once again aided accuracy. Either way, or maybe another, it is a VERY interesting outfit! The pistol itself has about 80% of the original factory nickel plating, the balance a soft gray spotting and patina. The "Dogs Head" hard rubber grips are very crisp and in excellent condition. The stock seems to have seen more wear, and is basically a soft gray finish, with only traces of nickel plating. Serial No. 568X makes quite an appearance with that 10 inch barrel and stock. ALL mechanical functions for firing operate PERFECTLY, with each and every cocking of the hammer. A unique "outfit".

PRICE $1,350



MAY 30, 2018


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