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NORWICH ARMS Co., Pat'd April 23, 1876, .32 Rim Fire

This Pocket Revolver is a real eye catcher ! Manufactured in 1876 Serial No. 13X is in 99.999% original condition. It has ALL the bright nickel plating present, and is mechanically correct ! However, the eye appeal is drawn to the grips. Much like Tiffany NY grips, they are silver cast, with a Forest scene including Deer and trees. They remain in perfect condition. It has a 2-3/4 inch octagonal barrel, with the spur trigger and a five shot cylinder.

If your selection of a Pocket Pistol to carry in the 2nd half of the 19th century was based on flashy good looks, this was the one !! Protection in a art oriented package.

PRICE $750


I think the key attraction here is the name, LONE STAR, named right after the State of Texas ! I would guess the maker really thought it would imply a reliable revolver, and impart the Frontier heritage of Texas.  This .22 has a 2-1/2 inch barrel, and is 7 shots. ALL factory applied markings are present on the revolver, and clearly read. It is 100% mechanically correct. It has about 60% of the original nickel plate remaining, mostly on the cylinder and frame. The starburst and banner engraving is clear and present. The wooden grips are smooth and have a fine patina. A quality representative of the  desire to sell by association. The "Lone Star ".

Left side view of Lone Star No 1 pistol


PRICE $475


engraved New York Pistol Co Lone Star No 1

2-1/2 inch barrel engraved New York Pistol Co

top view of Lone Star No 1 pistol

bottom view of Lone Star No1 pistol 2-1/2 inch barrel



JUNE 30, 2021


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