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COLT MODEL 1878 DA, in32/20 CALIBER with 5-1/2 INCH BARREL...

This Model 1878 is among the rarities of big frame Colts, as it is a 32/20 caliber, and with a 5-1/2 inch barrel. As stated above, in Wilkerson's Book on '78's only 65 were ever manufactured in this configuration and caliber. I have not seen the other 64 and never will, but I will say, this is PROBABLY the top 1 or 2 in condition. It has about 95-96% of the original bright factory nickel plate finish, and almost ALL the fire blue on the hammer, trigger and screw heads. A very attractive contrast of colors.

ALL factory applied markings are present, barrel address, caliber, serial numbers etc.... Serial No. 4845X has a PERFECT working action, both on Single Action, and Double Action modes.

PRICE $ 3,250


COLT NEW POLICE .38 a.k.a.


On of the most unique, and rarest/scarcest of all the revolvers produced by Colt. Manufactured form 1882-1886 in a small quantity of only four thousand revolvers !! Within that grouping, the SIX inch barrel is a great scarcity, the norm and bulk of production was the 4-1/2 inch. Additionally . most of the production was in the nickel finish, this one of course is blue. Serial No. 2203X is a remarkable example. It still has about 50 -65% original factory blue. The balance an untouched dark patina, blending very well for appearance. There is still a high percentage of fire blue on the hammer reverse, and limited amount on the spur trigger. Where did Cop & Thug come from ? It derived from the incredibly unique checkered hard rubber grips. Embossed with the pattern of a Thug attacking and Officer. Plus the Colt Logo at the grips top. MOST IMPORTANT: theses grips have NO, NO damage, and are in perfect condition.  The mechanical working actions are PERFECT. IT half cocks for loading & unloading, cocks for firing, indexes, locks tight and releases to fire. Every time the hammer is pulled to the rear. The left side of the  barrel has the unique acid etched panel to identify make and caliber. "New Police 38"

The entire panel is present and completely legible

A very unique Colt, SELDOM encountered, and in the the six inch barrel, never encountered. This example has superb condition, an intact panel, and PERFECT grips.

PRICE $ 3,850 SOLD



Today we think of Galveston as a Beach destination, or boating destination, not so in 1895. In fact, another Galveston Colt with factory Letter, stated shipping as "end of line", referring to where the railroad stopped ! Galveston was originally a big cattle area, home to Ranches like the King Ranch. Many, many Cattle drives began or passed through Galveston. Many years later, Cotton King, and it shipped world wide from Galveston. This Colt Frontier Six Shooter, Serial No. 16249X, shipped in August of 1895 to a Hardware dealer. In the recently released book, " The Official Record, Colt Single Action Army Revolver, 1873 -1895 " by Wilkerson & Hoyt, on Page 414, it list the location. J. S. Brown Hardware Co, located at 2226-2228  Strand, Galveston, Texas. This is a small ship location for Galveston , as it seems W.F. Stewart got the bulk of shipments. Today the overall finish is a soft mellow gray patina, with the slightest tint of plum in some areas. An original untouched natural patina finish. This is very typical of a finish on a Galveston Colt, as the sea air and moisture tended to be hard on finishes. There is 1% of the blue remaining, and some "ghost" traces of case color on the frame and hammer. All factory applied markings are present: barrel address, frame patents, serial numbers etc...The Roll Die legend on the left side of barrel,  "Colt Frontier Six Shooter" is faint, and stronger in some spots. This was a working CFSS, and undoubtedly holstered much of its time. The checkered hard rubber grips show hand wear, and the checkering is still present, just not so sharp. The Logo is still present on each grip, and quite sharp.

The working action is 100% correct. It safety cocks, half cocks, full cocks, the cylinder rotates, indexes and locks tight. The action releases smoothly to fire. ALL parts are original to this Colt. The screw head slots are clean and fresh, suffering no damage. A fine example of a South Texas Colt, that took part in the life of Galveston. PRICE $ 3,450






Colt introduced the New Police revolver in 1896, and it immediately received a great boost when Theodore Roosevelt, Police Commissioner of New York ordered 4,000 to equip the Police department. Soon after many other cities followed suit. By today's standards it is a small lightweight  revolver, but in the day it was high technology. Like with many models, shooters wanted a Target Pistol in .32, and the .32 New Police cartridge fit the bill. Only a few thousand were made in a flat top Target Model, and they received great reviews. In 1905 it was written up as a reliable accurate target pistol for the shooter in .32. The key is this, in the Original New Police Model, with ALL the early manufacturing characteristics, few ever show up for collecting, many of its descendants due , but not the original. This New Police Target, Serial No. 1638X has the standard six inch barrel, and finished in the blue. What makes this model unique is the way it was marked on the frame, a circle with the words Colt above New Police in a circle around the Rampant Colt symbol.

Mechanically this example operates 100% correctly on double and single action modes. The finish is about 60% original blue, the balance is the original blue beginning to age into a plum patina color. The checkered hard rubber grips are in perfect condition and exhibit little to no wear, with strong checkering. In the world of the " big" Colts, sometimes this very scarce and important Target revolver gets overlooked, until you want one and try to find one !





Serial No. 10959X was shipped to San Antonio, Texas in March of 1885, to the leading dealer Charles Hummel & Sons. This is a TEXAS Colt all the way ! When shipped into Texas they saw action, and were used, not abused. They never saw the inside of a drawer, or Bank shelf, they saw the inside of a holster from horseback. The Colt appears EXACTLY as the letter details it to be, 44/40, 4-3/4 , Nickel & rubber grips. Currently only about 10% of the factory nickel remains, the balance is an honest original plum patina, NEVER having been cleaned or touched. ALL parts are original to the Colt, ALL factory applied markings are clear and present, with ORIGINAL Eagle hard rubber grips. Mechanically this Single Action is 100% correct in all the working actions ! Cocking, locking tight, etc...etc.... The checkered hard rubber grips STILL have their very visible and distinct Eagles, as well as the Colt Logo at the top of the grips, showing normal carry wear, with NO damage. *It may be interesting to note, in a recent edition of TRUE WEST magazine, there was a discussion about Charles Hummel's store. He was the premier dealer in the area for hundreds of miles. In fact, on the night Ben Thompson was shot and killed at the Vaudeville in San Antonio, he stopped at Hummel's store and bought a few loose rounds of 44/40.

A TRUE TEXAS Frontier Colt, it was there !!

PRICE $ 3,850



This Colt Single Action has the Roll Die Barrel legend on the left side, Colt Frontier Six Shooter.  Serial No. 17682X was shipped into New Mexico Territory in March of 1898, to Albuquerque. There is an interesting remark in the Colt Letter: First the Colt by contractual obligation had to go to Winchester Repeating Arms, then on to Albuquerque. Why? From 1895 - 1915 Colt had to use Winchester as an Export Agent ! The Territory was considered outside the United States ! Currently the factory blue finish has aged and become a blue/plum patina on the surface of the revolver. ALL parts are original to the Colt, and ALL factory markings are clear and present. All serial numbers are matching, the patent dates are clear as is the barrel address. Mechanically, it is PERFECT in all the working actions. Safety, half cock, full cock, indexes, locks tight, releasing to fire correctly. The grips show hand wear, but are still in fine condition with checkering and the Colt logo at tops of grips.

Territorial shipped Single Actions may well be the highest demand  for collectors. There is no question they went to the Wild West, with intentions of being carried and used ! This is why this New Mexico Territorial Colt is an honest used Single Action and has a true aged UNTOUCHED natural patina finish. Simply put, it was there ! When considering all the shipments of Colt, Territorial's are an EXTREMELY small amount, and perhaps are the genuine survivors of a long gone Western era, who wouldn't want one in the collection? PRICE $4,250

COLT 1860 .44 ARMY REVOLVER, MARKED on GRIP: K 10 CAV 1 , No 5


Colt 1860 Army, Serial No. 13979X is from the 1863 production of Colt revolvers, and is FULLY Military marked, with all Inspector Letters, in this case "D" or "DD". Following the Civil War, and the reduction of regular troops Black Units were sent into key Cavalry patrol situations in the West. Many 1860's were sent to Springfield for re-furbishing, and marked with a US on the trigger guard.  This 1860, however, is a completely CORRECT serial Numbered 1860, ALL matching, including the cylinder. This 1860 has perfect mechanical actions, the working actions all function correctly each time. Historically this is a very important revolver, as the 10th CAV saw action in almost ALL the Western Indian Campaigns. High Plains, Apache, all through the west, along with its sister unit the 9th. Why was this still in service, ? well the 1st Model S&W American was a limited purchase of only 1,000 revolvers , and saw poor distribution to main line troops. It wasn't until the Single Action began ( really ) in 1874 and then select units were issued, not enough arms to go around. Therefore the Buffalo Units continued with the tried and proven 1860 .44 Army.

The finish today is a soft gray patina, with traces of blue, and smooth metal. There are even faint traces of case color on frame and hammer. The brass is untouched, with a perfect and correct patina.  The grips speak for themselves, and are 100% authentic and correct. A significant piece of the history of the Cavalry in the West, and the Buffalo Soldiers. PRICE $6,500

Most of the original cylinder scene is still visible, it shows wear, but visible. The Inspector letters of "D" can also be seen , as well as the frame patent.

The right outside grip without unit marking.

     K 10 CAV No 5..MARKINGS



This Colt 1851 Navy Model, of 1862, Serial No. 12804X, is an extremely scarce variation of the '51 Navy. they exist as an extremely low quantity, maybe 1,000 ? and show some variations in the group. The definitive text on '51 Navy revolvers, "'51 Navies" by Nathan L. Swayze discusses these 4 screw cut for stock models on Pages 60 - 75, and specifically the Serial Range of 128,000 on Page 69. The serial number of this specimen is only numbers from ones photographed in the text. This '51 is ALL serial number matching, , all parts cylinder, etc... It remains in excellent condition. It has about 35% of the original blue, and the balance a untouched plum patina There are distinct remnants of the case colors on the frame, hammer, and rammer. The brass trigger guard is untouched with only miniscule amounts of silver plate present. The original grips are superb ! with about 99% of all the original varnish. Mechanically this '51 functions perfectly on all working actions. The cylinder scene is completely present, a blend of strong and weak, but all there to include the "Engagement" line on the cylinder periphery. Overall this is a very fine example of a very scarce variation within the '51 Navy revolver production. One other small detail worthy of mentioning is , there is a small "2"present above the serial number on the barrel and frame. Some say, was once a pair cased, this is the No.2 Navy. Others will say a very special Colt Inspector mark on this cut for stock variation. ALL factory applied markings are present, : barrel address  (U.S. America), caliber on shoulder, and all serial numbers etc..

This is an excellent opportunity for the collector to add a very scarce '51 Navy to the collection. Comparatively speaking, this is a super fine example. PRICE $4,600




Serial No. 3361X  was shipped to the firm of Liddle & Kaeding, San Francisco, California in 1881. This is the ejector-less model, sometimes referred to as the Sheriffs Model or Storekeeper.

The Model of 1877 was Colt's FIRST successful Double Action revolver. Despite it's delicate mechanism, it was extremely popular. This example has about 90% of all it original nickel plate finish, and all the fire blue on hammer and trigger, just slightly darkened. MOST IMPORTANT: it is 100% mechanically correct in both single and double action modes. The checkered hard rubber grips are in fine condition with little to no wear, very sharp !


This is a very fine example of a DA .38 Model of 1877, with a unique and historically significant shipping address. Comes with Factory Letter. PRICE $2,000




COLT .36 NAVY , 2nd MODEL, a.k.a.  "SQUARE BACK NAVY" 1850 Production !


In 1850 Colt rushed to the drawing board to come out with a lighter, more portable, hard hitting belt pistol. What was introduced was the 1851 Navy Revolver, in .36 caliber. The original introduction had the screw below the wedge, and after about 800 revolvers it was relocated to above the wedge. Therefore, 1st square back and 2nd square back. This Model, the 2nd had very limited production numbers also, from about Serial Range 1,250 to 4,200, only about 2,900 specimens. THIS 2nd Model Navy Square Back is Serial No. 153X. The term square back comes from the shape of the trigger guard, following tradition of the previous .44 Dragoons. This 2nd Square Back has survived over 160 years in relatively good shape. There are minute traces of blue on the surface, but a lot of case color hardening ( 35%)remains on the frame and  hammer. There is also some , tarnished of course, silver plate on the trigger guard. The grips have  fine antique luster, and most all the varnish is there, softened but present. The cylinder scene is barely there, but it can be seen, stronger and weaker depending where on the cylinder.

Mechanically this 2nd Navy functions PERFECTLY, on every facet of operation, no problems here ! This is just a VERY SCARCE Colt Model Navy. It is highly sought after by collectors, because with ONLY 2,900 made, and hard use there just aren't many around. All Serial numbers are matching, everywhere ! and ALL factory applied markings are present and clear, such as the New York barrel address etc.. This would be a welcome addition to any collector. PRICE $3,650


The recognizable trademark of the 2nd Model '51 Navy, a.k.a. The Square Back....... in addition you can see quite a bit of case color hardening on the frame, and trcaes of tarnished silver on the guard !

Case colors on the hammer !! and frame.

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AUGUST 31, 2019


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