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This is an extremely fine example of art, iron and leather, a la Old Mexico. The revolver is Model of 1877, from the production year of 1896,in the heavier caliber of .41 Colt. Also it has the much scarcer barrel length of FIVE inches. **This 1877 remains in 100% correct working condition, double and single action modes. You might say, this is a Mexican style "Tiffany" grip, as it completely wraps around the factory grip. It is very delicate work with a decorative edge that flawlessly meets the metal surfaces of the revolver. It is 100% silver, and gold washed lettering and symbols of Mexico.

You see the Mexican Eagle & Snake on the Cactus at the top of he grip, and in Gold washed letters, in a stylized manner, the word RECUERDO toward the bottom of the grip. The silver work is of the highest quality. A fine decorative rope pattern around all the edges, the grips around the screw is engraved with the Mexican sunburst pattern, similar to the RM marked Colts.

The leather slim Jim holster & cartridge belt, embroidered pattern, are in perfect condition, with no cracks etc... and very supple. Extremely well preserved after more than 124 years.  Overall the Thunderer has about 45% of the factory blue finish, mostly in the flutes and atop the barrel and ejector housing. There is more blue present, but has darkened and is mixed with a soft plum patina. ALL the brilliant fire blue is present on the hammer reverse and on the trigger reverse. The case coloring on the frame has darkened, but you can see the ghost outlines of case colors. ALL factory applied markings are present ! and vividly clear. ALL serial numbers are matching,10246X. ALL screw heads are fresh, most with bright blue, and clean slots. ALL parts are the original factory parts of 1896 to this Model of 1877.

PRICE $2,950


NOTE: The original back strap has NOT been altered, rather the silver grips is cast around the factory grip.

Meticulous detail is shown, as the body of the holster is embroidered to the shape of the closing flap, appearing closed, even when open !

In Spanish this word Recuerdo has about 10 meanings, depending on it's method of usage.

Most probable would be: memory, keepsake or reminder, or many other implied meanings, known to the original owner !! in Old Mexico!




Colt Cloverleaf .41 rf  in factory case

This cased Cloverleaf is a spectacular sample of the engravers art.  It is engraved by Nimschke, and fitted with a case, as sold by Colt. A current auction has another high hammer Cloverleaf, with almost mirror image engraving, but more finish, suggesting $12,000. A real bonus for being engraved is how early the piece is,  Serial No. 78X about the first few weeks of production. The case has no damage, and the wine colored velvet interior is free from damage, BUT CLEARLY shows the impression of this Cloverleaf being in this box since day one ! It also comes with the original cleaning rod and 8 original rim fire .41 cartridges. The Factory Box is true to construction having the soft poplar bottom, the hard wood for the visible exterior. The Cloverleaf ( House Pistol, a.k.a. Cloverleaf) was the ONLY four shot Colt ever manufactured.

left view of the engraved .41rf cloverleaf

beautiful engraving by Nimschke

wonderful old ivory grips

feather Nimschke engraving on the top

outstanding engraving on the backstrap

The original Factory finish was silver frame, and blued barrel and cylinder. Today, only traces of the silver remain on the frame, and the blue has turned to an untouched dark blue/gray patina. The Ivory grips are flawless, with that perfect Ivory color from age. ALL factory applied markings are still present and vividly clear. Mechanically it is very tight, and functions correctly This is undoubtedly one of the EARLIEST engraved Cloverleaf's. A fine addition to a Colt collection. PRICE $ 5,500SOLD

beautiful casing for the Cloverleaf engraved pistol

bottom of the all wood casing for the cloveleaf

red velvet lined case

right side of the ivory gripped colt

right side view of the Nimschke engraving

Nimschke engraving on the barrel also

perfect ivories on both sides

bottom view of the cased Colt



The collectors of Colt Single Action revolvers , and Bisley Models, recognize that a PRE 1898 Antique Bisley is indeed very rare and scarce. Introduced in very late 1894/1895 very few were manufactured. I would conservatively say that 98% of all production took place after 1898. So, finding a Black Powder Bisley is a long and difficult collecting road, especially with condition. Serial No. 16593X is a very strong and collection worthy Pre 1898 Bisley. In the old west caliber of .45 Colt, and the "classic" 7-1/2 inch barrel. Overall a strong 60% revolver: Strong blue on barrel and top of ejector rod housing. Strong blue on the trigger guard, back strap and butt. Light blue in the cylinder flutes.  There are strong traces of case hardening colors on the front of frame, and silvered out for the balance. ALL factory applied markings are present: barrel address, Bisley markings & caliber on barrel, frame patents, and ALL matching Serial Numbers. Unlike the Single Action, the hammer has brilliant nitre fire blue on the top of hammer, and back of hammer 98% still present.

checkered hammer

The Bisley checkered Hard Rubber grips are near pristine, with crisp and perfect checkering, and Colt Logo at top of Grip.

crisp and perfect checkering on the Colt grips

Mechanically it is PERFECT on ALL the working actions. This is simply stated a superb and scarce model production variation of a Colt Single Action, a PRE 1898 Antique Black Powder Bisley .45.

PRICE $5,250

Colt Bisley Model .45

bottom of this black powder Colt

pre 1898 Black Powder Bisley Colt

all matching serial number and markings

Checkered hard rubber grips

7-1/2" barrel on this antique black powder Bisley.45




COLT MODEL 1878 DA, in32/20 CALIBER with 5-1/2 INCH BARREL...

This Model 1878 is among the rarities of big frame Colts, as it is a 32/20 caliber, and with a 5-1/2 inch barrel. As stated above, in Wilkerson's Book on '78's only 65 were ever manufactured in this configuration and caliber. I have not seen the other 64 and never will, but I will say, this is PROBABLY the top 1 or 2 in condition. It has about 95-96% of the original bright factory nickel plate finish, and almost ALL the fire blue on the hammer, trigger and screw heads. A very attractive contrast of colors.

close up of blued hammer

close up of blued trigger on Colt DA 1878

ALL factory applied markings are present, barrel address, caliber, serial numbers etc.... Serial No. 4845X has a PERFECT working action, both on Single Action, and Double Action modes.

right side view of Colt DA 1878 with all markings present

PRICE $ 3,250

Colt Model 1878 DA 32/20 caliber with 5-1/2 inch barrel

95-96% original bright factory nickel finish and fire blue on hammer, trigger,screw heads

top of Colt 1878 DA 5-1/2" barrel

perfect condition checkered hard rubber grips with logo


Colt DA 1878 closeup



Serial No. 3361X  was shipped to the firm of Liddle & Kaeding, San Francisco, California in 1881. This is the ejector-less model, sometimes referred to as the Sheriffs Model or Storekeeper.

etched panel on Colt Model 1877  with 3-1/2 " barrel

The Model of 1877 was Colt's FIRST successful Double Action revolver. Despite it's delicate mechanism, it was extremely popular. This example has about 90% of all it original nickel plate finish, and all the fire blue on hammer and trigger, just slightly darkened. MOST IMPORTANT: it is 100% mechanically correct in both single and double action modes. The checkered hard rubber grips are in fine condition with little to no wear, very sharp !

ejectorless Colt model 1877 Da 38 with etched panel


This is a very fine example of a DA .38 Model of 1877, with a unique and historically significant shipping address. Comes with Factory Letter. PRICE $2,000


Colt 1877 Da 38 Sheriff's model

bottom view of sheriff's model shipped to San Francisco

top view of Colt's Sheriff model 1878 DA 38

checkered hard rubber grips with little to no wear



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JANUARY 31, 2021


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