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This EXTREMELY RARE ! Colt Model of 1860 Conversion by use of an entirely new cylinder, and modifying the hammer was the first attempt at creating a cartridge revolver from an 1860. This rare conversion is detailed in Bruce McDowell's book " Colt Conversions and other Percussion Revolvers.

It is discussed in GREAT detail, on Pages 402-414, along with photographs of several of the other known examples.

A very interesting historical picture is described. One theory is that they were made for the U.S. Army under the auspices of the Colt Factory. About 60 of them as a experimental revolver, moving into the cartridge era. This 1860 "Long Flute" is entire, by that I mean it has the loading gate. Most all the others have lost the gate, and all that remains is the aperture for the gate swiveling rod. The gate basically was held only by friction, so easy to see why most all are missing. Serial No. 5739X is ALL matching serial numbers, unlike many others, and falls into the range of the bulk of .44 rim fire 1860's discovered. The smooth Walnut grips show hand use but are free of any damage and have an excellent patina. Mechanically, it is 100% correct, all working actions of cocking, locking, indexing and locking tight are in perfect working order. Regarding finish: when manufactured it was a nickel plated finish. At this time, there is only about 30% of the original finish present, mostly on the back strap, trigger guard, and rear of frame at recoil shields. The small balance is found under the rammer on the barrel, as the balance of the surface is a soft original untouched gray patina. ALL serial numbers are matching, and the barrel address, along with frame patents are clearly visible. It is very interesting to note, the bolt stop notches on the cylinder have NO approaches.  It is a six shot cylinder, and a PERFECT fit to the frame.

left full view of Colt Model 1860 long flute .44 RF

This is an IMPORTANT revolver, and shows the new commitment to cartridge, long before Thuer, Richards and Richards Mason.


Colt Model 1860 Long cylinder .44 rim fire

bottom of Colt Model of 1860 conversion rare

extremely rare colt long cylinder .44 rim fire

close up of Colt 1860 long cylinder conversion


Colt Model 1860 long cylinder close up right side

walnut grips right side on Colt 1860 long flute .44 Rim Fire

walnut grips left side of revolver


Considered by many Colt enthusiast to be the ultimate in streamline design of all the Cap N' Ball era pistols. The Police, Serial No. 4480X has the 5-1/2 inch barrel, and the fluted rebated cylinder. This example is an extremely fine and high condition survivor. After the Civil War, many ! of these were converted to cartridge revolvers, so an original Cap N' Ball is highly desired. This one is extraordinary in condition. It has 98% of all the original factory bright blue, 99% of all the case hardening colors on the frame and loading lever, plus 65% of all the silver on the trigger guard and back strap. The walnut grips have 99.9% of all the original factory varnish. ALL, ALL serial numbers are matching, ALL parts are original to this '62 Police. ALL factory applied markings are present: barrel address, frame patent. Mechanically, it functions 100% correctly on ALL working actions.

98% original blue finish on Colt 1862 Police with 5-1/2" barrel

top view of 1862 Police from Cap-n-ball era

This '62 Police has survived 148 years in remarkable condition. It obviously received excellent care from a proud owner, hoping to receive the same care from it's new home !

PRICE $4,850



colt model 1862 Police 1871 in .36

99% factory varnish on walnut grips of Colt Police

original cap-n-ball Colt 1862 Police with walnut grips

bottom view of Colt Model 1862 Police .36 1871

right side of Colt model 1862 Police all original cap-n-ball




AUSTIN, TEXAS 1 OF 2 !!!!!

All to most all Single Action collectors recognize that a Black Powder frame,  long barrel, Eagle Grips, in 32/20 is an ultimate discovery. Shipped in May of 1893 to Austin Texas, a large dealer, and ONLY 2 were in the shipment. This alone testifies to the singular rarity of this configuration.  Serial No. 15149X has about 15% of the original blue, mostly on the Trigger Guard, and back Strap, however much blue in the cylinder flutes.

scarce black powder Colt SA 1893 long barrel with letter

Case Hardening colors are present on the hammer, but faded. The frame has almost all the case colors, strong in front of the cylinder, and the rest of the frame is a " silvered out" case color.

close up of Colt SAA .32 right side with eagle grips

The balance of the Colt has a soft untouched plum/gray patina. ALL factory applied markings are present: barrel address, barrel caliber, patents on frame, and ALL matching serial numbers. ALL parts are original to this revolver. ALL mechanical Working ACTIONS are perfect, each and every time !! Just as a Footnote to History: Emmet Dalton, of Coffeyville Bank Fame, preferred and carried a 32/20 SAA !

PRICE $ 3,950



picture of texas flag

Colt SA black powder 1893 7-1/2" barrel in 32/20

eagle grips on Austin Texas shipped Colt Single Action 1893

hard rubber checkered grip on Colt SA 7-1/2" barrel w/factory letter

bottom of Colt SAA .32 with 7-1/2" barrel

top view of 1893 black powder Colt with eagle grips


left side of Colt SAA .32 7-1/2" barrel with Austin ,TX factory letter

A difficult Single Action for the collector to locate ! Even better, this one shipped to Austin , Texas, 1 of 2  in shipment.


Colt 1860 .44 Army revolver with original slim jim holster

right side view of Colt 1860 .44 Army

close up of Colt 1860 Army with walnut grips

Colt Model 1860 Army, Serial No. 17452X, has been in one and only one family until now, when discovered and now being offered to collectors. It has an overwhelming presence and condition, along with the original Slim Jim holster and belt. This Army has the eight inch barrel with about 90%+ of all the factory original deep blue. The blue is also strongly present on the back strap.  There is about 30% silver plating on the brass trigger guard, the balance an untouched soft patina on the brass. The rammer still has all the vibrant case colors, as does the hammer. The frame has ALL it's case colors, just ever so slightly darkened from age. The Walnut grips are like new, with 100% of all the factory piano varnish present. The cylinder due to probable entry in and out of the holster has less blue. There is blue on the rebated part of the cylinder, but the balance is a soft untouched gray patina. The cylinder scene is 100% present, and vivid ! including the Engagement Line at the cylinder periphery.

100% of cylinder scene is present

To find a previously undiscovered 1860 Army, with it's rig, in this state of condition is incredible, and is all FRESH to the collecting buyers !

left full view of Colt 1860 .44 Army w/original holster & belt

original slim jim holster for Colt 1860 Army .44

carved pattern on border and body of slim jim holster with belt

Original Slim Jim with carved pattern on border, and body of holster. Plus original belt, typical style of the late 1860's .

typical style of belt from 1860's

bottom of Colt model 1860 with 8" barrel

100% of all the factory piano varnish on these walnut grips

right side view of perfect walnut grips on Colt 1860 .44 Army

ALL factory applied markings are clear and present: barrel address, frame patents, serial numbers ( ALL matching), caliber, and cylinder scene.

close up of the Colt 1860 .44 Army comes with slim jim holster

ALL, working actions function 100% perfectly, loading, cocking locking, etc...

PRICE $10,100





Colt Frontier Six Shooter 1896

This Colt Frontier Six Shooter is about as good as it gets ! maybe not condition, but a life of adventure !!!This is an 1896 Colt, Serial No.16621X, and was part of the real west, and then the west of EARLY movies.  Briefly, as documents come with this Colt explaining all in great detail. Bison Films was an eastern company attempting to make Western films with lots of Indians. Their eastern locations were not suitable, so they packed up, went to California. Stroke of luck, while there the Miller Brothers 101 Wild West Show was performing. They immediately saw opportunity, all they needed was already there, so they packed up moved to Ponca City, OK, and changed their name to Bison101 , and new western films rolled out. Early stars like Tom Mix, even Will Rodgers, came to be known, and none more authentic than E. ( Enos) Canutt, actor and stuntman. This revolver is marked many ways, for many things:

punched dot initials of stuntman E.C. (Enos Canutt)

Please note the 'B" by the hammer bolt, and BISON stamped into the frame. Then punch dot stamped are the letters "E.C." Undoubtedly for Enos Canutt.  The back strap is also punch dot marked with other symbols, as is the butt between the grips. The Colt itself has some of the original blue remaining, I would say about 10%, the balance is a soft gray patina. Mechanically this CFSS has a PERFECT working action. The checkered hard rubber grips show use ! no damage just use, and hand wear.

checkered hard rubber grips on this Colt Frontier SS

There is a small notebook of valuable information that comes with this Colt CFSS

documents and notebook come with this Colt FSS

If you like the Old West, and those Mythical beginnings of the Western Films, when the 20th century was in it's infancy, and 1900 was a new world, then how could you not be romantic about this Colt? PRICE $4,950

original black powder Colt that later was used in vintage movies

top view of Colt Six Shooter used in Wild West shows and movies

Bison Films Frontier Six Shooter with documents

This side of frame is punch dot "A" with a dot in the letter, plus for arts sake they re-circled the rampant Colt.

punch dot symbols of suit of cards on barrel

Another interesting feature is the fact down the barrel are punch dot symbols for all the suits of cards: Hearts, Spades, Diamonds, and Clubs.

right side view of this Bison Films CFSS

left grip of this famous 101 ranch wild west show revolver

document for the Bison 101 Film company with this CFSS



colt factory engraved presentation from Samuel Colt on back strap


Without doubt, one of the rarest Colts one can find, or collect, is a Colt presented to an individual, by Samuel Colt himself ! Generally it was noted as "from the Inventor" or Col. Colt. This one is engraved as Col. Colt.  This Model is also referred to as the Side Hammer Model of 1855, the design of Elisha K. Root, and also Samuel Colt. This is .28 caliber, and has the 3-1/2 inch barrel, and was finished in the blue. Serial No. 1088X has about 2% of the original blue remaining, the balance is a soft natural untouched gray metal patina.  The Rosewood grips have about 90% of the original varnish, with minimal wear/use marks. the Colt factory applied markings are clear and perfect, particularly the "finger pointing" 1855 Patent, Hartford barrel address. Surprisingly the Indian & cabin fight scene on the cylinder is remarkably clear, somewhat faint, but can be clearly seen. Mechanically, The solid frame ROOT WORKS 100% CORRECTLY ON all PHASES OF THE WORKING ACTION. This Root Model is significant, as because it shows the future thinking of Colt for the company. In 1855 all Colts operated with an "open top" frame, it would not be again until 1871 with the Cloverleaf, and later Single Action a solid frame was employed. A VERY HISTORICAL & SIGNIFICANT ROOT NO.2

right view of Colt No.2 Root .28 3-1/2" barrel 1856

Price $ 6,000




Colt No.2 Root revolver .28 with 3-1/2" barrel

Finally, information has been discovered as to who was the presented, Charles Brown. It seems the Brown Family was a very wealthy Rhode Island family, and were stock holders in Colts Patent Firearms Mfg. Co. Almost assuredly this Root was a thank you, or an enticement for addition investment in the company. Know this: there were VERY FEW of any Model presented by Colt himself to anyone. A true collecting opportunity.


bottom view of Colt No.2 Root with 3-1/2" barrel

top view of No.2 Root presentation from Samuel Colt to Charles Brown

Indian and cabin fight scene on cylinder is remarkably clear

original rosewood grips on this No.2 Root



This 7-1/2 inch Colt Frontier Six Shooter had a very colorful history in the Old West ! The FRISCO System ran through Indian Territory, all the way through Texas to the Galveston Coast. To say the least, a rough and dangerous route. There was a term in the late 1800's  used for the men who would have used these revolvers. "Cinder Dicks". These men were Railroad Employees, not outside agencies. Their job was to guard the rail yards, equipment and cargo. Most of all, keep transients from riding the rails free. These men gained very quick reputations for brutality and enforcing Railroad Rules. THIS Single Action, without doubt would have been the property of the Frisco System RR and carried by a Cinder Dick ! The right grip is so marked:

Frisco System stamped on grip of Colt Six Shooter from 1880's

The other grip shows "bang" damage, sometimes used as a hammer, or club to beat the transgressors in the Railway Yard or Freight Car.  The Colt itself, Serial No. 6257X is all matching, except the trigger guard which is 103733. It has been together forever, so I suggest the original guard was flattened beyond repair in an "incident", and replaced with the current trigger guard. This would have been an "Etched Panel" barrel, CFSS, but through use the panel is not visible. It has 25% of the original nickel plate remaining, the balance is a smooth plum/gray patina. Mechanically, surprisingly it is 100% mechanically correct on each and every working action ! A FABULOUS Colt with Early Railway/Texas history, FRISCO, the REAL DEAL ! PRICE $ 3,995

NOTE: the photo at right shows the Frisco Line Locomotives across Red River into Texas from Indian Territory.

left side of Colt Frontier Six Shooter from Frisco System Railway 1880's

bottom view of Texas Frisco System RR Frontier Six Shooter

top view of Colt Frontier Six Shooter 1880's

walnut grip of Railway Frontier Six Shooter 1880;s

right side of Colt Frontier Six Shooter from Frisco Railway System

early railway picture of locomotive during 1880's

@ 1860's Black Patent Leather Type Flap Holster with Red Leather Trim and Plug Bottom


plug bottom of 1860's flap holster

OVERALL SUPERB CONDITION FOR A HOLSTER FROM THE 1860'S : no broken stitching etc...original brass closure intact.

PRICE $350

1860's black patent leather type flap holster with red leather trim

back view of holster for Colt 1849 Pocket 5" or 62 Police with 1/2" barrel



JANUARY 17, 2020


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