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**BLACK POWDER** ..1 of 2 in SAME SHIPMENT ..1898, TEXAS


This Colt Single Action Army .45, Ser.No.17485X, was shipped to Austin, Texas on the 18th of January 1898 to Walter Tips, a well known dealer in Texas. As we see it today, it has about 55%-60% of the original factory nickel plate finish. The balance of the surface is a soft plum/gray natural patina, it has never been polished or buffed, and is the natural aging he have today. ALL working actions, ALL function perfectly, NO mechanical issues. ALL parts are the original parts to the revolver. The hard rubber grips show normal hand wear and still have sharp checkering and the Colt Logo's present.

This Colt SAA .45 was shipped on the 18th of January , 1898 to famous dealer Walter Tips in Austin, Texas. There was still lots of the Old west action going on in Texas, and Tips was only the starting off point as the dealer who sold his Colts everywhere in the Lone Star State.

This Colt by itself is great Texas Colt and still in the Old West and Black Powder era: BUT it affords the opportunity to the collector to HAVE TWO Colt .45 Single Actions, a .45, 5-1/2  from the same day shipment to Austin Texas !!! as shown immediately below.

PRICE $ 4,850





This 5-1/2 inch Single Action Army .45, Ser. No. 17014X was shipped January 18, 1898 to Austin, Texas. As we see it today it has about 35% of the original nickel finish present, the balance is a soft gray/plum patina. The Colt has NEVER been polished or cleaned and is a natural aging present. ALL parts are the original, and the working actions are 100% PERFECT in each action ! The original hard rubber grips show normal hand wear, with only a small surface chip present. The checkering is present as well as the Rampant Colt at the top of both grips.

This Single Action was shipped to the famed dealer Walter Tips, still in 1898 and remains an ANTIQUE Black Powder revolver. During this period there was plenty of "Old West" action still about, as Austin was the jumping off point to the still Wild West.

A very RARE situation exists here for the collector...this Walter Tips Colt was in the same day same shipment as a 4-3/4 SAA listed immediately above, with letter.

PRICE $4,450




The Colt Baby Dragoon revolver is a very significant Model for Colt. It was the FIRST Pocket Model to be made at Colt's Hartford factory. Made from 1847 to 1850 in a small quantity of only @15,000 revolvers. It was basically a "down-sized" .44 Dragoon which was already in production. Serial Numbers ran from 1 to 15,500. This Baby Dragoon, Serial No.1502X, is very rare and difficult for the collector to obtain. It has the Stagecoach robbery rolled onto the cylinder, and rectangular stop bolt notches VS earlier models with Indian Fight cylinder scene and round bolt stop notches. It also has one other variant, the frame is slightly longer. This scarce variation found ONLY from Serial Range 11600 - 15500, a small quantity of just 3,900 Baby Dragoons. No wonder they are never encountered today ! This is a FIVE shot, .31 cap and ball Colt revolver. Mechanically this Baby Dragoon is 100%  on ALL working Actions. ALL Factory applied markings: barrel address, Serial Numbers, frame patent and Cylinder Scene are all very clear !

The original Walnut grips show hand usage, BUT NO damage, and retain a fine color and antique luster and patina.

The overall finish is a smooth gray tone, with minute traces of case color and blue, with crisp markings. The brass is an original untouched patina, never polished. An excellent opportunity for the collector of significant Colt revolvers.

PRICE $4,650


William H. " Bill" Quillen, United States Deputy Marshal, Oklahoma Territory...this is HIS Colt Single Action Army .45


There is way more significance to this Colt, Serial No. 10712X. It was a participant in one of the most vicious gun battles, involving the arrest and death of George Weightman. He was known as "Red Buck", and was the MOST wanted man in the Territory. He was so demented than Bill Doolin threw him out of the Indian Ty.gang !

All the details are contained in pages of the details of the event of March 1896. Three USD Marshals, Ventioner, Quillen and Holcomb attempted to arrest this Gang of Miller and "Red Buck" near Arapaho Ok. Ty.  During this attempt a vicious gun battle erupted. One gang member, Miller had his right hand blown completely off, and all but two fingers on his left hand blown off. USD Marshal Ventioner was shot through the lower abdomen, by Red Buck right in front of the dug out. Holcomb was attempting to drag him to safety before Buck finished him off with a 2nd shot. Just then Red Buck fell dead with a shot thru the head, accredited to Bill Quillen. However, later it was said Ventioner shot Buck while laying there being dragged, HIGHLY improbable ! Note: A Minco, OK Newspaper published an article in 1896, stating Quillen had filed for the Reward for killing "Red Buck". Either way this Colt was in the hands of Bill Quillen at the wild shootout in March 1896, Oklahoma Ty. There are many many more pages about this man and his history, the purchaser can read at his leisure. This Colt has about 60% or more original nickel plate finish, the balance is a soft gray patina. The cylinder represents the major loss of nickel and most of the patina. The Eagle Grips show normal wear and have crisp images and no damage. MOST IMPORTANT: despite it's exciting life it remains 100% mechanically correct in every working action. ALL factory applied markings are clear and present. Due Note: 3 notches are present in 3 locations ! butt, trigger guard edge, and very end of the barrel past the sight !! With this Colt, they are the REAL deal !


Colt Letter, and ALL documentation, photo copies, and note much of this research was done in the areas of happening in Oklahoma.



This Colt Single Action Army .45, No. 1973X has all the early production features. Civilian Models in early 1875 were VERY scarce because they were only made between Government contracts and ceased once the new contract was received. It has a very dark blue/ gray finish on all metal surfaces. There is s very slight plum color in areas mixed with the dark colors. ALL factory applied markings are present: ONE LINE ITALIC LETTER BARREL ADDRESS, the TWO LINE 1872 FRAME PATENT, SERIAL NUMBERS (or portions thereof) ON COLT, ALL MATCHING. Maybe about 65% of varnish still present on the Walnut grips. Everything original to 1875, even the cylinder pin. !

This Single Action is MECHANICALLY perfect on ALL working actions ! Each and every time called upon !

The Walnut grips show hand use, but have no damage, and exhibit a high degree of original varnish. PRICE $ 5,600

Early Single Actions such as this are hard to find, they suffered heavy use, and alterations plus they have early features, even the "donut" ejector head, along with the other early difference.





"Colt was also a “copperhead,” a northern Democrat who opposed President Lincoln and grew wealthy arming traitors. Colt supported “states’ rights” and even charged the US Army 10% more than he charged the confederate states for his weapons. Weirdly, he called himself Colonel and created his own army. There was lots of weird with Colt "


Without doubt, one of the rarest Colts one can find, or collect, is a Colt presented to an individual, by Samuel Colt himself ! Generally it was noted as "from the Inventor" or Col. Colt. This one is engraved as Col. Colt.  This Model is also referred to as the Side Hammer Model of 1855, the design of Elisha K. Root, and also Samuel Colt. This is .28 caliber, and has the 3-1/2 inch barrel, and was finished in the blue. Serial No. 1088X has about 2% of the original blue remaining, the balance is a soft natural untouched gray metal patina.  The Rosewood grips have about 90% of the original varnish, with minimal wear/use marks. the Colt factory applied markings are clear and perfect, particularly the "finger pointing" 1855 Patent, Hartford barrel address. Surprisingly the Indian & cabin fight scene on the cylinder is remarkably clear, somewhat faint, but can be clearly seen. Mechanically, The solid frame ROOT WORKS 100% CORRECTLY ON all PHASES OF THE WORKING ACTION. This Root Model is significant, as because it shows the future thinking of Colt for the company. In 1855 all Colts operated with an "open top" frame, it would not be again until 1871 with the Cloverleaf, and later Single Action a solid frame was employed. A VERY HISTORICAL & SIGNIFICANT ROOT NO.2

Unique to this Model, the "wrap around" grip.

Price $ 6,000



Finally, information has been discovered as to who was the presented, Charles Brown. The Union Newspaper, of Georgetown, Delaware from October of 1863 , Page 2 presents  the information on Charles Brown. Originally from New England, then Philadelphia, migrating to Delaware. His purpose was to run for the Congress in Washington. He is referred to as the Honorable Charles Brown Esq. He ran as a " sham" Democrat, being known as a " Copperhead". He opposed N. B. Smithers calling himself a member of the "union Party". Brown had strong Southern sympathies, and felt the U.S. should let the CSA go it's own merry way and end the devastating war. He was often called Charles " Tinder Box" Brown. Now for a very interesting fact !! Samuel Colt was known as a "revolving Northern Democrat" like his pistol, and was considered a Copperhead. In fact shipping several shipments of revolvers to the South AFTER the war had began. It is more than likely Brown and Colt knew one another and he gave this Root to Brown.

The "Cabin & Indian" cylinder scene still present and clear.


COLT MODEL 1877 DA .38 , "Etched Panel" Pearl Grips, 1879...a.k.a. " Lightning " Revolver

This is one time that Colt named the model, but it became known by another name ! The Colt Distributor of Kittredge, located in Cincinnati, applied the name as a marketing gimmick, but it would stick and today this DA .38 is almost always called the "Lightning". Serial No. 1842X is still early in the production of this model, being made in 1879. It has about 93-95% original factory nickel plate, with fire blue screw heads. The fire blue is strongly present on all screw heads except the hammer screw, where it is faded and worn. The hammer reverse and trigger reverse have all their fire blue.. The high degree of nickel remaining is bright and clear. The cylinder accounts for the nickel loss, most all being at the face of the cylinder. Very important, the Etched Panel is PERFECT and completely present.

The "Lightning" is further enhance by, what I believe to be, Colt factory Mother of Pearl grips. They are free from damage and possess a great appearance that only 141 years of natural age can create. Lustrous with swirls of radiant colors, and fit perfectly ! A really important factor in this model at this age is it has a perfect working action, on single and double action mode. From the collectors perspective it is very difficult to find " Lightnings" in this high level of condition,deluxe pearl grips and correct mechanically. Why?, they had delicate operating mechanisms so many simply were discarded, hoping for repair. This one is the exception, it was well cared for since 1879.

PRICE $ 2,650



SEPTEMBER 30, 2022


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