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COLT MODEL 1860 ARMY .44 REVOLVER , Checkered Ivory Grips, Superb Condition, 1871

This is an extremely high condition Colt Model 1860 revolver, from 1871. It is unusual to find 1860 Army revolvers in this range, because most all were being converted to cartridge revolvers. This one, serial No. 19287X has survived in it's original percussion state, with what I believe to be Colt Factory checkered Ivory grips. Overall the original blue finish is about 95-97%, even on the butt and back strap. the barrel is exquisite, with 99% bright blue. The case color hardening is strongly present, at about 99% on the frame and hammer. There is about 35% silver plate remaining on the trigger guard. The rammer is exquisite, with 100% bright vibrant case color.

The overall appearance is brought to a "wow" status by the factory checkered Ivory grips, in 99% condition, NO damage or chips etc...

After 150 years the working actions are still PERFECT in each and every way. The cocking for loading, cocking for firing, cylinder rotation is crisp, indexes and locks tight. The ramming action works correctly for loading. The cylinder has almost all most all the blue in the rebated area, and MOST IMPORTANT, ALL the cylinder roll Naval Engagement scene is  present and vividly clear.

This has been an incredibly well kept 1860 for 150 years, obviously respected by it's owners, you just simply put, do not find them in this condition. A marvelous addition for any collector.

PRICE $ 8,950 SOLD

Historical Footnote: Even in 1871 the 1860 remained the most reliable stand by revolver on the Frontier. Why? as John Wesley Hardin said, " cartridges are hard to find in remote areas, but lead and black powder are everywhere". A testimony to the 1860 Army.



This Model revolver played a significant role with Colt and Military contracts. It was "the" revolver that replaced the Single Action, and preceded the Artillery Model SAA. Serial No. 9690X is a Model of 1894, BUT did not ship until May of 1898, as verified by Factory Letter. It was factory Engraved on the back strap " William R. Follmer". The letter is further interesting as it was a one gun shipment, sold to one individual, shipped to another, I would say they were Military Associates of Colonel Follmer. It turns out that one of the names ( Sold To) on the letter is the Adjutant General of Pennsylvania, and a General in the Army.

The Model 1894 has about 96-98% of all its original bright factory blue finish, and all the fire blue on the hammer reverse and trigger reverse. ALL factory applied markings are very clear and present: barrel address & patents, circled Rampant Colt, barrel caliber etc.. including serial number and assembly numbers. The hard rubber checkered grips are in extra fine condition. The only wear is the back strap, which is understandable as it is where it is held to show someone ! Mechanical working actions are perfect, on both single and double action modes. It has the standard military length barrel of six inches. Colonel Follmer was an active participant in Combat during the Spanish -American War, and following the War, was a major leader in early power companies, steam and electric. Much more material is available and continued research by the buyer will be very satisfying.

PRICE $2,950


All the bright fire blue is clearly seen on the hammer reverse.

Follmer's Spanish-American War Service Medal, and his photo in Colonel's Uniform to the left. ( goes with sale)**William R. Follmer began as Captain of Company A, 12th Pennsylvania Infantry. organized in Lewisburg, Pa. At wars end he rose to Lt. Colonel, and later appointed to Colonel following the war. Later a major force in Citizens Power Company.





AUSTIN, TEXAS 1 OF 2 !!!!!

All to most all Single Action collectors recognize that a Black Powder frame,  long barrel, Eagle Grips, in 32/20 is an ultimate discovery. Shipped in May of 1893 to Austin Texas, a large dealer, and ONLY 2 were in the shipment. This alone testifies to the singular rarity of this configuration.  Serial No. 15149X has about 15% of the original blue, mostly on the Trigger Guard, and back Strap, however much blue in the cylinder flutes.

scarce black powder Colt SA 1893 long barrel with letter

Case Hardening colors are present on the hammer, but faded. The frame has almost all the case colors, strong in front of the cylinder, and the rest of the frame is a " silvered out" case color.

close up of Colt SAA .32 right side with eagle grips

The balance of the Colt has a soft untouched plum/gray patina. ALL factory applied markings are present: barrel address, barrel caliber, patents on frame, and ALL matching serial numbers. ALL parts are original to this revolver. ALL mechanical Working ACTIONS are perfect, each and every time !! Just as a Footnote to History: Emmet Dalton, of Coffeyville Bank Fame, preferred and carried a 32/20 SAA !

PRICE $ 3,950



picture of texas flag

Colt SA black powder 1893 7-1/2" barrel in 32/20

eagle grips on Austin Texas shipped Colt Single Action 1893

hard rubber checkered grip on Colt SA 7-1/2" barrel w/factory letter

bottom of Colt SAA .32 with 7-1/2" barrel

top view of 1893 black powder Colt with eagle grips


left side of Colt SAA .32 7-1/2" barrel with Austin ,TX factory letter

A difficult Single Action for the collector to locate ! Even better, this one shipped to Austin , Texas, 1 of 2  in shipment.

COLT MODEL 1877 DA .38 , "Etched Panel" Pearl Grips, 1879...a.k.a. " Lightning " Revolver

This is one time that Colt named the model, but it became known by another name ! The Colt Distributor of Kittredge, located in Cincinnati, applied the name as a marketing gimmick, but it would stick and today this DA .38 is almost always called the "Lightning". Serial No. 1842X is still early in the production of this model, being made in 1879. It has about 93-95% original factory nickel plate, with fire blue screw heads. The fire blue is strongly present on all screw heads except the hammer screw, where it is faded and worn. The hammer reverse and trigger reverse have all their fire blue.. The high degree of nickel remaining is bright and clear. The cylinder accounts for the nickel loss, most all being at the face of the cylinder. Very important, the Etched Panel is PERFECT and completely present.

The "Lightning" is further enhance by, what I believe to be, Colt factory Mother of Pearl grips. They are free from damage and possess a great appearance that only 141 years of natural age can create. Lustrous with swirls of radiant colors, and fit perfectly ! A really important factor in this model at this age is it has a perfect working action, on single and double action mode. From the collectors perspective it is very difficult to find " Lightnings" in this high level of condition,deluxe pearl grips and correct mechanically. Why?, they had delicate operating mechanisms so many simply were discarded, hoping for repair. This one is the exception, it was well cared for since 1879.

PRICE $ 2,650




"Colt was also a “copperhead,” a northern Democrat who opposed President Lincoln and grew wealthy arming traitors. Colt supported “states’ rights” and even charged the US Army 10% more than he charged the confederate states for his weapons. Weirdly, he called himself Colonel and created his own army. There was lots of weird with Colt "

colt factory engraved presentation from Samuel Colt on back strap


Without doubt, one of the rarest Colts one can find, or collect, is a Colt presented to an individual, by Samuel Colt himself ! Generally it was noted as "from the Inventor" or Col. Colt. This one is engraved as Col. Colt.  This Model is also referred to as the Side Hammer Model of 1855, the design of Elisha K. Root, and also Samuel Colt. This is .28 caliber, and has the 3-1/2 inch barrel, and was finished in the blue. Serial No. 1088X has about 2% of the original blue remaining, the balance is a soft natural untouched gray metal patina.  The Rosewood grips have about 90% of the original varnish, with minimal wear/use marks. the Colt factory applied markings are clear and perfect, particularly the "finger pointing" 1855 Patent, Hartford barrel address. Surprisingly the Indian & cabin fight scene on the cylinder is remarkably clear, somewhat faint, but can be clearly seen. Mechanically, The solid frame ROOT WORKS 100% CORRECTLY ON all PHASES OF THE WORKING ACTION. This Root Model is significant, as because it shows the future thinking of Colt for the company. In 1855 all Colts operated with an "open top" frame, it would not be again until 1871 with the Cloverleaf, and later Single Action a solid frame was employed. A VERY HISTORICAL & SIGNIFICANT ROOT NO.2

right view of Colt No.2 Root .28 3-1/2" barrel 1856

Price $ 6,000




Colt No.2 Root revolver .28 with 3-1/2" barrel

Finally, information has been discovered as to who was the presented, Charles Brown. The Union Newspaper, of Georgetown, Delaware from October of 1863 , Page 2 presents  the information on Charles Brown. Originally from New England, then Philadelphia, migrating to Delaware. His purpose was to run for the Congress in Washington. He is referred to as the Honorable Charles Brown Esq. He ran as a " sham" Democrat, being known as a " Copperhead". He opposed N. B. Smithers calling himself a member of the "union Party". Brown had strong Southern sympathies, and felt the U.S. should let the CSA go it's own merry way and end the devastating war. He was often called Charles " Tinder Box" Brown. Now for a very interesting fact !! Samuel Colt was known as a "revolving Northern Democrat" like his pistol, and was considered a Copperhead. In fact shipping several shipments of revolvers to the South AFTER the war had began. It is more than likely Brown and Colt knew one another and he gave this Root to Brown.


bottom view of Colt No.2 Root with 3-1/2" barrel

top view of No.2 Root presentation from Samuel Colt to Charles Brown

Indian and cabin fight scene on cylinder is remarkably clear

original rosewood grips on this No.2 Root

@ 1860's Black Patent Leather Type Flap Holster with Red Leather Trim and Plug Bottom


plug bottom of 1860's flap holster

OVERALL SUPERB CONDITION FOR A HOLSTER FROM THE 1860'S : no broken stitching etc...original brass closure intact.

PRICE $350

1860's black patent leather type flap holster with red leather trim

back view of holster for Colt 1849 Pocket 5" or 62 Police with 1/2" barrel



JANUARY 31, 2021


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