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Prior to 1835 there was no practical self contained cartridge, it was all Cap N' Ball systems. M. Lefaucheux  invented the self contained cartridge, with a unique ignition system, a Pin . The Pin was driven into the primer, igniting the cartridge. Few know that the brass cartridge was much thicker than later cartridges, and did not expand when ignited during firing. It was easier to reload. However, not known then, the slight expansion created a tight gas lock. You do not see many in the U.S., because M. Lefaucheux patented the cartridge in France, Belgium, and England. He neglected the U.S. , by the time he realized the error, Rim Fires and others used here were too much to overcome. Therefore, the Pin Fire remained the weapon of choice in Europe, even after other systems grew in number. This 12 Millimeter Pin Fire, Serial No. 4 , with Patent Number 77435, is a six shot, Double Action. It is Factory Engraved in a stylistic leaf and vine pattern, with decorative pattern on cylinder flats. The ENGRAVING is inlaid with GOLD wire !! Speaking of cylinder, this revolver is very unique, it has a FLUTED cylinder NOT the typical round. It has a 6-1/8 inch barrel, with the maker name inlaid in gold on the top. This 12M/M pin fire is unique as it was a contract purchase by the Russian Czarist Government, from Tilkin-Tasset, the manufacturer. The original Ivory grips are free of damage, and have a soft mild creamy mustard patina, all original and untouched.

The original finish is still present, as it was finished "in the white" , the metal being brightly polished. Over the last 168 years, some dark gray spots have developed, but no damage to the metal. The double action works absolutely correct ! ALL manufacturer marks, cartouches and proof marks are present. The original Lanyard Ring is also present.  A very attractive Pin Fire, the larger caliber of 12m/m, a full fluted cylinder, Ivory grips, gold inlaid engraving, and a Russian order. Ideal for any collector of European arms, or a Collector of unique antique arms of the mid-19th century. PRICE $1,850

**Example of a Pin Fire Cartridge**




Ch. CHARLIER, Bréveté, .44 DRAGOON REVOLVER...Manufactured in Liege, Belgium, @ 1850

This is a massive revolver in size and weight, and so it should be, as it is a licensed copy of the Colt 2nd Model .44 Dragoon. It is of the highest quality of manufacture, and very scarce , as most were made in a .36 caliber pattern. This Charlier Dragoon is Serial No.4, rumored to be one of only six manufactured. It has a 7-1/2  inch octagonal  barrel, and is six shots. It even has the decorative trigger guard reminiscent of a square back Colt.  The factory markings are very clear: Ch Charlier, Brévéte on the bottom of the barrel, and Belgium proofs of ELG on cylinder rear, and Crown over D on the frame. The revolver is nicely finished in engraving, with panel scenes. On both sides of the revolver, behind recoil shield,  there is an oval with a Hunting Dog in the Oval. Plus mach floral engraving on the body of the revolver. The original finish was typical, "In the White" bright polish. Today, the finish is varying degrees of gray, and UNTOUCHED, never polished etc.. The surface shows handling marks, and some VERY light age roughness. The Dragoon has finely checkered Walnut grips, displaying only normal hand wear, and no damage. They have a fine antique luster and patina. Mechanically, it is 100%, crisp action and functions correctly on ALL working actions. This Dragoon was obviously made for European sales, but probably more for export to the enormous American market, considering the rumblings of the Civil War were in the making. This is a very impressive revolver in size, weight and quality. It is a very rare limited production in .44 caliber, and an attractive finish of engraving and panel scenes. If you like Dragoon revolvers, this is a must for your collection, a licensed copy of a Colt.

PRICE $2,550



A stylized "Square Back" Trigger Guard, and you can see Oval Panel behind recoil shield, with Hunting Dog in Oval.



FEBRUARY 25, 2019


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