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This is a near pristine Cabinet Card from 1885 showing "Peaches" with a long arm (probable shotgun) and definitely without challenge a 1st Model, Merwin, Hulbert & Co. .44 Army revolver.  It has a nickel plate finish, and the famous Orange Mottled grips. It is carried in an Embroidered Slim Jim Holster.

indian scout during geronimo campaign carrying M&H Colt .44 Army

Historical info goes with cabinet card of Tso-ay known as "Peaches"

Historical information goes with the Cabinet Card, detailing his life and history. He was an Apache warrior who rode with Chatto raiding as far as 400 miles into the Southwest, sometimes covering 75 - 100 miles in a day. Wounded, he returned to Cibecue Reservation, where he was recognized by Lt. Britton Davis, and taken prisoner. General Crook asked him, if you Scout for us, you go free, Peaches accepted. He was the most instrumental Scout in tracking Geronimo for General Crook. However, in the end he suffered the same cruel fate as the hostiles, and was shipped to Florida. He did eventually return to Arizona, and passed away in 1933 on the Cibecue Reservation.

PRICE $ 1,550

original cabinet card of apache scout "Peaches"

cabinet card back measures 5 x 8-1/2" all original

This Cabinet card measures approximately 5  x 8-1/2 inches, and is in spectacular condition. ALL original, not trimmed etc... The image is of a stellar historical figure, as important as any image of westerners that have sold in the mega dollar ranges. On top of all that, it is an Apache, and FEW, FEW photographs exist. He was a legendary Scout during the Geronimo Campaign, and a legendary Apache warrior. His real name was Tso-ay , why Peaches ? He had a very fair complexion, so he was named "Peaches" by General Crook.


19th century .22 blanks, boy's cap pistol named Magic

A wonderful example of "the way we were", when boys toys were a little more fun ! This Cast Iron, break top pistol, fires the .22 Blank round, for strictly NOISE !  The forward most trigger, when pulled, tips the barrel end down, and raises the breech for loading and unloading a .22 Blank round. The Cast iron frame is quite ORNATE, with a Vine and Leaf pattern. Even the grips copy the logo of H&R, and are checkered as they should be. Mechanically, the pistol operates 100% correctly, no problems. The pistol is all original, and has the true and perfect Cast Iron patina. Originally the barrel was nickel plated, however little remains, but the frame is as it always was, and in correct color and patina. A true "Boys Toy" of another more sentimental era. 

PRICE $ 175


side view of "Magic" cap pistol cast iron

iron from of cap pistol had ornate vine and leaf pattern

AUGUST 31, 2020

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