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This is an outstanding example of the first design change in the 1st Model Army revolver. The change was the elimination of the two screws drop out floor plate, and the introduction of the single trigger screw plus the shortening of the trigger guard tang. Not really strikingly noticeable changes.  ALL else remained the same including the .44 MH caliber. Serial No. 1472X has ALL matching Assembly Numbers of 4235 It has 95%+ of all the factory original nickel plate finish, with faded case colored trigger guard and hammer. The Merwin is fitted with it's ORIGINAL relief carved Mother of Peral grips. The pattern is the Mexican Snake and Eagle on a Cactus pattern, quite popular on both sides of the Rio Grande.

The pearl grips have magnificent color and are totally damage free. They are the original grips to this Merwin The probability of this Merwin being shipped to Wexell & DeGress is vey strong, as they really used the Mexican symbols frequently. MOST important: the unique twist and pull cartridge ejection system operates 100% correctly !! Additionally the cocking, locking, indexing and firing of the Merwin also operate 100% correctly. 100% mechanics present !

This is a very scarce Model to find in this condition, and represents a true Image of a Frontier Revolver. ALL parts are the original parts, and ALL factory applied markings are present and clear: barrel address and serial number.

PRICE $4,200



This is a 1st / 1st Model Merwin, Hulbert & Co. Army revolver in the brand name caliber 44MH. This Merwin has all the very collectable features found on only the earliest production Features: scoop flute cylinder, short trigger guard, drop out floor plate, barrel wedge and single action firing. Now the Merwin has an overall plum color, BUT blue is easy visible in the more protected areas, like the scoops, barrel creases, loading port and end of barrel. It would have been a full blue, and ONLY 2% of all Merwin's were finished in the blue, However  like most blued revolvers, aging and exposure created a plumish color patina. Most Important: the unique twist and pull shell extraction system works perfectly. Mechanically it opens, closes with precision, locks tight, and then cocks, rotates the cylinder, indexes, and locks tight for firing, followed by a smooth release. In other words, a PERFECT working action ! Serial No. 272X has ALL matching Assembly Numbers, and ALL factory applied markings( barrel address etc..) are clear and present. This once blue Merwin was further enhanced by Ivory grips, which are ORIGINAL to this revolver. The grips are flawless and have a smooth creamy patina finish.

All parts are the original to this Merwin, and it just has a very pleasing appearance. Contrary to some opinion these Merwin revolvers were very popular on the American Frontier, and can be found in many old cabinet card images of the day. In addition they seemed to find more popularity in the Southwestern frontier and the border areas. A RARE BLUE 1/st 1/st Army Model in their 44MH caliber.

PRICE $3,450


New York Engraved, L.D. Nimschke / Writers Desk Cased

This 2nd Model .38 Single Action , Serial No. 2366X is elaborately engraved in the New York Style. Specifically, the Louis D. Nimschke style and his perfection of elaborate engraving.  The revolver has full coverage, almost exhibition grade, and the unmistakable donuts, and scroll work of Ninschke.  In a 2006 publication,  it states that Merwin, Hulbert & Co. was known to have employed Nimschke, for high level work. Also, the Merwin pattern seen here can be found in R.L. Wilsons Book, on Nimschke engraving, blue prints. The engraving has lasted in a near perfect state, NO wear. Unfortunately the nickel plated finish, has all but vacated, leaving only 3-5% still present. The surface has an UNTOUCHED original soft gray patina. The Merwin is further enhanced by ORIGINAL Ivory grips, also in near perfect condition and color for the 140 plus years.

ivory grips in near perfect condition

Mechanically this .38 Merwin  operates 100% correctly, on ALL working actions, including the unique twist and pull ejection system. It cocks, indexes, locks, and releases for firing smoothly. It is housed in a Writing Desk ( original key present) which appears to be an antique. The interior is a purple velvet, and has no damage. The bottom of the box has an ancient black oil cloth covering, indicative of the 19th century. The lid has an ornate head of an Indian ! in a brass figure. The casing is French Fitted for the revolver, even the Lanyard Ring is accounted for ! This is a very deluxe engraved example of a popular Model from Merwin, Hulbert & Co.

close up of this collector's Merwin Hulbert

An excellent addition for the collector of engraved 19th century arms, or a fine addition to a Merwin collection. PRICE $3,550

Nimschke engraved Merwin Hulbert .38

.38 MH 2nd model NY engraved housed in writer's desk case

left side of 2nd model nimschke engraved .38

bottom view of Merwin Hulbert 2nd model with lanyard ring

top view of of .38 Merwin engraved with ivory grips

right view of Merwin with deluxe engraving

close up of Nimschke engraviing on cylinder of Merwin .38

MERWIN, HULBERT & Co., 1st MODEL " POCKET ARMY" 44/40 in BLUE !!! Factory PEARL Grips, and more !

This is an extremely EARLY example into production, as it is a 3 digit Serial Number, 18X. Beyond that it was a factory BLUE finished revolver, and fitted with Pearl grips. The significance of this is, ONLY 2% of all calibers, all models were ever finished in blue. Basically due to the perfected nickel plating process H&A offered, nickel was the 98% finish for all Merwins'. Being so early into production blue was used. Currently this Pocket Army has about 7-10% original blue visible. However, the balance of finish is a blue gray patina, which shows it was blue. Also slightly mixed in is the oxidized blue, a.k.a. Plum Patina. Case colors can easily be seen on the hammer and trigger guard, plus nitre blue on the trigger. ALL factory applied markings are clear and present, PLUS ALL Assembly Numbers 127 are matching. ALL parts are original to this Merwin, to include the Pearl Grips.

pearl grips on blued Pocket Army

Very IMPORTANT: This Pocket Army is 100% mechanically correct on ALL working functions !  A very scarce and desirable Merwin, Hulbert & Co. Pocket Army.

Merwin Hulbert & Co Pocket Army 44/40

PRICE $ 4,450  

1st model Pocket Army 44/40 in blue

bottom view of blued MH & Co 1st model Pocket Army

top view of pocket army

close up of Merwin Pocket Army 44/40

pearl grip on Merwin Hulbert 44/40


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