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This is a First Model, Army revolver in 44/40 caliber, first change. What is this change? The two screws above the trigger guard were changed to a single screw, all else remained the same: open top, scoop flutes, barrel wedge and twist and pull ejection system. This Merwin, Serial No. 10725 has ALL matching Assembly Numbers of 103 and ALL parts are original to this revolver. About 30% of the original Factory Nickel finish is present, the balance is a soft gray untouched natural patina. IMPORTANT: the unique twist and pull cartridge ejection system still works 100% correctly. Mechanically, it also functions 100% correctly: cocks, locks, indexes correctly, no mechanical issues. The Merwin Army has it's ORIGINAL Ivory grips still with the revolver after 147 years and they are not damaged. They have a wonderful "mustard" patina only age can give you. the only thing missing on the butt is the Lanyard Ring. This is quite prevalent, as many westerners didn't like it, so it was unscrewed in the day.

A very charismatic Western Merwin revolver, and still in good order. As most served on the Frontier, or Southwest Frontier. PRICE $3,250

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This Merwin Army revolver exemplifies the determination of the company to offer a revolver to compete with all the other major Frontier revolvers of the time. Originally introduced with the 1st Model Army, it wanted a "Trade Mark" caliber, so it was chambered for the .44Merwin Hulbert cartridge. It would continue to appear sporadically in later years, but a marketing decision was made. It was early in production changed to .44WCF ( 44/40) caliber. Why? it would be more competitive with Colt, as Winchester also used this caliber. In reality in the mercantile stores on the frontier carried the most popular items in ammunition. HOWEVER, for a blink of an eye, before 44/40 they had an idea. S&W was selling a lot of revolvers, domestically and foreign. They thought why not, so they chambered LESS than 100 revolvers in 44 Russian Caliber. This idea quickly reverted to 44/40 , and the .44 Russian for Merwin was finished. It is estimated that only about 100+ or - were manufactured. I have dealt in Merwins for many years and have only seen  a few others Russian Models and they were the Pocket Army Model. Despite the condition Serial No.902X, matching assembly numbers 6851, is a VERY RARE model , and if you like Merwin revolvers , worthy of a collection. REGARDING CONDITION: All parts are the original parts from the factory, including the Lanyard Ring. The original Nickel finish has seen long term use and only about 20% is still present. the balance of the revolvers in a mix of gray patina. I might add, untouched original patina. MECHANICS: The Merwin has correct functioning working mechanics, EXCEPT for the extraction process. It cocks, locks and releases to fire. Extraction of cartridges: somewhere in time, the collar was filed off, so the cylinder does not follow the barrel when twisted and pulled. I think it was too difficult for the 19th century owner, so he made it more familiar an action to other revolvers.

This 1st Merwin, Army revolver should be of great interest to collectors, first it is incredibly rare, second it was on the Western Frontier and saw use for a long time!


The revolver is fitted with Walnut grips which are of the same age as the Merwin. Normally they would be a hard rubber grips, but perhaps broken, and not replaceable on the frontier. So, fitted with Walnut grips, which show a repair probably because the escutcheon was damage or worn. They look good and are period age to a well used Merwin Army !

PRICE $ 2,100


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APRIL 30, 2024

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