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rare 3 loop Eagin holster with Merwin Army

This Merwin Army revolver is still a first model, but a 2nd variation with minor physical differences from a 1st, 1st. The differences would be a single trigger screw, no detent pin, which made loading and unloading faster. ALL of the other earliest features are still present : open top, scoop flutes, barrel wedge, .44 MH caliber. Serial No. 1314X remains in REMARKABLE condition, with 99% + of all the original factory nickel plating, with only a few scattered " pepper" spots of nearly invisible size. It is further highlighted by a magnificent pair of high relief carved Eagle & Snake Ivory grips. In PERFECT condition, showing only the natural mellow yellow of age. Additionally, the Eagle & Snake pattern sitting on a Cactus is the national symbol of Mexico. However, it was widely ! used in the American western Frontier. The original holster is quite rare as it is a 3 loop holster ! Additionally, the carved side faces in not out, so you can speculate it was worn butt facing out , twist draw by a right hander. Or, simply someone who wanted to protect the carved image from wear. *ALL factory applied markings are correct and clearly seen, as well as ALL matching assembly Numbers of 2618. * Mechanically, the unique twist and pull ejection system works 100% correctly, as well as the cocking , locking and firing system,100% correctly. This Merwin Army is a strikingly attractive revolver, bright original nickel, fabulous grips, and unique holster. Well preserved for many years, and once the property of a man who had great respect for his Merwin, Hulbert Army.

left side of this Merwin Army with ivory grips

PRICE $4,850 SOLD  

1st model army .44 2ns variation Merwin revolver

Eagin Holster with 3 loops

left side view of ivory grips on Merwin Army

bottom view of 1st model Army .44

top view of Merwin 1st model  2nd variation



This Merwin, Hulbert & Co. revolver is right on the cusp of the 1st, 1st Army and having the design change to the 1st, 2nd variation. Serial No. 1131X has all the early features: Scoop Flutes, Single Action, Barrel Wedge, BUT it has the new 2nd variation feature of ONLY 1 trigger screw on frame. Also, this one is still in the .44 MH caliber. It has the 7 inch barrel, and has original factory Ivory Grips. The original finish was nickel plate, and it has about 3% remaining on protected areas. The overall finish is a plum/gray undisturbed and original patina. The Merwin really looks great with the original Ivory grips, which have a perfect 143 year old patina and color.

original ivory grips

Most IMPORTANT: are the mechanics of a Merwin revolver. This has perfect functioning working actions. The unique twist & pull extraction system works flawlessly, and the cocking and locking action is tight and crisp. Each time the hammer is pulled to the rear, the cylinder rotates and indexes tightly into firing position.

left side of this 1st/2nd Army from OK

 This 1st/2nd Army, came from Oklahoma, and had been there a long time. So, it was either Oklahoma Ty. or Indian Ty. where this Merwin was in the day !  This was obviously a day to day working revolver, and stored with no special attention for many, many years.However, it is still crisp and 100% functional, with a great Western Appearance, it was part of the great adventure. PRICE $ 2,950

Merwin Hulbert 1st model Army 2nd variation

MH bottom view of 1st model Army 2nd variation

top view of Merwin with 7" barrel


close up of 1st/2nd Army Merwin Hulbert

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JANUARY 31, 2021


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