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This 1st/1st Merwin Army revolver exudes ! the old west. it wears it's 146 years of existence well. Not hiding the fact it was used and used all the time, leaving it with character and the true look of the old west. Serial No. 115X, with matching assembly numbers of 1017 is ALL original, every part ! Amazingly the mechanical working actions are 100% correct: opening, twist and pull ejection, cocking , indexing, and releasing to fire. This was more than likely a Wexell Y deGress shipped Merwin. It bears the Mexican Eagle motif on the left panel scene. More interesting, on the right frame panel a Longhorn Steer standing in the rough cactus & brush of the southwest. New York style engraving is seen on the barrel and frame area.

The colorful Merwin is further enhanced with the ORIGINAL Ivory grips. They have an unusual characteristic found on grips that are original to the revolver and having been there since day  one. Due to exposure and the iron frame, it "bleeds" into the Ivory , giving us the dark reddish color in parts of the Ivory.

This Merwin was finished in factory nickel plate, and now shows the signs of wear. Only about 30% remains , with the balance a darkened gray patina. Also there is some minimal surface pepper "picks" in only select areas, generally where the hand contact is more prevalent. The engraving is still well defined, and the panel scenes are still defined and visible. Even the lanyard ring is still with the revolver. This Merwin makes the perfect piece to any western collection, WHY? it is the real west, it spent its life doing it! not laying in a drawer, and shows the years of service to some cowboy, somewhere in the southwest or border area. A Merwin with a past and proudly shows it !

PRICE $ 3,550



A true western holster for the owner of the Merwin, decorated with nickel plated spots .

The Mexican Eagle & Snake Motif on left side of frame.

Long Horn Steer standing in the cactus and brush, a southwest motif.



This Merwin, Hulbert & Co. revolver is right on the cusp of the 1st, 1st Army and having the design change to the 1st, 2nd variation. Serial No. 1131X has all the early features: Scoop Flutes, Single Action, Barrel Wedge, BUT it has the new 2nd variation feature of ONLY 1 trigger screw on frame. Also, this one is still in the .44 MH caliber. It has the 7 inch barrel, and has original factory Ivory Grips. The original finish was nickel plate, and it has about 3% remaining on protected areas. The overall finish is a plum/gray undisturbed and original patina. The Merwin really looks great with the original Ivory grips, which have a perfect 143 year old patina and color.

original ivory grips

Most IMPORTANT: are the mechanics of a Merwin revolver. This has perfect functioning working actions. The unique twist & pull extraction system works flawlessly, and the cocking and locking action is tight and crisp. Each time the hammer is pulled to the rear, the cylinder rotates and indexes tightly into firing position.

left side of this 1st/2nd Army from OK

 This 1st/2nd Army, came from Oklahoma, and had been there a long time. So, it was either Oklahoma Ty. or Indian Ty. where this Merwin was in the day !  This was obviously a day to day working revolver, and stored with no special attention for many, many years. However, it is still crisp and 100% functional, with a great Western Appearance, it was part of the great adventure. PRICE $ 2,950  

Merwin Hulbert 1st model Army 2nd variation

MH bottom view of 1st model Army 2nd variation

top view of Merwin with 7" barrel


close up of 1st/2nd Army Merwin Hulbert

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SEPTEMBER 30, 2023


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