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Merwin, Hulbert & Co., 1st Model, Transition, .44MH Cal. Army Revolver... 1877

This revolver is an example of the ever innovative design found within the Merwin revolvers. It is a 1st/1st except for a small design change, which is the single trigger screw on the frame above the trigger guard. All other first model design is there: detent pin on barrel release, barrel wedge, scoop flutes, case color trigger guard and hammer. The most noticeable first model characteristics are the "Orange Mottled" hard rubber grips and .44 Merwin caliber. Serial No. 999X, Assembly Numbers 8072, is ALL matching. It has about 80%+ of the original factory nickel plate finish, the balance a soft gray patina, blending into the  finish. MOST important, ALL the unique twist and pull unloading feature works perfectly, as does the working actions: hammer open notch, cock, indexing, locks tight, releases to fire. A totally correct mechanical Merwin Army revolver. There is a strong presence of case color hardening on the hammer and trigger guard, and fire blue on the trigger

ALL parts are original to the revolver, and ALL assembly numbers are matching. 1st Model Merwin, Hulbert & Co. revolvers are  very scarce, and this one by comparison has a strong finish and mechanics. The very scarce Orange Mottled grips have NO damage, and still have vibrant color. A fine addition for any collection.  PRICE $3,150



NOTE: if you visit the Old West Memorabilia section of this Web-Site, you will see " Peaches" the famous Apache Scout is wearing this same Model of Merwin, orange grips and finish !!



This Merwin, Hulbert & Co. revolver is right on the cusp of the 1st, 1st Army and having the design change to the 1st, 2nd variation. Serial No. 1131X has all the early features: Scoop Flutes, Single Action, Barrel Wedge, BUT it has the new 2nd variation feature of ONLY 1 trigger screw on frame. Also, this one is still in the .44 MH caliber. It has the 7 inch barrel, and has original factory Ivory Grips. The original finish was nickel plate, and it has about 3% remaining on protected areas. The overall finish is a plum/gray undisturbed and original patina. The Merwin really looks great with the original Ivory grips, which have a perfect 143 year old patina and color.

Most IMPORTANT: are the mechanics of a Merwin revolver. This has perfect functioning working actions. The unique twist & pull extraction system works flawlessly, and the cocking and locking action is tight and crisp. Each time the hammer is pulled to the rear, the cylinder rotates and indexes tightly into firing position.

 This 1st/2nd Army, came from Oklahoma, and had been there a long time. So, it was either Oklahoma Ty. or Indian Ty. where this Merwin was in the day !  This was obviously a day to day working revolver, and stored with no special attention for many, many years.However, it is still crisp and 100% functional, with a great Western Appearance, it was part of the great adventure. PRICE $ 2,950

MERWIN, HULBERT & Co. "The Classic Look" POCKET ARMY 44/40 /IVORY..1876

One of the enduring classics in collecting is the Merwin, Hulbert & Co. Pocket Army. The 1st Model with the Scoop Flutes, Wedge in Barrel, and in Single Action 44/40, and the short barrel. A quite Robust Revolver yet in that era capable of being carried in a pocket ! Serial No. 295X, has ALL matching assembly numbers of 2690. The Pocket Army has about 98%+ of all the factory original nickel plating, with only "pepper" spots on the frame. The trigger guard and hammer have their case hardening colors, only darkened. Most Important: the unique shell extraction system of the revolver functions 100% correctly! as do the actions of cocking and firing. It is a solid 100% mechanical revolver. The stunning revolver is further enhanced by it's ORIGINAL Ivory grips, that have a perfect aged color and patina.

This is a fine example of a classic Pocket Army from Merwin, Hulbert & Co. suitable for the most discriminating collection.

PRICE $4,450



Of the ENTIRE production of ALL Merwin revolvers, including all calibers, all models, ONLY 2% were finished in the Blue. This is one of them, enough said as to rarity. Serial No. 1796X is a Single Action, with the Top Strap Frame, and has a blue finish. There is about 20% of the bright factory blue present, mostly in obscure areas and protected areas, like flutes etc. The balance is a dull blue, with underlying plum patina, which is correct and normal for a once blue revolver. It gives a very strong blue appearance.  ALL assembly numbers of 8284 are matching, and ALL parts are original to the revolver. ALL factory applied markings are strong and clear. Most Important: ALL mechanical operations work 100% correctly all the time, opening and closing the unique twist& pull ejection system, as well as cocking, indexing, and locking tight to fire. There are still case colors on the hammer and trigger guard. The checkered hard rubber grips are in superb condition, sharp checkering not any visible hand wear, and NO damage. A blued Merwin is incredibly difficult for the collector to locate, and in all factory original condition.  A solid revolver for the collection !

PRICE $5,450


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MAY 16, 2019


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