AMERICAN FLASK & CAP Co. @ Late 1840"s

This Flask is mostly found in Colt Casings of the 1849 Pocket in .31 caliber, and in Colt Root Revolvers casings. It was mostly preferred because it is "one sided" which allowed it to sit better in the casing compartments. It stands 4-3/4 inches from base to top of spout, and 2 inches wide at the hummock. It is a brass flask, and in PERFECT ! condition The embossed pattern is perfect, 13 stars, Eagle on Shield, and the bottom ribbon, E Pluribus Unum. The top spring is blue and works perfect, and there are no open seams, a perfect flask !! Due to the fact it is one side embossed it tends to be slightly heavier. This flask can be seen in the Riling Book of Flasks, Page 336-338, Illustration #774. Perfect and scarce flasks like this are seldom found, and perfect for casings of the right Colt.

PRICE $ 425


This powder flask was fashioned from a Cow Horn, in Frontier fashion, and is identified by maker/owner. This was typical of the Powder Horn fashioned on the far western frontier, like Colorado Territory. Cow Horns were plentiful, and the spring top powder release appears to be factory made. Probably from a broken or destroyed metal flask.

The maker scratched his name and location on one side of the horn.

" Made By G. S. Sewall , Col. Ty."

An interesting piece of Frontier History, and part of the high plains mystique of Colorado Territory in the Percussion era.

PRICE $750

Colorado Territory frontier made horn powder flask

bottom of horn flask

flask with factory spring top powder release

etched maker of G.S. Sewall, Colorado Ty.



JANUARY 31, 2021


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