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Serial No. 1287X is in near perfect condition. It has about 99%++ original factory nickel plate finish. There is 99.99% of case color hardening on the hammer and spur trigger. Yes, it has been fired, but probably less than the fingers on your one hand !

  This model has the earliest type hard rubber grips, it has the Block Letters S&W, rather than the traditional entwined S&W logo.

Both grips are in perfect condition, no chips, cracks or any damage what so ever. The RIGHT side of the frame is marked KMP 107. This stands for Kingston Mounted Police, a very early mounted Police force, in harmony with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, in Ontario, Canada. In 1878 they enforced the Law from horseback ! My thoughts, this exact revolver must have been issued to an Officer, and it saw limited field duty, as witnessed by the excellent condition. ALL mechanical function for loading, unloading and firing function 100% correctly. A "minty" 2nd Model .38, with significant Police History from 1878.

PRICE $1,500


Besides the KMP 107, the picture clearly shows the 100% presence of all the case hardening colors on the hammer.


This S&W 2nd Model, is really the 2nd Model just barely ! The first model had a straight cut side plate, with only 35 being made, then this model. Serial No. 1345X has ALL the early production characteristics: the free grooves in the cylinder, and the barrel address, extending to on top the top strap. MOST desirable, and extremely RARE ! are the vine pattern grips in the Orange Mottled color pattern ! These grips are in PERFECT condition, NO, NO damage whatsoever. The revolver has about 5% - 10% original blue, the balance an untouched natural gray patina. However the hammer has about 90% of all its original case hardening colors, and the trigger just slightly less. Mechanically, it operates perfectly on all working actions: breaks open, star ejector rises and snaps back, closing, and works on single action or double action modes flawlesly. The real attraction here are the grips !

Despite it's small size, this is a very difficult model to fine, as later production dwarfed this model in volume, plus the ONLY Orange Mottled grips to be found on this Model S&W DA .32.

PRICE $1,150

Note the barrel address, and the patents which extend in a "Y" shape on top of the top strap. Only found on the earliest production!

The S&W intertwined logo is at the top of each grip...



This is a very significant revolver to S&W, the American Old West, and the Russian Government. In 1869 there were no metallic cartridge revolvers of any significant caliber, such as .44 or more on the market. The percussion system still was in control. S&W designed their FIRST break top, .44 metallic cartridge Revolver, and it was a huge success with the Russian Government. They ordered @20,000 revolvers, and ONLY @ 5,000 destined for the U.S. commercial market between 1873 and 1878. It gave rise to the most popular caliber in the S&W large frame line, the .44 Russian, which lasted way into the 20th century. The commercial models had "Russian Model" at the end of the barrel address. This S&W is a Commercial ( U.S. ) specimen, Serial No. 2022X. The mirror image of this Model was the American, same revolver EXCEPT chambered for the .44 American cartridge, how clever, Russian & American cartridges. This revolver is completely matching, assembly number Z282, and is 100% mechanically correct. ALL Factory applied markings are present, barrel address etc.., and ALL parts are original to this revolver. It breaks open, the star ejector rises, and snaps back into the cylinder, it close, cocks, indexes and locks tight, a PERFECT working action. This is a civilian model and fitted with, I believe, Factory checkered Ivory grips !

You will also notice the base for a Lanyard Ring, probably a hold over from Russian specs, but the ring is missing. The Old, Old Russian has about 60-65%+ of all the original Factory Nickel plating, the balance is a soft gray, with few scattered dark spots, but overall has a very pleasing appearance. Just a note in history: It was an Old, Old Model Russian, that John Wesley Hardin used when he shot Sheriff Webb, in Comanche County Texas, and started his life long run from the law ! This one like his, has Ivory grips, and only a few hundred serial Numbers away. It has the Eight Inch barrel, and unloads and loads quickly, easy to see why "pistolero's" would choose this. PRICE $4,250



S&W introduced their first double action revolver in 1881, chambered in the .44 Russian cartridge . Much later in production they would add the 44/40 caliber. Serial No. 664X would have been a first year production revolver. It is highly engraved and embellished , New York engraving with a unusual pattern. It exhibits a style typical to the early days of engraver Otto Bodenstein while in New York. He was doing work for Colt and S&W, later to go on to be "the" engraver for Merwin, Hulbert & Co.

The overall finish is about 55-60% original nickel plate, the balance a soft gray untouched natural patina. There is a 95% dominant amount of factory blue remaining on the trigger guard and top latch. The hammer and trigger have 100% of their case hardening colors present. All screw heads are clean and NOT damaged. ALL factory applied markings ; barrel address etc...are clear and present. Mechanically this Model of 1881 operates PERFECTLY on ALL working actions, both DA and Single Action. Plus it breaks open ejects, and closes flawlessly. The Model of 1881 is further decoratively enhanced by Pearl Grips. These are the original grips to the revolver, and are in excellent condition with radiant colors. This is a very unique and early Model of 1881, New York engraved and in excellent working order. This Model is seldom seen this embellished, and would be a fine addition to any collection.

PRICE $3,800


Located in the Basque region of Spain, Eibar is home to Orbea Brothers Firearms Manufacturers, from 1840 - 1929. They had a long and successful run of manufacturing, mostly with exact  (or near exact) copies of the Smith & Wesson line. This No. 3 Russian is MAGNIFICENT ! It is FULLY, and I mean FULLY exhibition level engraved, to include the stock attachment, all matching. Serial No. 227X still has the original stock, and most rare, the original Lanyard Cord. OB had a long history of "presentation" revolvers to high level dignitaries, persons etc.. in Europe and the Mexican/ Latin countries. There is no doubt that this 3rd Russian was a presentation engraved specimen. The oral history that came with this stocked revolver was it belonged to a wealthy Mexican Rancher and land owner. Currently, it has about 90% of the original nickel plating present, the balance light gray patina, with some darker gray blended in the finish. the frame finish is exceptionally strong, with most patina on the barrel.  The face of the cylinder is very clean, indicating limited firing. I believe most finish loss was from inadequate storage for 139 years. The grips are a checkered black hard rubber, with OB in the circle at the top. They are in perfect condition ! This Russian is FULLY covered by engraving, on all physical surfaces of the revolver, exquisitely executed! Mechanically, it operates 100% correctly: opening, ejecting cartridges, closing cocking, indexing, locking tight, and releasing to fire.

All the case hardening colors are present on the hammer, and most of the blue on the trigger.( darkened somewhat). The Walnut stock in exceptional condition, no damage or brakeage, with a smooth antique patina finish. Most important, the metal areas of the stock ( attachment) are fully engraved, and MATCHING the revolver!


This is an incredible specimen, a 3rd Russian, by Orbea Hermanos, an 1878 PRESENTATION revolver to a "muy importante" person. In addition, in reading on company history, it seems they came into possession of S&W blueprints ! A multi faceted interesting revolver. PRICE $4,850





Theory: Above is a known example of engraving from the Studio of Gustave Young...maybe the master himself. Please note the almost identical similarity in engraving as on the No.3 Russian. Could this , after purchase have been engraved by Young ? for presentation, or ordered by the new wealthy owner?


S&W FACTORY LETTER...Special Factory Features... NEW MODEL No.3 , TARGET MODEL .44 Russ.

S&W introduced the New Model No.3 in 1878, as a direct competitor to the Colt Single Action. The  New Model was readily accepted, and used by famous Frontiersmen, like Virgil Earp, Wyatt for a time, and many on the side of the law, and many on the other side.  Manufactured up until 1898, and the warehouse sold them out until a little past 1900. A six shot revolver chambered in the .44 Russian caliber, with a QUICK break open eject and re-load system.  This revolver, Serial No. 2774X, is the Target version.  The factory letter describes it as you see it, 6-1/2 inch barrel, Blue, Target front and rear sights. One other very unique feature,  a Factory Checkered Trigger ! ** It was a factory Special Order of  ONLY  2 units !  even more interesting, it was shipped in April 1892 to a major Colt distributor, Schoverling , Daly & Gale Co. ,NY. NOT the usual M. W. Robinson distributor of S&W.  The No.3 has about 65% of all the original bright high polish factory blue finish. The balance is a natural blending patina. The hammer and trigger guard have LOTS of case color remaining. the grips are the logo checkered black hard rubber grips, in excellent condition exhibiting little to no wear. Mechanically, this No.3 functions 100% correctly on ALL working actions, every time ! ALL assembly/ Serial Numbers are matching, and ALL factory applied markings s are clear and present, barrel address etc... A scarce and highly collectable S&W, with VERY unique features, including the Letter !

PRICE $ 3,650


Factory Checkered Trigger, a rare feature on a 2 unit Special Factory order in 1892.


In 1869, S&W was limited to the biggest revolver being manufactured by them , a .32RF No.2 Army. D. B. Wesson recognized they must have a large caliber Frontier revolver, to the drawing board they went. Simultaneously the Russian Government was interested in a .44 caliber revolver for their Army. This confluence of events gave us the first .44 caliber S&W revolver from S&W. The 1st Model ,.44 Russian, simultaneously the S&W American revolver, in .44 American caliber. Both were break top, 8 inch barrel, heavy style Frontier revolvers, S&W was in the new market ! This 1st Model Russian, a.k.a. the "Old, Old Model Russian has the 8 inch barrel and is finished in the blue. Today about 35%++ of the original blue is present, and the balance is a soft blending natural occurring plum patina. ALL factory applied markings: barrel address etc.. are present and clear. ALL parts are original to this revolver. The break open action works 100% correctly, each and every time. The working action: cocking, indexing, and locking are also perfect , every time they are worked. This Old Old Russian, is Serial No. 1158X, early in the second run with improved trigger pin bulge of metal for stability, therefore a 2nd Model. Probable production, 1872. Which meant ! these revolvers were in the hands of Frontiersmen, like Bill Cody, Texas Jack, and other men on the raw western frontier, almost 3 years before the Colt SAA. Quite an accomplishment. The Walnut grips are in fabulous condition, free from any damage.

NOTE: It was with a Russian like this that John Wesley Hardin shot Sheriff Webb in Comanche Texas . Putting him on the run for the rest of his free life! A CLASSIC revolver of the earliest cartridge revolvers on the Frontier. PRICE $3,900


19th Century Holster, @ 1881 -1895. for S&W Double Action, 1st Model, in .44 Russian or 44/40, with five inch barrel.

This holster is of the more protective type, known as a "flap holster". It is a very nice russet brown color, with a distinct  chain and flower, border stamping. The rear belt loop is not damaged, and there are no breaks in the stitching.

A very well made holster, with Chamois lining. Someone who wanted to carry and respect his new S&W DA   PRICE $350

The holster is clearly marked, 44 5 designating caliber and barrel length. It fits the 44 DA S&W of 1881, 44R or 44WCF perfectly

SMITH & WESSON, 2nd MODEL AMERICAN .44, .........1873...Cut for Stock..

In 1870 S&W introduced the FIRST practical Metallic Cartridge Revolver, and it was an immediate success. Quickly, small design changes were implemented, and the 2nd Model was the result. It had a little more "metal" around the trigger pin, and a slotted hammer to insure a tighter lock of the top strap. Otherwise, same as the 1st Model. The American chambered the .44 American cartridge, and had an 8 inch barrel. It found immediate acceptance due to its quick ability to load and unload cartridges, and time was IMPORTANT ! This 2nd Model, Serial No. 1413X, is a totally correct example. It has all the factory applied markings, barrel address etc...and ALL parts are original to the revolver, and are matching in serial   (assembly) numbers. The working actions are 100% perfect in all phases and functions. The Walnut grips are smooth, show minimal hand use, and have a fine antique luster and patina. Many famous celebrities of the Old West used this Model, such as : Wyatt Earp  (he actually carried a 2nd Model American engraved to the OK Corral fight), Texas Jack Omohundro, Buffalo Bill, Cole Younger, Belle Starr, Dallas Stoudenmire, just to mention a few ! It was a stout reliable revolver, and "FAST" to operate and fire. This one has a unique feature, the back strap is cut for a detachable shoulder stock. The stock used in this case was a " Key Hole" stock. The attaching end was cut like a key, inserted into the opening, side ways, then turned to lock it into position.

Unfortunately, the stock and American have become separated over the last 140 years. An excellent choice for a collection, a BIG S&W Frontier revolver, and THE FIRST on the Frontier !!  PRICE $3,625

This 2nd American has about 90%+ of all the original nickel plating, with the majority of the loss at the cylinder face, and breech end of the barrel. This makes perfect sense because, this is where the firing blast exits, plus the end of the barrel. Black powder was corrosive. The balance of the American is superb, with all the nickel plate present. There were really, despite their success, not that many made, ONLY 29,000 total between both Models. So, a high condition American is a scarce commodity.


Price $ 50

**Interesting to note, on the reverse side, are the Newspaper Clippings regarding the Court Martial of a Cavalry Officer, and his "physical confrontation" with another Officer.

JANUARY 17, 2020


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