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Serial No. 3005X, has an EXTREMELY rare factory barrel length. It is a 6-1/2 inch barrel. I would say that 99% of all of this model encountered have the standard barrel length of 8 inches. Although the factory made them in 5-1/2, 6, 6-1/2 and 7 inches. Any of these lengths command a strong premium, but the 6-1/2 inch is the ULTRA rare ! This 2nd American was once full nickel, but the finish has long vacated, leaving a uniform soft gray patina on the revolver. The Ivory grips strongly appear to be factory original to this 2nd model, and if not they were placed there by the selling dealer in 1874.

  You can tell this American was someone's companion, and carried every day. No doubt this was a Frontier Specimen, perhaps accounting  for the special barrel length, as it was easier to use "in action" than the standard 8 inch. Mechanically it operates correctly: breaks open, star ejector rises, snaps back into cylinder, closes tight, cocks, locks, indexes and releases to fire properly. ALL parts are the original factory parts, and ALL factory markings are present. ALL serial numbers match. ALL screw heads are clean and defined no burring. The importance of these S&W revolvers is of the highest magnitude, as they appeared on the Frontier 3 years before Colt's single action, and even by 1874 the date of this revolver, it was the best large frame cartridge revolver on the market. A QUICK loader//un-loader and an accurate shooter in .44.

PRICE $ 2,750


The 2nd Model perhaps was more meaningful to S&W than the first, as it represented continued Government purchasing and Issue to the Cavalry. The government was pleased with the first model BUT wanted some minor improvements that they felt enhanced their ease of use. Serial No. 740X is a 2nd Model Schofield with the new asked for improvements. The top latch was altered by adding circular areas more easily held onto, making it easier for a trooper to grab and break open the revolver. The other change was the trigger profile. Other than that it was the same as the first model. Once again, it saw total distribution to the Cavalry units, even more so, as the 2nd contract double the amount of the first. This 2nd Schofield has untouched and original patina, as there is no blue remaining. ALL factory markings are present: company address, patent lines, and serial number ( all matching). ALL Military markings are present, land P at the barrel pivot, and the U.S. on the butt. ALL parts are original to the Schofield. The grips show hand wear and use with no cartouche remaining.

U.S. mark on butt of grip

The U.S. on the butt is very faint, but it is still there, perhaps a long time ago, an attempt to remove it took place, but not completely successful. !

Mechanically this 2nd Schofield functions 100% correctly. It breaks open, star ejector rises and falls, it closes and locks tight. Then it cocks, and cylinder locks tight for firing, and triggers release the hammer...perfect action. This 2nd Model would be the last of the Military Schofield's, after this the Army went exclusively with the Colt revolver. One cartridge seemed the best direction. However, civilians found it a wonderful revolver with it's QUICK method to load and unload. Frank James carried one along with many other notable westerners.

close up of left view military Schofield

full view of left side of US schofield

PRICE $ 3,400

S&W 2nd model .45 Schofield U.S. issue 1877

U.S. marked on butt of Schofield No2 model

well worn walnut grips on Schofield

all parts are original to the Schofield

bottom view of U.S. Schofield

top view of well patina Schofield U.S.





This Model was introduced in 1878, and has two key manufacturing details. First , it is a top break .32, opening from the top, barrel pivoting downward. The previous .32's were opposite, bottom breaks, barrel pivoting upward. This is the new design which would remain with S&W until the swing -out cylinder era. Serial No. 206X was an 1878 production, and early in the production, so it has a unique early feature. There is NO  strain screw in the grip frame to adjust tension on the main spring. It was accomplished by using an internal cam screw between the frame and main spring.

no strain screw in grip frame but used cam screw

The condition is all original and 100%, nickel finish, case colors on hammer. and is unfired !

mint and unfired and 100% correct

Mechanically this Single Action .32 is 100% correct. It breaks open, ejects, closes, cocks, locks, indexes, and fires perfectly.

full view of left side of S&W revolver 1-1/2 model

PRICE $ 950

mint unfired 1-1/2 top break

bottom view of mint S&W .32 SA 1878

top view of break top of .32 mint revolver

patent dates in v pattern on barrel strap

Patent dates appear in a " V" pattern on top of barrel strap.

both hard checkered rubber grips in mint condition

BOTH checkered hard rubber grips are in MINT condition.

1st MODEL, SMITH & WESSON AMERICAN .44 an Interesting History , perhaps?... 1871

This Model represents the FIRST break top, .44 caliber revolver manufactured by S&W. The American appeared on the market in 1870. and was very much a part of the Frontier Saga, as prior to his Show Biz' days Buffalo Bill carried one. So did Texas Jack Omohundro. All of this 3 YEARS before the Colt SAA went to the drawing board !  In fact it was the first cartridge revolver contract with the U.S. Government for the Cavalry, purchasing 1,000 of them. Years later, some even showed up at the Battle of the Little Big Horn. Serial No. 563X has the classic 8 inch barrel, Walnut grips, and chambered for the .44 American cartridge. It has about 85% of all the original factory blue finish, quite extraordinary for a 1st Model, as they saw use ! ALL assembly numbers are matching, and ALL factory applied markings are clear and present: barrel address and serial number. It has 100% perfect mechanical working actions. Breaking open to load, closing afterwards, cocking and locking tight to fire. The firing action is perfect each and every time the hammer is pulled to the rear. However, it's the grips that are special and have a excellent verbal history. Unfortunately today most family history is either clouded or lost , not many details. This house find 1st American supposedly was carried in a Wild West  Medicine Show on the Frontier. Note the jewel inlaid grips, diamonds and sapphires in a cross pattern. True or not, it certainly is an interesting pair of grips on a very early Frontier Revolver.

classic 8 inch barrel

The ONLY non original part is the front sight. It replaced the steel sight, and this one is made from a very old copper penny. Skillfully replaced exactly as the original, pinned in place, very neatly done ! I am sure this one done as it made for a color contrast in sighting and shooting the American. So maybe with the sight, and colorful grips, it in fact was in a Frontier Medicine Show.

PRICE $4,900

1st model S&W American .44

bottom view of this 1st model American

top view of S&W American .44 break top

walnut grips on this 100% mechanical Frontier revolver

grips that supposedly was carried in Wild West Show

close up of S&W Frontier !st model American


This is an incredibly unique holster in it's construction, and unique for an 1870's holster, as well as the expected design for the time period. It fits the EIGHT inch barrel correctly, only a S&W , as there is NO accommodation for an ejector rod on a barrel. It is ONLY one step beyond the Slim Jim holster of the early 1870's, as it has a 3/4 skirt and VERY narrow. In addition it has the SLANTED loops on the holster.

beautiful basket weave leather holster

This holster has a VERY unique offering ! It has a retaining strap for the revolver. However, the way it is constructed it can be used or not used. I suggest when danger was imminent the strap was unsnapped, BUT when heavy riding  on the range it was left closed to keep the revolver from being dislodged, yeah, even losing it ! This holster was OBVIOUSLY made by a Master Saddler/ Holster maker, for an individual. It is in EXCELLENT condition, a dark chocolate like color, NO broken seams anywhere, and crisp engraving. A holster with very similar work appears in " Packing Iron", but the retaining strap, stands alone ! Below I have holstered an Old, Old Russian, for the visual purpose of seeing this holster with THE correct revolver.

full view of holster for S&W

PRICE $ 650

1870's holster for S&W American or old,old Russian

perfect for 8 inch barrel with slanted loops

NOTE: The retaining strap is integral with the holster !  It is cut from the back, and folded over, then decorated same as the rest of the holster. It could be folded back right into the space it came from, unique !

top retaining strap on holster

back of holster for S&W

FACTORY SPECIAL ORDER ... ...with Factory Information...ONLY ONE KNOWN TO EXIST.....

1st MODEL, S&W Double Action "FRONTIER MODEL", 44/40 , @ 1890's

This revolver, Serial No.1421X has a very UNIQUE feature, it has a 7-1/2 inch barrel ! The longest standard factory length on this Model was 6-1/2 inches. Factory information, according to Mr. Roy Jinks, S&W Historian states: This was in fact a Special Order revolver, and was shipped to Iver-Johnson Sporting Goods Company, Boston, Mass. in August of 1906 . A one only shipment. *Remember ALL of this Model are classified as antiques, PRE 1898 manufacture, per Supica & Nahas' definitive text on S&W. They were moderate sellers, so shipped way beyond production dates. This DA Frontier has about 75% of all the original factory nickel plating, the balance is a soft gray patina, blending very well preventing any harsh contrast. It's appearance is much stronger. The complimenting parts. such as the top latch, and trigger guard have substantial amounts of blue remaining. The trigger and hammer show faded case colors. The grips are original to this revolver, and have the color and fire only 130 years plus, can create. They have no damage, and really compliment the S&W.

mechanically perfect DA Frontier

Mechanically, this DA Frontier operates PERFECTLY on single action mode, or double action mode. ALL factory applied markings are present and clearly seen. Being a Special Order, no doubt this was for a very specialized shooter !! Potentially for a shooter in a Wild West Show, as the 7-1/2 inch barrel was Frontier Length. Positively for a specialized shooter, be it target or show business. PRICE $3,950


!st model S&W DA Frontier model with 7-1/2inch barrel

bottom view of Frontier model 44/40

top view of only one known to exist with 7-1/2" barrel

original pearl grips

The original Pearl grips, full of antique luster and color.

made for a specialized shooter in business

An honest statement  would be , this is so rare. you more than likely will NEVER see another!


The Model No. 3 , a.k.a. The American .44 Model, really put S&W into the game ! Prior to 1870, the company's only "big frame" revolver was the less than big frame Army No. 2 in .32 rim fire. However in 1870 they geared up and introduced the top break, .44 Models, the American Model in .44 AM, and the Old Old Russian Model in .44R, physically the same except for caliber. QUICKLY followed by the 2nd Model, which made a slight change in the frame, to accommodate the stronger trigger hold pin. This 2nd American, Serial No. 2175X, is in remarkable condition. It has about 95% of all the original nickel plated finish. What is IMPORTANT, it has never been touched ! no cleaning, polishing etc... it has that natural 141 year old luster. ALL assembly numbers are matching, all serial numbers match, and ALL parts are original. Mechanically it operates PERFECTLY, breaking open, closing, cocking, locking and firing , every time ! ALL factory applied markings are present and visible.

Model 2 American full view right side

This Model 2 American was very popular on  the frontier, used by the likes of: Wyatt Earp, "Texas Jack" Omohundro, Dallas Stoudenmire, John Wesley Hardin, Cole Younger, Belle Starr, and so on and so forth....  PRICE $ 3,795

S&W 2nd model .44 American revolver

bottom view of this big frame revolver

95% of all original nickel plated finish

walnut grips in perfect condition

The Walnut Grips are in perfect condition, with a fine antique luster, and are numbers to the revolver.




AUGUST 31, 2020


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