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Smith & Wesson, Double Action Model of 1881 .44 Russian / Texas Police Association Holster & Badge @1887

This is a very interesting S&W DA .44 Russian, Model of 1881. It has the scarcer barrel length of five inches, and appears to be factory Pearl Grips. Serial No. 3850X would be from about the 1887 production, and is all original in it's configuration. It has about 75% of all the original nickel plate finish. Interestingly enough, the front half of barrel and cylinder could be said 95%+, the frame shows hand grasp wear. Most of the bright fire blue remains on the trigger guard and top latch. The hammer and trigger show case hardening colors. The Pearl Grips are in 99.99% condition, with only a minor chip at the inside heel of the left grip. The overall color and        radiance of the old pearl is outstanding. All parts are original to the S&W, and ALL factory applied markings are present and vividly clear. The working actions are ALL 100% on all phases. The ORIGINAL 19th century Police Badge is in 99% condition with a nickel surface. It has fine engraving work. This is the original badge belonging to the Holster and Revolver. Although probably not carried on the holster, it was pinned to the holster by previous family owners to make sure they would not get separated. The verbal history relates this S&W and badge were carried in the Mexia , Texas area in the late 1880's to 1890's period. During that period it was a tough area, as the railroads had arrived, bringing with it the good, and the bad ! The holster is a Slim Jim style, no loops, and fits over a belt with a single fold over top. It fits the S&W perfectly ! being the original holster. A very nice package for collecting Police/revolver history.

PRICE $ 2,450


SCARCE & HISTORIC .... ONE  of 1,000 U.S.


This S&W 1st American is very significant for the U.S. and for the firm of S&W.  It was the first top break S&W manufactured, and had the rare Oil Hole on the bottom of the barrel lug for lubricating the extraction gear. This is found on ONLY the earliest of these models. It was the first .44 caliber from S&W, and the FIRST Government contract. The U.S. Government bought 1,000 of them, 800 in blue, 200 in Nickel plate finish.  Shipped in 1871, Serial No. 143X has the Factory Letter identifying it as shipped in March 1871. * This was the first government contract for a cartridge revolver to be issued to the Cavalry and other field units. Currently, it has about 2-3% original blue remaining, the balance is an original soft blue/gray/plum patina and has NEVER been cleaned. It has the Walnut grips, and most important the U.S. on top of the barrel.

This American is also listed by Serial No. in Charles Pate's Book, "The American in U.S. and Foreign Service. This revolver was on the Frontier during the Indian War Campaigns, before Colt even got to the drawing board. Due to hard use, service in the field, few completely original specimens remain! This one is 100% mechanically correct, all Factory applied markings are present and clear. ALL Military Inspector marking are present and clear. A SIGNIFICANT Martial Revolver for the Collector, Indian War era, and Scarcity ! PRICE $7,850



Smith & Wesson was quick to listen to suggestions from the Military on how to improve the 1st Model Schofield .45 put into service with the Cavalry in 1875. In 1877 they sold the 2nd Model Schofield to the Government in a quantity of 5,285 revolvers. The main change was the latch at the top of the frame joining the barrel and frame. The latch became larger and easier to operate, while riding or standing. This 2nd Schofield, Serial No.327X is in great condition for a Schofield. Most IMPORTANT, it is 100% all original. Due to short service tenure and other complications with cartridge dimensions .45 S&W vs. Colt .45, they were sold as surplus. This GREATLY !! reduced the number of original Schofield's available to collectors today. We all know they were altered by dealers and re-finished then sold for guard revolvers. This 2nd Schofield has about 25% of the original blue, most all the case coloring on the hammer, the balance of the surface is a correct untouched blue/gray patina. The working actions are perfect, smooth and crisp. It opens, closes, cocks, indexes, locks tight, and releases to fire. ALL factory applied markings are clear and sharp. MOST IMPORTANT, ALL Military /Inspector markings are clear and mostly sharp.

An excellent 2nd Model .45 Schofield, and very much part of the Old West and Cavalry units. PRICE $ 5,200



With the acceptance and introduction of the Smith & Wesson .45 Schofield revolver, it was necessary to have a field holster. In being frugal and intelligent about leather for the Cavalry in the field, they made an ADJUSTMENT. the flap was modified with a SECOND closure hole. This allowed for the Schofield to be closed into the holster. As illustrated in the photographs,  you can see the 2 flap holes. Additionally the "cartouche" of Rock Island Arsenal is still present on the flap, however showing wear.The First Style 1881 Holster had a more narrow belt loop. to accommodate the waist belt. Later models had a wider loop to fit over Mills Rifle Cartridge belts. The original "plug bottom" is still intact.

 There is no damage, and all the stitching is perfect. The embossed emblem U.S. is still clear and raised. The leather is still reasonably supple, and the black color is strong. A complete and original 1881 Holster is not easy to find, as many were altered on the civilian market after leaving the military. This is an excellent example, as it shows use but NOT abuse in the field. A perfect addition for the S&W Schofield .45, or Colt Single Action .45 of Military Issue, bearing the U.S.

PRICE $750






This 1870's Two loop, 3/4 skirt holster is FOR THIS revolver, and any other 7" 2nd Model Russians At the end of the holster it shows clearly, even the notch the front sight has worn.

Serial No. 3812X has a very interesting Factory Letter. This 2nd Model represents the physical changes ordered by the Russian Inspector at Springfield to improve the Model for their Military Service. Over 70,000 of this Model were shipped to Russia, BUT ONLY ! LESS than 7,000 were marked and sold commercially/domestically in the United States. ALL of them are in the range of 32,801 - 39000, and were marked on top the barrel, " Russian Model" That makes this a very scarce S&W Revolver. Amazingly though, many were found being used on the Frontier by "big" name individuals Like Bill Tilghman, as a Buffalo Hunter, prior to his fame in Oklahoma Ty. as a Marshal. What makes the letter interesting and ADDS to the rarity and value is, first it was shipped to M.W. Robinson, then to Schuyler, Hartley & Graham NY. Marked with a SH in a triangle on the butt. Of the shipment of 130 revolvers in 1875, 110 were in blue, ONLY 20 in Nickel plate.  Making this one, 1 of 20 !!

PRICE $ 3,850

This 2nd Russian, has about 95% or more of the ORIGINAL Factory Nickel Plate finish, and one can see the case color hardening, although darkened on the trigger guard and hammer. The Walnut grips have a spectacular patina ,NO damage and numbered to the revolver. ALL Serial Numbers ( 1 ) are correct, and ALL assembly numbers are matching. ALL fcatory applied markings: barrel address, etc.. are strong and clear, as well as the SH on the butt. Mechanically, it is PERFECT in each working action. Break open, retract, cock, index , lock tight etc,.. etc...



As the Civil War began, and the battles dragged on, in was quite apparent to both sides, this was going to be a prolonged war ! The Union Army felt many of their defeats were due to lack of Engineers in the Field. In October of 1862  General William S. Rosecrans began by selecting the "finest men" in other units, known for being engineers, architects or just outwardly intelligent. In the beginning, they had to stay in their Regiments , but later on, OFFICIALLY became their own Brigade. This No.2 S&W is accompanied with an 18 Page Dossier, called the Pioneer Brigade, by Philip Shiman. It is impossible here to detail all the events and IMPORTANCE of this Brigade, suffice to say it was an Honor for the men who served.

The Back Strap of this S&W is engraved PIONEER BRIGADE.

Serial No. 639X has an engraved back strap, for the Pioneer Brigade, and a magnificent  Slim Jim Flap Holster, ORIGINAL TO THIS REVOLVER ! The No.2 has about 70% of its original factory bright blue finish, and 80% of all the case colors on the hammer and spur trigger. The Rosewood grips have all the original varnish, and show little to no hand use.

Mechanically this No.2 Army works 100% correctly on ALL of the working actions. ALL factory applied markings are present and legible: barrel address, serial number assembly number. This is a SIGNIFICANT Civil War revolver, and it also has excellent condition, and a great original holster.

PRICE $4,650


This is a very difficult box to find, due to its early production of 1876, and the "Picture Lid" graphics style. The box is entirely intact, and no physical damage. The colors remain bright and vibrant, and no missing graphics. The interior of the box, is perfect, and the instructions in the upper lid are plain and clear. All the corners are tight and together, and the bottom of the box shows shelf wear in a minimal amount. This is a very fine box, at 141 years old! Even the factory purple ink stamp of Nickel Plated can be seen on the upper right corner of the lid label. If you have a nickel plated Baby Russian in superb condition, and you want to see how it looked as shipped, well, here is the box! PRICE $825

FACTORY SPECIAL ORDER ... ...with Factory Information...ONLY ONE KNOWN TO EXIST.....

1st MODEL, S&W Double Action "FRONTIER MODEL", 44/40 , @ 1890's

This revolver, Serial No.1421X has a very UNIQUE feature, it has a 7-1/2 inch barrel ! The longest standard factory length on this Model was 6-1/2 inches. Factory information, according to Mr. Roy Jinks, S&W Historian states: This was in fact a Special Order revolver, and was shipped to Iver-Johnson Sporting Goods Company, Boston, Mass. in August of 1906 . A one only shipment. *Remember ALL of this Model are classified as antiques, PRE 1898 manufacture, per Supica & Nahas' definitive text on S&W. They were moderate sellers, so shipped way beyond production dates. This DA Frontier has about 75% of all the original factory nickel plating, the balance is a soft gray patina, blending very well preventing any harsh contrast. It's appearance is much stronger. The complimenting parts. such as the top latch, and trigger guard have substantial amounts of blue remaining. The trigger and hammer show faded case colors. The grips are original to this revolver, and have the color and fire only 130 years plus, can create. They have no damage, and really compliment the S&W.

Mechanically, this DA Frontier operates PERFECTLY on single action mode, or double action mode. ALL factory applied markings are present and clearly seen. Being a Special Order, no doubt this was for a very specialized shooter !! Potentially for a shooter in a Wild West Show, as the 7-1/2 inch barrel was Frontier Length. Positively for a specialized shooter, be it target or show business. PRICE $4,450


The original Pearl grips, full of antique luster and color.

An honest statement  would be , this is so rare. you more than likely will NEVER see another!


The Russian series of revolvers is very interesting. Starting with the Old, Old Model, same appearance as the S&W American .44, only in .44 Russian caliber. The Russian Inspector at the S&W plant, insisted on design changes, to closer fit Russian needs. This Model, the 2nd is vary hard to find, as all production was for the Russian Government. Either over run or, incidental production accounted for the ones sold commercially. The barrel address ending of Russian Model was added, following the Springfield address. It exhibits all the early characteristics, the long extractor under the barrel, and no tension screw on top of barrel, as found on the 3rd Model. This 2nd Model, Serial No. 3611X, has about 25%+ of all the original blue finish, with a blending of a darker gray patina, with touches of plum patina. It has a very pleasant appearance. ALL factory applied markings, barrel address etc..are present and vivid. Mechanically, it operates correctly on all phases of the working action. ONLY 6,200 of this Model, found their way into civilian  (commercial) sales !! This is a very scarce model for the collector to find, as the balance all went into Russia, hardly to never to reappear again.

This 2nd Model Russian was certainly used in the day, but not abused, and still for its  age and use is in very collectable condition. As a footnote: this Russian Model was carried by Pat Garrett, and Charlie Pitts at Northfield, with the James-Younger outfit. They were there on the old frontier. PRICE $2,950

The Walnut grips, have a fine luster, and no damage. The have at the circular top of the grip, a professionally done, INTERTWINED Initials of HB.




The Model No. 3 , a.k.a. The American .44 Model, really put S&W into the game ! Prior to 1870, the company's only "big frame" revolver was the less than big frame Army No. 2 in .32 rim fire. However in 1870 they geared up and introduced the top break, .44 Models, the American Model in .44 AM, and the Old Old Russian Model in .44R, physically the same except for caliber. QUICKLY followed by the 2nd Model, which made a slight change in the frame, to accommodate the stronger trigger hold pin. This 2nd American, Serial No. 2175X, is in remarkable condition. It has about 95% of all the original nickel plated finish. What is IMPORTANT, it has never been touched ! no cleaning, polishing etc... it has that natural 141 year old luster. ALL assembly numbers are matching, all serial numbers match, and ALL parts are original. Mechanically it operates PERFECTLY, breaking open, closing, cocking, locking and firing , every time ! ALL factory applied markings are present and visible.

This Model 2 American was very popular on  the frontier, used by the likes of: Wyatt Earp, "Texas Jack" Omohundro, Dallas Stoudenmire, John Wesley Hardin, Cole Younger, Belle Starr, and so on and so forth....  PRICE $ 4,250

The Walnut Grips are in perfect condition, with a fine antique luster, and are numbers to the revolver.



This revolver was extremely important to S&W, as it represented it's FIRST .32 caliber revolver. Introduced in 1865, and discontinued in 1868, after about 26,000 were manufactured. I say manufactured ?? Well, S&W did not make them, a firm by the name of King & Smith made them. They were fitted, finished and assembled by S&W. This one Serial No. 2165X has the standard 3-1/2 inch barrel, and is a "Tip-Up, opening system. The Model 1-1/2 has very strong original factory blue remaining, about 98% overall, a little less on the cylinder, maybe 85%. Almost all the case colors remain on the hammer. It is cased in a Factory casing, of Golden Oak, with the correct pine bottom, and a brass plaque on the lid. the plaque was never inscribed. The GRIPS are INCREDIBLE !!! Both side , PERFECT condition, checkered Ivory.

The original casing from @1866 has an excellent exterior, with the Oak grain, and finish, and no serious damage. The interior however, shows its 150 years of age, not abuse, just age. The velvet shows where the cylinder pressed against it for a century and a half. The balance is normal fading, and just slight wear on the edges. the color remained very acceptable. In the case are the ORIGINAL twp part cleaning rod of oak and brass, the case key !!! and a partial box of the ORIGINAL box of .32 short rim fire cartridges.

ALL factory applied marking are present and exceptionally clear. It is 100% mechanically perfect in each and every working action of the working action. This is an EXCEPTIONAL cased S&W Model 1-1/2 First Issue, with incredible deluxe grips, and cased ! A wonderful 150 year old display of excellence available for the collector. PRICE $ 2,650



FEBRUARY 28, 2018


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