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This Colt 1877 was certainly a prized possession in the 1880's. A most elegant presentation of a Colt 1877 for the owner, 100% gold plated ! with complimenting Pearl grips. Serial No. 5751X obviously was a special order Colt. Today we find 99.999% of all the gold plate remaining. It certainly over a 126 year period of time has developed some darkening of the gold, and minor wear spots, but retains the factory coverage.  The Pearl grips are FREE of any damage, and have a fiery radiance and color only found with age. The 1877 shows signs of being carried and used, but I would say a limited amount of use. Just enough to ABSOLUTELY demonstrate it's 100% originality. The acid etched panel designating caliber on the left side of the barrel is still present, and attest to the originality of the gold finish.

Important to all Models of the 1877, whether Gold or standard finish, the working actions are 100% perfect ! Single action, Double action, rotating, locking etc.... ALL parts are original to the Colt, and ALL factory applied markings are clear, legible and present.

Certainly this would be the MOST interesting Model of 1877 in any collection. As in 1887 as today, Gold is a prized commodity !

PRICE $ 3,500

NOTE: This is a Factory NO RECORD Colt, which means, considering what it is, probably a "pull" for Colt Display purposes, or special presentation. This is good, as it further clarifies factory Gold finish.




This DA 1878, was by serial number, the very first one manufactured in 1896 ! In addition, it is in a scarce caliber for this Model, 38/40. Serial No. 3510X has the 7-1/2 inch barrel, and a strong ! probability of Factory Ivory grips. The Colt has just about all the factory nickel plating remaining on the frame, along with blue on the screw heads and trigger. The balance of the Colt remains about 60% nickel plate on barrel, and 100% on ejector housing. The cylinder has about 60% also, with some freckling. The balance of the surface is a soft plum patina all original and UNTOUCHED. ALL factory applied markings are present : barrel address, barrel caliber designation, and Serial Number. Very IMPORTANT. the working action is 100% perfect on both single action mode and double action mode. All screw heads are clean and crisp, no burring, and ALL parts are ORIGINAL to this Colt DA 1878. This Model Colt was slow in the beginning BUT after a few years into production it became a VERY popular revolver on the Frontier, and with notables of the Frontier. Very rare we can see the beginning or ending Colt revolver, BUT with this DA, it is listed in all Colt records as THE FIRST 1878 made in the year 1896 !

Perhaps if ordered it would be an interesting Colt Letter. PRICE $3,000



I am quite sure at the time there were reasons which guided assembly configurations of Colt Single Action revolvers . For whatever reasons, long barrels just are not found  in the 38/40 caliber. That makes this a scarce Colt SAA, and it shipped to St. Louis, probably making it a western used Colt. Serial No. 14750X has some blue remaining in protected areas, but for the most part it is a dark blue gray patina. Some traces of case colors can be seen on the hammer, and the frame has had all the case colors darken. ALL fcatory applied markings are present: frame patents, barrel address, caliber on left side of barrel, and ALL matching serial numbers. ALL parts are original to the 38/40, and clean screw slots. The checkered hard rubber grips show minimal wear, and still posses sharp checkering. On the bottom of the left grip appears the initials: U.K.T. neatly carved into the hard rubber. More than likely the owner in the 19th century. This Colt has a smooth and PERFECT working action. Safety, half-cock, full cock, cylinder rotation, indexes, locks tight, and a smooth firing release.

A solid example of a scarce Black Powder Colt, in 38/40, along with factory Letter.

PRICE $ 3,950


FOOTNOTE: one of the Old West's bad hombres " Little Bill Raidler", preferred this caliber above all others. Said "flat shooting, good knock down power" . A member of the Dalton-Doolin gang in old Indian Territory.




Serial No. 13003X is a very solid example of a short barrel in the 38/40 caliber. It has about 65-70% of all the original Colt Factory nickel plating. It shows the loss, due to wear, on the cylinder, otherwise one could say an 85%+ nickel finish remaining.  A unique 38/40 as the caliber 38 is marked on the upper left shoulder of the trigger guard. ALL factory applied markings are present and very clear. ALL parts are original to the Colt, and the screw heads are clean and crisp. The WORKING action is PERFECT, in all phases of operation, very crisp ! The checkered hard rubber grips show minimal hand wear, and the checkering is present, as well as the Rampant Colt Logo at top of the grips. This is an exceptionally nice Black Powder 38/40 Colt. The WCF calibers were the precursor to a magnum cartridge and well accepted on the frontier. "Little Billie" Raidler, well known Outlaw, used 38/40 right to the bitter end !

Worthy of a Colt Letter ! PRICE $3,450


This Model represents the smallest volume of all the 1860 conversions, ONLY 2.100 produced. When design engineer Mason viewed the Richards conversion he saw a better way ! He did away with the spring loaded firing pin, cut through the recoil shield, and the hammer struck the cartridge directly.

However, the barrel assembly was still a percussion barrel, with an ejector assembly fitted to the barrel, using the rammer orifice. Serial No. 19597X is a Richards-Mason cartridge conversion of the 1860 Army. The revolver has about 30% of the original nickel plating, mostly found on the frame, grip area and loading groove area of barrel. The top of the barrel above the ejector housing has about70% nickel. Case colors can still be seen on the hammer. ALL parts are the original parts to the revolver. ALL factory applied markings are present and clear: barrel address, serial numbers, frame patents etc... The brass trigger guard has a perfect untouched patina. The balance of the metal where nickel is absent is a soft gray, some dark gray spots untouched patina. Mechanically, the Richards-Mason is 100% CORRECT in each and every working action, every time it is worked. The Walnut grips show normal hand use, and have a natural patina. The cylinder, since it is an 1860, still has a cylinder scene present. It is lightly there, but there never the less.

Frame Patent Dates are also clear, the Two Line 1872 Patent.

These were the type Colt Single Actions that went up the Cattle Trails in the early days, as Single Actions were not that plentiful yet ! A difficult Model to find for the collector, with only 2,100 manufactured, and hard use on the Western Frontier, this specimen is MORE than suitable for a collection.

PRICE $4,850


The ONLY grip damage is the inside corner, and I suggest it has been that way a long time, looking at natural wear.


COLT MODEL 1877, DA.38..1879

The Model of 1877 represented Colt's first Double Action revolver. It would prove to be very popular, yet was very " delicate" with its DA system. Many found today have mechanical issues. This one, Serial No. 1842X is in PERFECT mechanical condition, which goes along with its physical condition. It has about 95%+ of all the original factory nickel plating, flaking only at the muzzle end of the cylinder. Most of the fire blue is still present on the parts, and it is fitted with Mother of Pearl grips. I believe these grips to original to the "lightning" It has the 3-1/2 inch barrel, with no ejector, sometimes referred to as the Sheriffs Model, or Storekeeper Model.

This is a very striking Model of 1877, with the bright nickel, perfect etched panel, and radiant pearl grips. As a footnote: It was Kittredge in Cincinnati, who hung the name " Lightning" on the .38 Model. When they received their first shipment in 1877, to gain advertising interest in their weekly ad, they billed the new Colt as the Lightning ! the .41 was billed as the "Thunderer"

PRICE $ 2,750




This early "Lightning" of 1879, still has the acid etched barrel panel for caliber identification. IT IS PERFECT and 100% present.


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MARCH 31, 2020


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