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One could say this is the "Classic" Single Action Army revolver. Black powder frame, Two Line 1872 Frame Patent, , small block letter barrel address all parts with matching serial numbers, "donut" ejector, head, 7-1/2 inch barrel and one piece Walnut grips. This Colt, Serial No. 2857X is in a pleasing untouched patina finish. It is a soft gray, with some underlying plum patina tones, and ghost outlines of the case hardening. ALL parts are the original parts, ALL factory applied markings are clear and easily visible. ALL serial numbers match and are in ALL the correct locations for an 1876 revolver.

It has a PERFECT ! working action, ALL phases. These complete and ALL correct early Single Actions are ever so difficult to discover for today's collector.

Original Blue remains in the Flutes of the Cylinder.

PRICE $4,450



This is one of the more RARE of all the Colt Factory finishes. This New House, serial No.2088X is fully Silver Plated. It appears dark in the images because the Silver has the correct UNTOUCHED patina, some call it tarnish. I did not polish or clean the surface, it is in a natural state on antiquity. It has the 2-1/4 inch barrel with the acid etched panel.

The Colt House .38 panel is PERFECT, in panel and letters ! This Colt House was part of the New line series, and the shorter barrel version of the New Police, a.k.a. Cop and Thug. This Silver Plated Colt is further enhanced by Factory Pearl grips. Mechanically this New House is 100% correct on every working action movement. Manufactured in 1885 it remains in new condition, with all factory applied markings clear and present. A very desirable specimen in Silver Plate !

PRICE $ 2,500


COLT SINGLE ACTION ARMY REVOLVER, 7-1/2 '', .45 cal, IVORY, Manufactured 1876..FACTORY LETTER Shipped West in 1886... !!

The Colt Factory Letter describes the Colt as you see it, nickel finish, 7-1/2 inch, .45, shipped on February 16, 1886 to Simmons, St. Louis. The grip shows not listed, however it has Ivory grips, probably added by the dealer at time of sale. In addition a Mexican Silver coin has been inlaid into the right grip, perfectly and professionally. This is an OUTSTANDING Colt from 1876. It has a 95% + nickel finish barrel and ejector housing, the frame and cylinder are somewhat less, around 90%.

 As standard on most old Colts the back strap is mostly patina from hand wear.  The Ivory grips are incredible, with a magnificent dark mustard finish , striation marks and NO damage. The right grip is perfectly fitted with a Mexican Silver coin. Perhaps this Colt saw some time in the Frontier Southwest. The WORKING action on this Colt is PERFECT ! ALL hammer notches, cylinder rotation and alignment etc...ALL Factory applied markings are present : barrel address, EARLY two line 1872 frame patent, serial numbers, 2964X, all legible. ALL original parts including the ''donut" ejector head.

This is a very handsome revolver, and being early ( 3rd year production) has all the early features and the early appearance. HERE is the mystery: it was manufactured in 1876, BUT shipped in 1886, 10 years after manufacture. It is the opinion of many Colt experts it was a factory hold back, or Colt  Salesman sample, maybe even property of a higher ranking Colt executive and later turned back for sale. The exact truth will never be known, BUT a wonderful collector mystery!

PRICE $ 5,500


This Model holds the distinction of being the "ONLY" four shot Pistol Colt ever manufactured.  In addition it is the earliest cartridge revolver Colt produced in 1871. It is called the Cloverleaf because of the shape of the cylinder, it looks like a Four Leaf Clover. This Cloverleaf, Serial No. 8543 has the lower hammer spur, as the very first ones had an elevated hammer spur. It has about 95-96% of the original Colt factory nickel plating. Most of the minimal loss is at the muzzle on one side only and the sharp edges. It is fitted with period Mother of Pearl Grips, possibly at the factory, definitely by the selling agent.

Mechanically, it works 100% correctly on ALL the working actions. Half cock, full cock, cylinder indexing and locks tight for firing. It is very seldom you find an example with this much finish, as the plating was applied directly to the brass frame, therefore over the years it came off sooner than you would wish. A very collectable "Cloverleaf" high finish, deluxe grips, and perfect mechanics.



PRICE $ 1,750



This Colt 1877 was certainly a prized possession in the 1880's. A most elegant presentation of a Colt 1877 for the owner, 100% gold plated ! with complimenting Pearl grips. Serial No. 5751X obviously was a special order Colt. Today we find 99.999% of all the gold plate remaining. It certainly over a 126 year period of time has developed some darkening of the gold, and minor wear spots, but retains the factory coverage.  The Pearl grips are FREE of any damage, and have a fiery radiance and color only found with age. The 1877 shows signs of being carried and used, but I would say a limited amount of use. Just enough to ABSOLUTELY demonstrate it's 100% originality. The acid etched panel designating caliber on the left side of the barrel is still present, and attest to the originality of the gold finish.

Important to all Models of the 1877, whether Gold or standard finish, the working actions are 100% perfect ! Single action, Double action, rotating, locking etc.... ALL parts are original to the Colt, and ALL factory applied markings are clear, legible and present.

Certainly this would be the MOST interesting Model of 1877 in any collection. As in 1887 as today, Gold is a prized commodity !

PRICE $ 3,500

NOTE: This is a Factory NO RECORD Colt, which means, considering what it is, probably a "pull" for Colt Display purposes, or special presentation. This is good, as it further clarifies factory Gold finish.




This DA 1878, was by serial number, the very first one manufactured in 1896 ! In addition, it is in a scarce caliber for this Model, 38/40. Serial No. 3510X has the 7-1/2 inch barrel, and a strong ! probability of Factory Ivory grips. The Colt has just about all the factory nickel plating remaining on the frame, along with blue on the screw heads and trigger. The balance of the Colt remains about 60% nickel plate on barrel, and 100% on ejector housing. The cylinder has about 60% also, with some freckling. The balance of the surface is a soft plum patina all original and UNTOUCHED. ALL factory applied markings are present : barrel address, barrel caliber designation, and Serial Number. Very IMPORTANT. the working action is 100% perfect on both single action mode and double action mode. All screw heads are clean and crisp, no burring, and ALL parts are ORIGINAL to this Colt DA 1878. This Model Colt was slow in the beginning BUT after a few years into production it became a VERY popular revolver on the Frontier, and with notables of the Frontier. Very rare we can see the beginning or ending Colt revolver, BUT with this DA, it is listed in all Colt records as THE FIRST 1878 made in the year 1896 !

Perhaps if ordered it would be an interesting Colt Letter. PRICE $3,000

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DECEMBER 31, 2021


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