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O. C. YOUNG has been participating in Antique Arms Shows since 1968. He began as a collector, advancing to a part-time dealer, and is currently, since 1985, a full time Antique Arms dealer. During this time period, he has developed a solid customer base in both the United States and Europe. The presentation of inventory spans a broad interest, from the firearms associated with the American West, such as Colt, Smith & Wesson, Merwin, Hulbert & Co. and Remington. Including Pocket Pistols, Derringers and colorful Spur Trigger Models. Also present are earlier Flintlock, and Percussion Arms, both American, and European. In addition to Antique Arms, we offer closely related accessory items, such as Powder Flasks, period holsters, and some western frontier memorabilia. O. C. YOUNG appears at all Major Antique Arms Shows.


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MAY 16, 2019


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