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This New Model Navy, continued the serial number  range where the Model of 1861 left off, and is Serial No. 2751X. It has the unique 7-3/8th inch barrel , and retained the loading lever. Also present are the factory Conversion numbers of 122. In 1875 the U.S. Navy sent 1,000 of these back to Remington for conversion to .38 Center Fire, this is one of them.  This issue bears NO military marks, as did none of the rest, only the letter "J" which was an internal factory reference number. This New Model Conversion is only 268 numbers from the one listed in the definitive book by Ware.  Currently, it has about 25% ++ of the original blue on the barrel, and untouched brass trigger guard. The frame has turned a gray plum patina, and the cylinder is a darker plum with blue highlights. The rammer has strong blue present also, and some case colors can be seen on the hammer. The Walnut grips show normal and military hand wear, but remain undamaged.

 Interestingly enough it comes with it's ORIGINAL " Bunk House" fabricated holster. This shows it went on to another life after the Navy.

Mechanically, this New Model Navy operates perfectly ! on all it's new functions and old. Cock, index, lock, fire etc... All parts are original, and all Factory applied markings are present. You might think why ? do a conversion? Well the original revolver was long paid for, and for $4.25 you got a brand new Cartridge style revolver. These Remington's were popular and sold as late as 1882 in catalogues. PRICE $2,750

Original "Bunk House" heavy leather holster, a Single Loop to fit over a Cartridge Belt .

The bottom of the octagonal barrel shows the original serial number, as well as the Factory Conversion Number of 122. Also worth noting, is the 95% original; bright blue.



This Model Deringer may well be the most popular of all the collectable Deringers, and certainly with Remington. This Deringer Serial No. ( Batch No.) 85X has a perfect hinge, no damage!. You can still see traces of blue on the screw heads and locking lever, and case colors on the hammer. mechanically it is 100% correct, in all phases. It is a solid 97% original nickel finish specimen. The Ivory grips are the same age as the Deringer, and have a fabulous patina and finish.

A very strong example of a deluxe Remington O/U black powder Deringer.

PRICE $ 1,250



This is splendid example of a Type II Remington Deringer from about 1888. It has about 99.9% of all the original factory Nickel plating. The screw heads and hammer retain most ( about 85%) of their blue finish. The Deringer is fitted with, factory Pearl Grips, and they have brilliant radiance and color. They are also in perfect condition. Serial No. 98X, appears to be potentially UNFIRED ! It has a stunning appearance, almost mint in appearance. Mechanically, the hammer cocks, and the pin rotates for the two barrels, perfect mechanical operating condition.

PRICE $2,450






FEBRUARY 28, 2018


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