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This is an extraordinary Remington Model of 1875 in so many ways. INFO: The Model of 1875 was made for a short period of time, from 1875 to 1889, in a quantity of about 25,000 revolvers. Of that 25,000 the first 16,000 revolvers were in .44 Remington caliber, the following 9,000 were in .44/40 , EXCEPT a very small number. Maybe less than 1,000 and they were in .45 Colt. The Remington is also unique as it is a FACTORY short barrel, 5-3/4 inch ! I have been looking at antique arms for more than 50 years, and I say this, Mother of Pearl grips on an 1875 Remington are beyond scarce. Some Ivory, and overwhelming number of Walnut grips, but no Pearl. Serial Number ( Batch# ) 3 is on the grip frame where they were serial numbers, and PLUS on the rear of the cylinder, between chambers appears 45, as well as on the shoulder of the trigger guard.  There is about 90% original factory nickel finish remaining, the loss is on the cylinder which is normal for a revolver. Where missing is a soft gray patina. ALL factory applied markings are present, caliber .45 and the barrel address. Mechanically: It cocks locks tight and indexes correctly, then releases to fire. The only imperfection is the loading hammer notch is worn and needs thumb help to load.  This 1875 is very uniquely gripped! as it has Mother of Pearl grips, a real rarity for 1875's.




Nickel Plated 5-3/4 " Short Barrel

The left grip shows an unfortunate accident, at one time the grip was broken. HOWEVER, it was repaired in "the day" using 2 copper or gold pins, and some type glue. IMPORTANT: this was done in the use period of the Remington, and it still is HOLDING today. A job delicately and well done.

This Model of 1875 came out of the Southeast Texas area and shows use, and great care to maintain the Remington. It was undoubtedly a prized revolver.

PRICE $4,850




The Model of 1875 Single Action Remington saw a rather low production rate of about 25,000, so not found by collectors like their counter part Colt Single Action. When initially introduced they went with the .44 Remington cartridge, an attempt at securing their own distinct niche. Soon however, it was altered to the Winchester 44/40 cartridge, which this example, Serial No. (Batch No.) 7X is chambered . They dabbled with .45 Colt, but in the end the 44/40 carried the day in sales and volume. The revolvers were factory marked, either on the frame in front of the cylinder or as this one is, on the grip with 44W. Actually Remington's achieved a substantial degree of popularity, as endorsed by Frank James, and Bill Cody to mention a few. It was a sturdier revolver than Colt, one might say had "some heft to it". Most were nickel plated but this one was blued. Currently it has about 15% + blue remaining mostly in areas of less use wear. The balance is a soft blue/plum patina. The working action is exact and defined, and 100% correct in all it's movement: cock, indexing, locking and release to fire. The Walnut grips show light normal hand wear and have 

a fine antique luster. This one also has the optional Lanyard Ring still present.

I would like to pass on the oral history as told to me ! This Remington 1875 was purchased in 1939 by gentleman in the construction business from an "old" gentleman who was indeed an American Indian, and as the story goes quite old. This happened in South Dakota. Since then the Remington some 30+ years ago was sold to a man in the concrete business in Missouri, where it has resided until April of this year ! When I made the purchase, so who will be the next owner ?

This is a fine Western Outfit, and looks the part, yet used but NOT abused. A western Model of 1875 Remington. PRICE $ 5,250


This very desirable "rig" is quite scarce as it is a TRIPLE LOOP holster. The Holster is maker marked in a large  logo stamp MB, just below the top loop, for Merwin & Bray. Even more interesting, it is a Money belt Cartridge Belt. Even a few oxidized old 44/40 cartridges remain.





Remington Models of 1875 had a very short production time and shorter volume of production. Produced from 1875-1889 in a quantity of only 25,000, or slightly more, that averages to less than 2,000 a year ! It had a limited popularity as it was competing head to head with the Colt single action. However, there were many Frontier Westerners who preferred the "heft" and sturdiness of the Remington. A famous devotee was Frank James and "Buffalo" Bill, along with many others. In fact, recently in the western movies they are appearing frequently, like "Open Range" and "Old Henry". It was a sturdy six shot revolver chambered in the popular 44/40 caliber, some but rare in 44 Remington and .45 Colt. This Remington, Serial No. (batch #) is 25X. It was an original factory Nickel finish but now has only 5% remaining, mostly in one location. The balance of the smooth finish is a soft gray patina. ALL factory applied markings are clear and present( barrel address). The working action is smooth and exact, and 100% correct, NO mechanical issues. This one still has the original round Lanyard Ring in the butt. The most outstanding feature are the Ivory grips, which are seldom seen on this model, in fact anything other than the Walnut grips are a great rarity. The grips remain damage free ! and have a natural 147 years old color and patina.

PRICE $4,500

REMINGTON FACTORY CONVERSION of The New Model of 1858 , TO .46 RIM FIRE 5 shot.

At the end of the Civil War there was an abundance, surplus if you will, of large frame revolvers. This fit well into the new marketing plans of the firearms manufacturers. The race was on to convert percussion revolvers to the new self contained cartridge revolvers. Already on the Market was the .46 rim fire cartridge, already accepted, so a natural for conversion of the 1858 New Model Remington. This Remington, Serial No. 71769 ( Conversion #2021) was converted to a 5 shot .46 Rim Fire. As was the case they came with or without the ejector, this one does not have the ejector. This one is identified with the Rollin White Patent date rolled on the cylinder, a VERY desired feature for the Conversions.

PATENTED  APR 3'd 1855 , This is a premium for this model to have the patent on the cylinder.

It made a lot of sense to convert to .46 RF, as there were already long arm Models out there using the cartridge. The Conversion has very clean and near perfect Walnut grips, showing only normal to light hand wear.

The Remington has about 5-10% blue finish remaining, scattered throughout, mostly on lever and barrel. The balance is an untouched and original gray patina. Mechanically this Conversion is 100% on ALL the working actions, each and every time !! ALL factory applied markings are clear and legible to read.

PRICE $ 2,250



A very desirable conversion and showing the historical trend for cartridges, the early ones, as Remington did convert to other calibers, but .46 Rim Fire was a first and quite significant.

**Important : This Remington is one of 4,540 converted by the Remington Factory for the major dealer of Kittredge & Co., Cincinnati, Ohio. Converted to .46 Rim Fire , 5 shot, with the 1855 patent rolled cylinder. This distributor was a MAJOR dealer who shipped to the Western Frontier.



SEPTEMBER 30, 2023


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