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This Remington Deringer is the ultimate rarity in the Over/Under .41 rim fire Deringer production. The model was introduced in 1866 with NO shell extractor, which meant you would have to pull out the spent cartridges by hand. Quickly a decision was made to add the extractor to the design, but they were already in production. So, approximately 100 Deringers were pulled from inventory, and a groove was cut  on the flat between the barrels, right through the existing patent line !! Thus 100 were converted to Deringers with extractors, after that ALL their Deringers had extractors, and the patent lines moved to the top of the widened barrel rib.

walnut grips on .41 over under deringer

You can see, there is NO damage to the opening hinge, and the frame with 90% of its nickel plate intact.

100% mechanically correct deringer

The original nickel plate finish about 80% remaining, mostly on the frame and bottom of barrel, whereas the barrels have thinned out leaving a soft untouched gray patina. The Walnut grips are in fine condition, no damage with excellent color.  Mechanically it works 100% correctly each time it is cocked, each barrel firing accordingly. Serial No. 118X remains the rarest of this Model and who can guess with only 100 done in this manner how many are left today for collectors. This one may well be one of the finest left !

PRICE $2,450

Type 1 Transition 41 rim fire over/under deriinger

close up of Remington Over/Under deringer

You can see where the extractor groove was machined right through the patent line, the 1865, in Dec. 12 1865 is MISSING !

underside of deringer nickel plated

top of 1 of 100 manuf. of .41 rimfire deringer

walnut grip on Remington o/u deringer .41


This Model was manufactured from 1865 - 1873, in a quantity of about 18,000 pieces. HOWEVER, toward the mid to end of production, they were altered at the  factory to cartridge revolvers, all in .38 rim fire. This was accomplished by using a two piece cylinder ( a special cap at the rear of the cylinder) and slightly altering the frame.  So, quantity of cartridge New Police revolvers would be around 9,000 revolvers. This one, Serial No. 815X, is "special". First, it has a 6-1/2 inch barrel, very scarce, and has Ivory grips. What makes it really special is the fact it is  Engraved by Nimschke or in his studio workshop. It is of the highest level of engraving, and is still very clean and sharp. The original nickel finish is about 98% plus, with clear sharp engraving.  The ivory grips have that old natural patina, and are free from any damage.

original ivory grips

Mechanically, this New Police operates 100% on all the working actions. It also disassembles correctly with the lever and cylinder pin to load the cylinder. The hammer also has the Nimschke touch of engraving on both sides. A very popular " Belt Size" revolver, designed to compete with Colt's '62 Police and Pocket Navy revolvers. Then on into the cartridge era of same. This is an extremely attractive Remington, and displays some of the finest engraving of the 19th century.

beautiful revolver with scarce 6-1/2" barrel

PRICE $4,950


Remington New Model Police Revolver .38 rim fire

close up of the Nimschke engraved New Model Police .38

original nickel finish with scare 6-1/2" barrel

popular belt size revolver

hammer also has Nimschke engraving

bottom of revolver and ivory grips


Remington was never successful in securing a contract with the U.S. Government for Military use. However there is  evidence that about 650 Nickel Plated versions were purchased by the Interior Department in 1883 for Indian Police on Western Reservations.  Foreign Governments were different, as Remington had a huge contract with the Egyptian Army for their Rolling Block rifles. In 1875 Egypt ordered 10,000 Model 1875 Revolvers, but there was a big problem. They owed considerable sums of money to Remington for the Rifles, therefore few to none were actually shipped to Egypt. This revolver, Serial No.670X ( actual serial number) is an early production, first year, therefore does not have a batch number for a serial number. Overall, it has none of the original blue finish, just a few areas to be seen , the balance is a soft natural original gray patina with just a hint of plum color. The Walnut grips show some hand wear, and minor nicks, but NO damage.

walnut grips with lanyard ring

lanyard ring is original on this 1875 Army Remington

Mechanically, this 1875 works 100% correctly on ALL the working actions, each and every time. ALL factory applied markings, barrel address etc... are clear and present. The original Lanyard Ring is present. It has the early style "pinch" front sight. Only the very earliest Remington 1875's were chambered in .44 Remington, and today a single cartridge can cost a collector upwards to $50. Not many of these rare Egyptian Models EVER surface, a handful here and there, so this is a unique opportunity for the Remington, or Frontier Revolver Collector to fill an important collecting spot. PRICE $ 3,650


Egyptian Contract Remington Model 1875 in .44

Remington model 1875 with gray patina

top view of 1875 Army revolver.44

The original Walnut grip still has the Egyptian Cartouche of FR on the grip.

some wear but no damage on walnut grips

original early pinch front site on this revolver

unique .44 Remington cartridge appearance

This is a .44 Remington Cartridge, and has a unique appearance among 44 cartridges.  (Not For Sale / Display Only)



AUGUST 31, 2020


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