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At the end of the Civil War there was an abundance, surplus if you will, of large frame revolvers. This fit well into the new marketing plans of the firearms manufacturers. The race was on to convert percussion revolvers to the new self contained cartridge revolvers. Already on the Market was the .44 Henry rim fire cartridge, already accepted, so a natural for conversion of the 1858 New Model Remington. This Remington, Serial No. 71769 ( Conversion #2021) was converted to a 5 shot .44 Henry Rim Fire. As was the case they came with or without the ejector, this one does not have the ejector. This one is identified with the Rollin hite Patent date rolled on the cylinder, a VERY desired feature for the Conversions.

PATENTED  APR 3'd 1865 , This is a premium for this model to have the patent on the cylinder.

It made a lot of sense to convert to .44 Henry, as there were already Models out there using the cartridge in big demand, the Henry Rifle and quickly the Winchester '66. The Conversion has very clean and near perfect Walnut grips, showing only normal to light hand wear.

The Remington has about 5-10% blue finish remaining, scattered throughout, mostly on lever and barrel. The balance is an untouched and original gray patina. Mechanically this Conversion is 100% on ALL the working actions, each and every time !! ALL factory applied markings are clear and legible to read.


A very desirable conversion and showing the historical trend for cartridges, the early ones, as Remington did convert to other 44's, but this was a first and quite significant.

PRICE $ 2,100

           1 of 100


This Remington Deringer is the ultimate rarity in the Over/Under .41 rim fire Deringer production. The model was introduced in 1866 with NO shell extractor, which meant you would have to pull out the spent cartridges by hand. Quickly a decision was made to add the extractor to the design, but they were already in production. So, approximately 100 Deringers were pulled from inventory, and a groove was cut  on the flat between the barrels, right through the existing patent line !! Thus 100 were converted to Deringers with extractors, after that ALL their Deringers had extractors, and the patent lines moved to the top of the widened barrel rib.

walnut grips on .41 over under deringer

You can see, there is NO damage to the opening hinge, and the frame with 90% of its nickel plate intact.

100% mechanically correct deringer

The original nickel plate finish about 80% remaining, mostly on the frame and bottom of barrel, whereas the barrels have thinned out leaving a soft untouched gray patina. The Walnut grips are in fine condition, no damage with excellent color.  Mechanically it works 100% correctly each time it is cocked, each barrel firing accordingly. Serial No. 118X remains the rarest of this Model and who can guess with only 100 done in this manner how many are left today for collectors. This one may well be one of the finest left !

PRICE $2,450

Type 1 Transition 41 rim fire over/under deriinger

close up of Remington Over/Under deringer

You can see where the extractor groove was machined right through the patent line, the 1865, in Dec. 12 1865 is MISSING !

underside of deringer nickel plated

top of 1 of 100 manuf. of .41 rimfire deringer

walnut grip on Remington o/u deringer .41



JANUARY 31, 2021


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