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This Model was Remington's first all original metallic cartridge revolver, not in any form a conversion from percussion. It was introduced in 1875 and discontinued in 1889. In this short fourteen period they only made a total of 25,000 plus revolvers, not a large number. Today finding an all original revolver is not that easy. Beyond that, one with a large amount of original finish is even more difficult. This 1875, Serial No. (Batch No.) 106X has about 98.5 % ORIGINAL Factory Nickel plate finish present. There are a few "pepper spots" on the cylinder but nothing more. the frame screws still show their fire blue. It has the standard frontier barrel length of 7.5 inches and is a single action . All factory applied markings are present and clear: barrel address, caliber and serial number. The two piece Walnut grips are in near new like condition, smooth wood , no damage, and very lustrous.

Mechanically : ALL the working actions operate perfectly each and every time they are called upon: all hammer notches, cylinder rotation, proper alignment and locks tight for firing, then releases as the trigger is pulled.  Recently, 1875's are being shown in the cinema , as in the movie " The Assassination of Jesse James, by the Coward Bob Ford", where Frank James was shown with a nickel Model 1875. They are imitating history, despite low production numbers the 1875 found much favor on the Frontier.

A very exquisite Model 1875, hard to find, harder to find in this level of condition. PRICE $ 4,895



At the end of the Civil War there was an abundance, surplus if you will, of large frame revolvers. This fit well into the new marketing plans of the firearms manufacturers. The race was on to convert percussion revolvers to the new self contained cartridge revolvers. Already on the Market was the .44 Henry rim fire cartridge, already accepted, so a natural for conversion of the 1858 New Model Remington. This Remington, Serial No. 71769 ( Conversion #2021) was converted to a 5 shot .44 Henry Rim Fire. As was the case they came with or without the ejector, this one does not have the ejector. This one is identified with the Rollin hite Patent date rolled on the cylinder, a VERY desired feature for the Conversions.

PATENTED  APR 3'd 1865 , This is a premium for this model to have the patent on the cylinder.

It made a lot of sense to convert to .44 Henry, as there were already Models out there using the cartridge in big demand, the Henry Rifle and quickly the Winchester '66. The Conversion has very clean and near perfect Walnut grips, showing only normal to light hand wear.

The Remington has about 5-10% blue finish remaining, scattered throughout, mostly on lever and barrel. The balance is an untouched and original gray patina. Mechanically this Conversion is 100% on ALL the working actions, each and every time !! ALL factory applied markings are clear and legible to read.


A very desirable conversion and showing the historical trend for cartridges, the early ones, as Remington did convert to other 44's, but this was a first and quite significant.

PRICE $ 2,100



SEPTEMBER 30, 2021


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