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In the late 1870's Hopkins & Allen entered the existing Military and Police nomenclature revolver market. Prior to that, they were well known for high quality "Pocket Revolvers", Blue Jackets, etc... They introduced three lines, the XL No.8 Large Frame for the .44, The XL Navy in .38, and the ONLY round butt model, the XL Police in .38RF.  the Police represented only a FEW hundred manufactured, the others were just as limited in production. This XL Police, Serial No. 141X is an excellent example. Most encountered today are thoroughly worn out. This 4-1/2 inch barrel, Single Action has the rounded butt, and the unusual "hump back" small hammer. It has about 90% of the original factory nickel plate, however has gray spotting "freckling on the surface. Mechanically this Police is 100% correct in ALL its working actions. There are obvious case colors still on the hammer and faded blue on the trigger. The grips show normal hand wear, no damage and have fine antique luster. ALL parts are original , and ALL factory applied markings are CLEAR and present.

frame marked XL POLICE and 38-100 CAL

The top of frame marked " XL POLICE ", and "38-100 Cal."

scarce seen Hopkings & Allen revolver

This is a very scarce and seldom seen Hopkins & Allen, and a unique trend setter.  PRICE $1,875



Hopkins & Allen Police revolver rim fire .38

XL Police wood grip

rt xl police grip

bottom view of XL Police

top view of rim fire revolver



F&W old Model Army 44 blue left view

During the 1870's there was a popular demand for big frame Frontier revolvers. "Old School" companies like S&W and Colt were enjoying phenomenal sales. Forehand & Wadsworth was also an old school company , BUT had restricted their manufacturing to smaller Pocket Pistols. They rethought their position, and went to the drawing board, and introduced their FIRST large frame .44 caliber Frontier Revolver. This is it, called the "Old Model " Army because F&W redesigned this model and introduced it a little later, a.k.a New Model Army. Serial No.75X is the Old Model Army, and was limited in production to slightly LESS than 1,000 pieces. So, they are very scarce ! and a complete and correct model is infinitely scarcer. They found favor on the Frontier and with the demand for big frames generated by the growth on the western frontier. This Old Model .44  had a blue finish, a bit scarcer as nickel was dominant. Today it has maybe 15%+, in flutes and protected areas. The balance is a "plum: color patina  (correct for blued specimens), smooth metal and sharp edges. ALL factory applied markings are present and clear. ALL parts are original, and it is mechanically perfect, It loads, cocks, indexes, rotates and locks tight, then releases for firing. The Walnut grips are near perfect, with remaining varnish. This Model is seldom encountered due to low production numbers, and comparing this Old Army to it's peers, is an outstandingly fine specimen. A RARE and different 1870's Frontier Revolver. PRICE $3,650

bottom view of FW old model army 44 blue

This exact same Model , with Serial No. 10 was forwarded to the U.S. Ordnance Board for Testing against Colt, and S&W. The F&W faired very well, and had the best blue finish tested for durability.

FW old model army grip with lanyard ring

FW old model army w/ all original parts blue

F&W old model army 44 right view




SEPTEMBER 30, 2022


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