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This pair of grips is magnificent, and would UPGRADE any correct era Single Action one would choose to place them on. The color and fire of the Pearl is only seen in old pearl, such radiance! The grips are ALL original, except for a small period repair at the top of the right grip, where it joins the frame. In no way, does it detract from the radiant beauty of this pair of grips.

The high relief carving is clearly shown here, by the height of the Bulls Nose, from the grip surface.  PRICE $ 2,500

COLT MODEL 1889 NAVY, .38 with VERY SCARCE 3 Inch BARREL, @1893

This is a VERY important revolver in the history of Colt, and the beginning of a new future for Colt. This was the FIRST Swing-Out cylinder revolver ever manufactured by Colt. Easily identified by the lack of external bolt stop notches on the cylinder. Like the model before it, the 1877, the cylinder locks from the rear. Another feature, it rotates to the left, sometimes referred to as a left wheeler ! It was popular immediately with the U.S. navy, and several thousand were ordered. Thus the trade name was the 1889 Navy revolver. This example, a civilian model, Serial No. 2390x is from the 1893 production. It has the VERY SCARCE 3 inch barrel, as nearly all the production, both Navy and Civilian had a 6 inch barrel. After 126 years, it still has about 90% of the original Colt Blue, the balance a blending blue gray patina. The checkered Colt Logo, hard rubber grips are in perfect condition, with crisp checkering.

Mechanically, the DA .38 Navy works 100% CORRECT on all working actions, and swings open and closes perfectly. It seems in today's collector market the EARLY swing out cylinders  are very popular, this offering is for a VERY scarce version of THE FIRST swing-out cylinder from Colt. PRICE $999

         RICHARDS-MASON, Conversion of the Colt 1860     Army .44 Revolver

This is the smallest production example, and the MOST important. It clearly showed the commitment to an all cartridge revolver, and the end of Colt's percussion era. Manufactured from 1877 - 1878 in a quantity of ONLY 2,100 revolvers. This would be the LAST Colt cartridge revolver that had any connection to the 1860 Army. The back half of course are the altered parts of the 1860, BUT the barrel was a SPECIAL manufactured  barrel, a solid barrel with attached ejector rod and housing. Sometimes referred to as the solid or "S" barrel. It is absolutely the MOST difficult conversion for the Colt collector to obtain. Serial No. 659X is TOTALLY matching, all parts, cylinder etc... It retains all the cylinder scene, but faded from use.

 This Colt was nickel plated at the factory and retains about 40%, the balance is a soft gray untouched original patina.  The one piece Walnut grips are damage free, but do show traces of handling and use. All factory applied markings are present: barrel address, frame patents, serial numbers, cylinder scene. ALL parts are original to the Colt. Mechanically this Richards-Mason works PERFECTLY on each and every working action. It half cocks, cocks, cylinder indexes and locks tight, then releases to fire. Each and every time the hammer is pulled to the rear. An important revolver to the evolution of Colt, and the TRUE first cartridge revolver barrel for center fire cartridges. It was the actual bridge from percussion to cartridge, and the last Colt to be seen with any characteristics of percussion lineage. These revolvers were very popular on the frontier and MANY photo's of Cattle Drives show Cowboys with this Model Colt.

PRICE $ 3,250

Photo clearly shows the nickel plating present on the trigger guard and back strap.

Photo clearly shows the nickel on the back strap and the recoil shield area. Plus remnants on the rear of cylinder.

The new " solid" barrel with ejector housing is clearly shown.




In 1891 Dallas was NOT the metropolis it is today. In fact in 1891, it was just a sleepy little town on the Trinity River, dotted with ranches and cattle. Their neighbor, 30 miles to the west was the BIG town, Ft. Worth. So few Colts went to Dallas direct. This one , Serial No. 13686X shipped to Dallas in January 1891, in the configuration and caliber as you see it now. This Colt was used, not abused, it undoubtedly was carried EVERY day, and saw honest use. The original blue finish is absent, and the Colt has a soft gray patina throughout . All serial numbers and frame patents are visible. However, the top barrel address is worn nearly off, only parts of the one line address can be seen. Mechanically, it is 100%: safety, half cock, full cock, indexed, locks tight, releases perfectly to fire. ALL parts are original to this Single Action.  The checkered hard rubber Eagle Grips remain in excellent condition both in color and definition.

A true Texas Colt, and shipped to Dallas. It saw use, and that is what a real Texas Colt Single Action is all about ! PRICE $3,050





This Single Action Army .45, was shipped in 1890 to Browning Brothers, in Ogden , Territory of Utah. Note: the letter states Ogden, NOT Ogden/Salt Lake City. So, this is early for the Browning bros. as they had not yet opened their Salt Lake City shop. Serial No. 11782X was a Colt Factory Nickel Plate finish, however today about 35% is still present. The balance of the finish is a soft medium gay, some plum, patina. It is untouched and all original. ALL factory applied markings are still present: barrel address, frame patents, serial numbers, caliber mark on trigger guard shoulder. ALL parts are the original parts to this Colt. Thee SAA is fitted with the checkered hard rubber " Eagle " grips. They remain in very, very good condition showing minimal hand wear.

MOST IMPORTANT: the working action is in PERFECT condition. All the hammer notches function correctly, the cylinder rotates, indexes and locks tight. It releases to fire as it should.

A true veteran of the Old Western Frontier. Also, a highly sought after Territorial shipped Single Action, and Utah being a scarcer ship !! PRICE $4,750


This is a very small production window for the conversions of the 1861 Navy revolver. Only 2,200 were ever made, and issued / sold in the Mid-1870's The Model of 1861 is considered by many to be the most "elegant" of all the percussion series, with sleek lines. This one, Serial No.187X, has an unusual feature. Below EACH serial number, appears a deliberate "punch dot". Although this 1861 does not have a U.S.N. marking, it is one of a few which were pulled from production, and sent to the Navy to complete an order, or to replace a failed Navy. ALL Serial Numbers , all locations, are matching including cylinder. The overall condition is as follows: 60-65% factory original nickel plate, the balance a soft plum/gray patina. Almost all the brass still has the plating, and is untouched. The cylinder has 50% nickel, as the "lay down" side is less, however, the cylinder scene is still crisp and clear.

The grips show hand use over the years, and a small percentage of varnish is present, with only the slightest corner rounding. Most IMPORTANT: The working action is PERFECT. The hammer cocking positions all function 100% correctly. The cylinder advances, locks tight, and indexes properly and has a smooth release to fire. ALL the screw heads are clean. ALL factory applied markings: barrel address, frame patents, caliber on shoulder, and serial numbers are all highly visible. ALL parts are original to this 1861 Conversion. A SCARCE and significant revolver, and the arming of the Navy in the Mid 1870's. PRICE $3,150


OCTOBER 20, 2019


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