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This Sheriffs Model is quite unique ! as it was made outside the Colt Factory. Probably in the far southwest, Az. Ty. maybe even in Mexico. However, it was very professionally made, no doubt by a gunsmith of high quality and ability. Perhaps he had seen one or was familiar with the frame pattern. In looking at the forward frame configuration, it is identical to the Colt factory. It is a THREE inch barrel, but from close looking at the barrel it once had a Colt two line patent, originally 4-3/4 inches. the front sight is remarkable well done and in correct alignment. The Serial No. 10123X is present on all the correct locations although the butt it is faint and difficult to see.  It appears all parts are the original Colt parts and all factory applied markings are clear and present. It is remarkable that ALL the working actions are correct: all hammer cock positions, safety, half cock, full cock. The cylinder rotates and aligns and locks tight for firing. Releases to fire , no problem. The current finish condition is one of reasonable wear. There is still blue on cylinder and barrel with a gray patina on the balance, an original patina no cleaning. The Colt has one piece Walnut grips, in a fine antique patina and fine fit.

There is no question, someone in the 1880-1890 period wanted! a short barrel Colt, this one in 44/40. They found the right place and a Single Action was professionally made into the customers desired configuration. They must have been pleased as this Colt has and shows signs of daily, definitely long term carry. Imagination would permit, Gambler, Gun fighter some one needing "hide-out" power. It is just very charismatic. Remember it is a Black Powder antique of 1883.

PRICE $3,995


This holster when new would have been a good looking holster. It is a two loop holster, the top loop an unusual shape, with the bottom loop the standard straight shape. The cartridge belt, some where in time, and a long time ago, had newer cartridge loops added, probably due to the old ones being non-serviceable. BUT the real unique feature of this Rig is the Belt Buckle. It is a very long rectagonal buckle ! Definite dating the rig to the 1880's. The holster has heavy wear, and some leather breaks. If you have a rustic single action, 5-1/2 inches, either original or cut barrel, it would display very well. A survivor of the Old West Frontier.

price $ 250


This matching holster and belt for the Colt Single Action 5-1/2 " is very finely tooled, and uses the unusual "Bikini" or "Jock Strap" bottom loop to hold the end of holster in place. This style appeared in Texas by both marked and non marked makers. S.D. Myers used this pattern, but not that frequently.

The buckle is of the 1880's style, rectangular with clipped corners and nickel plated. I like how a Horseshoe pattern was added to the end of the billet. The back of the belt and holster demonstrate EVERYDAY wear. The buckle from the brushing of a coat, the dark patina on back of belt back from contact with clothing. This was a rig used everyday with a Colt in it !

PRICE $ 495

The tooling is unusual as it is not a basket weave pattern, but an interlocking chain pattern. Intricate and very time consuming to produce.

The leather remains supple and in fine condition with no damage or tears. Really unusual for a working rig of this age.



One might look at this Single Action from several perspectives. It is a very early example of the new technology in Single Actions, the spring loaded cylinder release pin replaces the screw in frame. What does this mean ? You can remove the cylinder without a TOOL ! making it simpler to use. Secondly it has the original grips, the NEW pattern grips. no Eagle, just checkered grips with the Colt Logo at the top. Colt was streamlining production cost, and this grip was less expensive to make. Yet another perspective is the Nickel plating, and how after 127 years it wore ! There is about 50% factory nickel plating remaining, the rest has turned a wonderful and untouched plum patina. This Single Action saw steady use, as demonstrated by the hand wear on the grips, yet 55% nickel is still strongly present.

This Single Action seems to have a great deal of appeal, I guess it would be the remaining Nickel and Patina mixture. Mechanically, it is 100% correct: all hammer notches, cylinder rotation, indexing, locks tight and releases to fire. NO mechanical issues. Many prospective buyers always want to know where  did it come from, all I can tell you is it spent most to all it's time  on the plains of Colorado and Wyoming. A Factory Letter would be a fine addition for the shipping destination, who knows it could be a real super ship. ALL factory applied markings are clear and present: barrel address, frame patents, caliber, and ALL matching Serial Numbers. Serial No. 16531X is just a great example of a Frontier Colt. Still a Black Powder Colt !

PRICE  $ 4,250



This Colt Revolver is one of the LOWEST production models from Colt, LESS than 4,000 were manufactured. It is also one of the MOST unique offerings from Colt, due to it's grips ! The checkered Hard Rubber Grips were embossed, with NOT an Eagle, but a Cop and Thug ( Robber) in a confrontation. The Thug has a knife and the Cop is attempting an arrest.

 This Model came in two barrel lengths, 4-1/2 inch and 6 inch, both had the ejector system on the barrel. This Colt is DOUBLE UNIQUE, first, as a rare low production Colt and seldom seen, but was the Property of United States Express Co. USX founded in 1854 , served as a company transporting packages and valuables around the entire United States. They used Stage Coaches and later Railway Express cars, but for both one thing was common. ALL the Agents were armed with instructions to guard the valuable packages they were entrusted to transport. Serial No. 1632X, was marked on the barrel by USX , as the Colt Serial No. was the same ! which appears on the butt.

In addition the letters USX were added to the barrel in front of the Property Number, as seen above. Slightly worn from use, BUT present. It has been my pleasure to have seen under a hand full of this Model  all marked by USX. They obviously were a  Single Action of enough power, yet concealable in an Agents pocket of waist coat.

The original finish was Factory Nickel plate, and about 10%+ or - is still present. An original patina  is the remainder of the finish, untouched and original.  Testifying to the quality of the Colt, it is still in 100% working order. ALL the working actions: cocking, locking, cylinder rotation and locking, and  releasing to fire, all function correctly, every time. MOST IMPORTANT: the unique hard rubber grips, which make this Colt, are in perfect condition, no damage. ALL factory applied markings are present, caliber, barrel address.  A RARE Colt, with even a RARER historical background, guarding valuables in the 19th century from Stagecoach and Train robbers, even Express office's.

PRICE $ 3,550

USX sign is for decoration only NFS


The major significance of this Model was, it was the FIRST Pocket Model revolver to be made at the Hartford Factory ! Manufactured in a very small quantity of about 15,000 from 1847 to 1850. The name came from the similarity to the full size .44 Dragoon revolver. This Baby Dragoon, Serial No. 1124X would have been manufactured in 1848 and has the scarcer Five Inch barrel.  ALL serial numbers are matching, all parts, and the frame patent is clear and distinct as is the barrel address. IT still has a perfect working action !  The overall surface is a soft gray patina, and the cylinder scene, "Stagecoach Holdup" is still present, just very light, but visible. Remarkably, the silver plating of the trigger guard and back strap is in abundance ! about 70% present.

The Walnut grips show hand use, but there is no significant misuse or damage and they have a fine antique patina.

PRICE $3,950

A very scarce and interesting early Colt revolver. They are hard to find, in working condition.


The New Line series of Revolvers followed the antiquated Open Top line and came in .22,.30,.38..41 rim fire and center fire calibers. Specifically the .38 had a small production of only 5,500 between 1874 and 1880. The 2nd Model is identified by the long cylinder flutes, and it locks from behind the cylinder, just like the DA 1877 Model. This example, Serial No.1536 is in 99.99% original factory condition. All the nickel plating is present and the caliber designation acid etched on the  2-1/4 inch barrel is perfect.

Mechanically this New Line is 100% correct on EVERY working action !The Rosewood grips are in perfect condition, even the fire blue on the grip screw.


You notice numbers stamped into the frame. 3411, they are obviously for a company. More than likely an Express Company or Guard Company. My personal guess from past experience is that of United States Express Co. They issued small revolvers to certain employees, as witnessed by other known examples from Remington and S&W. However, we do not know for absolute sure. It does make for an interesting New Line .38 !

PRICE $1,650

COLT NEW LINE .30 REVOLVER...Scarce Barrel Length, 1-3/4 inch... 1875

The .30 Colt New Line is an interesting chapter in Colt production. It is THE ONLY revolver ever made by Colt in .30 caliber, and ONLY for two years, in a total of only 11,000 units. MOST all had the 2-1/4 inch barrel, VERY few the 1-3/4 inch barrel. Why so short lived ? During this period of arms history many other firms were making the .30 Pocket Pistol. Hopkins & Allen, Hood, Forehand, etc... and ALL sold way ! less expensive than Colt. True to their nature, rather than sacrifice quality, and sell for less, Colt chose to discontinue the .30 New Line. Therefore, one in this elevated level of condition and barrel length is a great rarity and find for the collector. Serial No.485X has 99.9999% of all its original bright nickel Colt factory finish. The highlight colors of blue on the screw heads is present, just slightly dulling.  The bright fire blue on the hammer reverse is still present only slightly darkened. The Rosewood grips still have all their varnish, and show next to no handling dings. The mechanical functions on the working action function 100% correctly, each and every time !

It would be very difficult to improve on this example, excluding engraved or exotic finish, in condition and scarcity.

The "etched" panel is still completely present and vividly seen !

All factory markings clear and present, all matching serial numbers.

PRICE $ 1,850

JUNE 30, 2024


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