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This Image captures the imagination of most Single Action collecting enthusiasts. The factory long barrel, the caliber of .45 and the most desired of the hard rubber grips, the Eagle pattern. Serial No. 13552X was shipped to an important dealer in 1890, Hibbard, Spencer & Bartlett, of Chicago. Many Colts from the Western Frontier, when lettered show this dealer. In fact, the Daltons of Oklahoma Territory were on " vacation" in Chicago and visited the business. They all purchased new Single Actions, some of which showed up in the attempted double Bank Robbery in Coffeeville Kansas shortly thereafter. The finish on this old veteran is a soft undisturbed and original patina, smokey gray in color. ALL factory applied markings are clear and present. The working actions are 100% perfect each and every time acted upon. The Eagle Grips are in extremely fine condition and show only normal hand wear over a 130 year period. Still having checkering and defined features in the the grip Eagles and banner.

There is still case colors present on the hammer and the frame directly in front of the cylinder, with the balance of the frame having "ghost" case colors showing.

A very solid example of a Black Powder Long Barrel Single action Army .45. PRICE $4,000




The New Line series of Revolvers followed the antiquated Open Top line and came in .22,.30,.38..41 rim fire and center fire calibers. Specifically the .38 had a small production of only 5,500 between 1874 and 1880. The 2nd Model is identified by the long cylinder flutes, and it locks from behind the cylinder, just like the DA 1877 Model. This example, Serial No.1536 is in 99.99% original factory condition. All the nickel plating is present and the caliber designation acid etched on the  2-1/4 inch barrel is perfect.

Mechanically this New Line is 100% correct on EVERY working action !The Rosewood grips are in perfect condition, even the fire blue on the grip screw.


You notice numbers stamped into the frame. 3411, they are obviously for a company. More than likely an Express Company or Guard Company. My personal guess from past experience is that of United States Express Co. They issued small revolvers to certain employees, as witnessed by other known examples from Remington and S&W. However, we do not know for absolute sure. It does make for an interesting New Line .38 !

PRICE $1,650



Colt introduced this Model in 1871 and manufactured about 114,000 until 1877. Unfortunately due to a flood of less expensive models from lesser competitors, it was discontinued. This Open Top .22 , Serial No. 182X is very early production and has the earliest features collectors are always searching to acquire. It has the high hammer spur, and most important, the presence of an ejector housing and rod on the barrel !!

This Open Top .22 has the 2-3/8 inch barrel, and ejector housing assembly, quite scarce !!! The cylinder and barrel have 99.999% of all the original factory nickel plating, the frame has small spots indicating it too was once plated. However, the brass never held the plating well, so now is is an UNTOUCHED original brass patina, that creamy mustard color. All factory applied markings like the barrel address are sharp and clear. mechanically it is 100% correct in every working action.

This is an exquisite little Colt, the Open Top .22 and is 151 years old, still working and looking good !

PRICE $ 1,950



I believe this Open Top was originally in the Louisiana area, probably New Orleans because of the one grip. The right grip has been very professionally carved with the French Fleur de Lis, and a Palm Tree . Someone of distinction undoubtedly owned it accounting for it's very excellent condition.





This Colt 1860 Army, although in appearance is a dark original untouched patina, has much to offer the collector. First, lets discuss B. Kittredge & Co. in Cin. O. ( Cincinnati, Ohio). In Colts early years of doing business, they had the FIVE Allies, their ONLY distributors, of them the ONLY one in the "west" was Ben Kittredge & Co. All the rest were NY outfits. How important: Kittredge was a jumping off point for the western trade, using the Ohio river and other ways directly into the western frontier. Just for the moment we will discuss Kittredge and Colt. Usually Kittredge got initial shipments of a new model. It was Kittredge who developed "catchy" trade names. The "Lightning".38, the "Thunderer".41, the "Rainmaker".32 and most famous the "Peacemaker".45. They marketed the revolvers west with these applied names of power. Coming current to the time of the 1860 Army, Kittredge played a key role. Serial No. 15168X, made in 1864, went to Kittredge and was marked on the revolver two times.

By 1864 Colt was experiencing problems in supply to the Union Contracts, so Kittredge stepped in and SOLD many 1860's directly the Union Army. perhaps even more important was the fact they sold to individual officers, and SUPPLIED the western ARMY in Indian Country. Remember the Indian wars didn't stop for our Civil War ! This Colt 1860 is also has it's ORIGINAL checkered One Piece Ivory grips, in outstanding ! condition for 1864. Overall the 1860 has a dark gray original patina, and relatively smooth metal. Untouched "mustard" patina brass. ALL factory applied markings are present. ALL matching Serial No's to include the cylinder and wedge ! The cylinder scene is weak, but has the Serial No. and Colt Patent visible. There is another unique additional feature. The capital letter "P" appears below EACH serial number. This was an early Colt marking designating it was to be nickel pated !!  This is discussed in Charles W. Pates new book, "The Colt 1860 Army" As almost all were sent to various plating companies as Colt was not yet in this process. Mechanically on ALL the working actions it is 100% as it left the factory in 1864.

As I said in the very beginning " be more than you appear" this "special" 1860 Colt Army  /Kittredge & Co. Cin O. is EXACTLY that !! PRICE $3,850


This is an EXQUISITE example of Colt engraving, ( possibly Wexell & DeGress , NY). Serial No. 122X is a 2-1/4inch barrel .32 New Line Model from Colt which has been exhibition level engraved and fitted with the MOST ornate Silver grips. As of this date, no one has ever seen a snarling dog motif silver grip ! This New Line was obviously intended for a person of importance, or the companion of some one of importance. Mechanically all the working actions operate perfectly. All factory applied markings are present. Even the grips are marked Patented 1874.

PRICE $3,850

COLT 3rd MODEL DERINGER, a.k.a. THE THUER MODEL .41 Rim Fire, @ 1880's

Partially Restored, and Original

This Thuer ( 3rd Model) Serial No. 1269X has been , at some time, partially restored. The quality of the work is superior, as no product definition was lost. The frame is original nickel plate, as witnessed by the fine brass exposed lines on the hard edges. The restoration has been the blue parts: barrel, fire blue screw heads, and Hammer sides. The grips remain all original, and have a fine antique luster on them.

Mechanically this Thuer operates 100% correctly, each and every time on all phases. It is simply stated, an attractive example of a Thuer, partially original, and priced as such.

PRICE $575


This Colt is testimony to the fact that no matter how dedicated to perfection and exactness a company may be , they are made of imperfect human employees ! Colt Serial No. 148747 is a human assembly error. The frame is 148747 while all other numbers are 148647 ! Note: # 148647 is a .45 caliber revolver. While assembling this Colt a simple number error was made. I contacted Colt, their opinion was if it was detected, it was allowed to ship, as it certainly did not effect function. This Colt has not been tinkered with and exhibits ALL original togetherness since day one !!! ALL factory applied markings are present and legible: barrel caliber, serial numbers, frame patents IMPORTANT: the working actions are perfect: cocking, locking, cylinder rotation and alignment, releasing to fire. The overall finish today is a dark gray patina, and the surface shows some peppering and minor distress. Typical of a south Texas Colt.  The Eagle hard rubber grips are extremely worn ! and coincides with the use the revolver has had in Texas.

So here we have a small factory irregularity of human error, and long term use in Houston Texas. However, it is still a BLACK POWDER Single Action with a Factory Letter and a little story to tell.

PRICE $ 2,875

COLT NEW LINE .30 REVOLVER...Scarce Barrel Length, 1-3/4 inch... 1875

The .30 Colt New Line is an interesting chapter in Colt production. It is THE ONLY revolver ever made by Colt in .30 caliber, and ONLY for two years, in a total of only 11,000 units. MOST all had the 2-1/4 inch barrel, VERY few the 1-3/4 inch barrel. Why so short lived ? During this period of arms history many other firms were making the .30 Pocket Pistol. Hopkins & Allen, Hood, Forehand, etc... and ALL sold way ! less expensive than Colt. True to their nature, rather than sacrifice quality, and sell for less, Colt chose to discontinue the .30 New Line. Therefore, one in this elevated level of condition and barrel length is a great rarity and find for the collector. Serial No.485X has 99.9999% of all its original bright nickel Colt factory finish. The highlight colors of blue on the screw heads is present, just slightly dulling.  The bright fire blue on the hammer reverse is still present only slightly darkened. The Rosewood grips still have all their varnish, and show next to no handling dings. The mechanical functions on the working action function 100% correctly, each and every time !

It would be very difficult to improve on this example, excluding engraved or exotic finish, in condition and scarcity.

The "etched" panel is still completely present and vividly seen !

All factory markings clear and present, all matching serial numbers.

PRICE $ 1,850

SEPTEMBER 30, 2022


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