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COLT MODEL 1877 DA .32

This Model of 1877 is an ULTRA RARE Colt, and seldom if ever seen and available to the collecting fraternity. Beyond that, it has the scarcer SIX inch barrel. The number of .32 DA Model 1877's depends on who you talk with, I go with less than 300, more like 200 manufactured. Most will have the 3 or 3-1/2 inch ejector less barrel, blue and nickel. Speaking of nickel, this rainmaker has 99.9999% of all the original factory nickel finish on the barrel. The demon black powder did take a small toll. IT has been fired VERY few times, but probably wasn't cleaned at that time. So, the only nickel loss was at the end of the cylinder, and the frame directly in front of the cylinder. Black powder flash ! The balance of the finish like the  trigger guard, back strap and rear of frame are 99% strong ! The screws all have 99.9% of the peacock fire blue color, and have perfect  slots. Additionally, the hammer reverse, and trigger reverse have ALL the brilliant peacock fire blue present. The checkered hard rubber grips are in 99.999% original condition! MOST IMPORTANT : for the Model of 1877, this one operates / works, 100% correctly, all the time, either double action or single action mode. ALL Colt company applied markings are clear and present: Frame patents, barrel address, serial numbers ( all the same) Serial No. 9723X. The side of the barrel has COLT DA 32. Marked on the underside of the barrel next to the frame is the factory 32 , making it absolutely genuine.

This is an extraordinarily rare Colt, and a highly sought after Colt by all Colt collectors.  In passing, the name RAINMAKER was given to this revolver by Kittridge. in Cincinnati. They received one in the very first shipment of Colt on the Model 1877. Kittridge liked marketing  language. So, the .41 was the Thunderer, the .38 the Lightning, and the .32 the Rainmaker. A Rainmaker comes along few times for the collector, especially one like this one !! PRICE $9,950 SOLD / HOLD





In 1891 Dallas was NOT the metropolis it is today. In fact in 1891, it was just a sleepy little town on the Trinity River, dotted with ranches and cattle. Their neighbor, 30 miles to the west was the BIG town, Ft. Worth. So few Colts went to Dallas direct. This one , Serial No. 13686X shipped to Dallas in January 1891, in the configuration and caliber as you see it now. This Colt was used, not abused, it undoubtedly was carried EVERY day, and saw honest use. The original blue finish is absent, and the Colt has a soft gray patina throughout . All serial numbers and frame patents are visible. However, the top barrel address is worn nearly off, only parts of the one line address can be seen. Mechanically, it is 100%: safety, half cock, full cock, indexed, locks tight, releases perfectly to fire. ALL parts are original to this Single Action.  The checkered hard rubber Eagle Grips remain in excellent condition both in color and definition.

A true Texas Colt, and shipped to Dallas. It saw use, and that is what a real Texas Colt Single Action is all about ! PRICE $3,150





This Single Action Army .45, was shipped in 1890 to Browning Brothers, in Ogden , Territory of Utah. Note: the letter states Ogden, NOT Ogden/Salt Lake City. So, this is early for the Browning bros. as they had not yet opened their Salt Lake City shop. Serial No. 11782X was a Colt Factory Nickel Plate finish, however today about 35% is still present. The balance of the finish is a soft medium gay, some plum, patina. It is untouched and all original. ALL factory applied markings are still present: barrel address, frame patents, serial numbers, caliber mark on trigger guard shoulder. ALL parts are the original parts to this Colt. Thee SAA is fitted with the checkered hard rubber " Eagle " grips. They remain in very, very good condition showing minimal hand wear.

MOST IMPORTANT: the working action is in PERFECT condition. All the hammer notches function correctly, the cylinder rotates, indexes and locks tight. It releases to fire as it should.

A true veteran of the Old Western Frontier. Also, a highly sought after Territorial shipped Single Action, and Utah being a scarcer ship !! PRICE $4,950


This is a very small production window for the conversions of the 1861 Navy revolver. Only 2,200 were ever made, and issued / sold in the Mid-1870's The Model of 1861 is considered by many to be the most "elegant" of all the percussion series, with sleek lines. This one, Serial No.187X, has an unusual feature. Below EACH serial number, appears a deliberate "punch dot". Although this 1861 does not have a U.S.N. marking, it is one of a few which were pulled from production, and sent to the Navy to complete an order, or to replace a failed Navy. ALL Serial Numbers , all locations, are matching including cylinder. The overall condition is as follows: 60-65% factory original nickel plate, the balance a soft plum/gray patina. Almost all the brass still has the plating, and is untouched. The cylinder has 50% nickel, as the "lay down" side is less, however, the cylinder scene is still crisp and clear.

The grips show hand use over the years, and a small percentage of varnish is present, with only the slightest corner rounding. Most IMPORTANT: The working action is PERFECT. The hammer cocking positions all function 100% correctly. The cylinder advances, locks tight, and indexes properly and has a smooth release to fire. ALL the screw heads are clean. ALL factory applied markings: barrel address, frame patents, caliber on shoulder, and serial numbers are all highly visible. ALL parts are original to this 1861 Conversion. A SCARCE and significant revolver, and the arming of the Navy in the Mid 1870's. PRICE $3,250



Colt's firm was painfully aware of the growing situation in the firearms business in early 1869. Self contained metallic cartridges were THE future, and Colt needed to get on the band wagon! A serious road block lay in their path, S&W , and the Rollin White Patent on bored through cylinders was in effect. Until that patent expired, Colt had to get into the cartridge revolver business. They even tried to negotiate with S&W, no go ! So Alexander Thuer designed a metallic cartridge firing system. The cartridge loaded from the FRONT of the cylinder. It was a slightly tapered cartridge casing, with a conical lead bullet. One advantage Colt hoped for was the fact the Thuer Ring could be removed from the frame, and the percussion cylinder returned, thus you could use cartridges or stay percussion. However, reloading was difficult at best, and the system difficult at best. Only about 5,000 were ever manufactured, (some sources say that is an exaggerated number, and 2->3,000 is more correct) covering several models of Colt percussion revolvers. The 1860 being the highest volume. SERIAL NUMBER 17807X, is one of the Thuers. It is an OUTSTANDING example...most due to fast moving technology became obsolete quickly, and or returned to percussion and saw hard use. Therefore, FEW are in the original condition, and have a HIGH degree of original finish. This one is one of the very best known ! Condition: it has about 60% +of all the original blue, mostly on the barrel, back strap and Thuer Ring. It has ALL the case colors on the frame, hammer and loading lever, only the slightest faded. There is 98% of all the silver plate on the trigger guard. The one piece Walnut grips are PERFECT condition, with 100% of all the factory varnish present. The Cursive engraved E, is on the ring, as well as the Pat./Sep. / 15, 1868. The cylinder scene (Naval Engagement) is all present only slightly worn, and has the matching serial number. The mechanical actions of this Thuer are perfect. The cocking, indexing, locking, and releasing to fire function perfectly, every time, The E Thuer ring works 100% correctly also for the ejection of spent cartridges. ALL factory applied markings are clear and present, barrel address, frame patent, serial numbers, etc...ALL screw head slots are crisp and clean. If you are looking for a Thuer, it is a DIFFICULT search, at best. If you are lucky enough to find one, condition is generally poor. So, to find a Thuer 1860 .44, in this high level of condition is VERY unique. A perfect example for a collection.

Below is an image of the Thuer.44 Cartridge, it shows the rim less slight taper for front cylinder loading.

PRICE $ 18,750 SOLD / HOLD



The top of the barrel has the standard one line New York , U.S. American barrel address.

The cylinder and the barrel above the wedge clearly show the British Proof marks. As the majority ! of Thuers were destined for the British market.


This Single Action is one of those enigmas of history, played out over two different centuries. Serial No. 11649X was first shipped in 1885 and delivered to the U.S. Government. It is a DFC Inspected Colt, and still issued during the Indian Wars period. It had the 7-1/2 inch barrel, blue & case color finish, one piece Walnut grips. In 1902, it was returned to Colt for Government ordered alteration.  The barrel was reduced to 5-1/2 inches, and it received a new blue and case color finish, grips  included. The grip has the RAC on the bottom, indicating at new grip at time of refurbishment. This Model has become known as the Artillery Model. They were then issued to the Troops in the field, supplementing, and in some cases replacing the anemic .38 Double Action Issue. Currently, this Artillery is in INCREDIBLE condition !! It has 98% of all the Colt Factory blue present, 85% of all case colors, only slightly faded, and perfect Walnut grips. ( Except for a checkerboard pattern etched into the top of each grip) ALL factory applied markings are still clear and vividly present: frame patents,  barrel address, U.S. on frame, serial numbers, Inspector marks. MOST IMPORTANT: ALL serial numbers are matching ! even cylinder. This was one of the first Single actions sent to Colt for the Artillery modification, so ALL serial numbers remained together ! It was shipped the 2nd time in January 1902 , after that it becomes very interesting ! FIFTY YEARS go by, and suddenly  Serial No. 11649X appears on the other side of the world.  In 1981, this Colt was in a small Gun store in Tampa, Florida, on consignment for sale. A local collector purchased it, and was given the name of the consignor. An elderly woman, who at one time, was living in Turkey, with her husband who was a Military attaché in Ankara. There they met a man called Huseyin Tuegut, a Military Officer ( Colonel) in the Turkish Air Force. He admired the woman as she was an avid hunter, and said" one day he would give her a special gift". Colonel Tuegut was a Russian Aristocrat  (Prince) and fled Russia as a young man during the 1918 Bolshevik revolution, and went to Turkey.

Colonel Tuegut @ 1950 -52

As good as his word, one day he presented THIS Colt, in the artisan crafted box to the lady hunter. It seems he was in possession of TWO Artillery Models of like condition, giving one to his brother. Now the question? how did these Colt Model Artilleries wind up in 1950 in Turkey ? I have a theory ! few people know, that in 1918, the American Army was sent to Russia to fight the Bolsheviks with the Russian White Army. There were 5,000, and were called the AEF Russia, and fought until 1922, before withdrawing from Russia. In researching, arms were also sent to Russia, I believe since by 1918 the Single Action was fairly obsolete, what with the 1911 dominating for 7 years, surplus Artillery Models were sent to the Troops and Russian White Army members. At that time Tuegut was in Russia, maybe fighting , maybe not, but would have had the opportunity to procure a few Colt Single Actions. When he finally departs for Turkey, his "souvenirs " went with him. Re-emerging as a gift in @1951. Staying with the attaché family until old age, and then consigned for sale in Florida where the widow was living. Along with this Colt comes several documents attesting to this information, including photo's. A letter from the discovering collector, the Turkey attaché's  widow, her letter, completing documenting this Colt Artillery model, not to mention the Colt Letter. PRICE $ 6,750


On the lid appears the name of Huseyin Tuegot, and his rank in the Turkish Air Force.


DECEMBER 30, 2018


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