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The year 1882 was a significant year for the changes in the Colt Single Action. Serial No. 8482X exhibits some change, and then the last of the previous characteristics. This SAA has the one piece Walnut grips of 1882, as they started with the Eagle Hard Rubber grips the same year. The ejector head is the new style oval, rather than the bulls eye head.  Almost one could say a transitional year revolver. Also, a 4-3/4 inch barrel  was still relatively new to the Model. This Colt has about 20% of the original factory nickel finish, the balance has turned a soft plum/brown patina. There are still strong traces of case color on the hammer.

ALL factory applied markings are present and very legible: barrel address, frame patents, ALL matching serial numbers, trigger guard caliber marking. ALL parts are original, even the cylinder pin, and screw head slots are clean and crisp. The mechanical working actions: safety, half cock, full cock, indexing, locking tight, releasing to fire ALL function 100% correctly. The 1 piece Walnut grips have a smooth surface and no damage, and initial and a brand on the bottom of the butt. This Single Action was "kicked out of the brush" in Wyoming in the early 1990's. The information contained in the letter matches exactly what you see in the Colt: finish, barrel length, caliber and shipped in December 1882. A very unique and transitional example of an early Single Action Army .45. PRICE $3,850

Both grips have the same appearance and condition.



Serial Number 20341X, from 1867, has been used with care, and stored with care. Today, the barrel has about 35% of the original blue, and the unseen underside has about 95%. The brass trigger guard and back strap has correct brass color and is untouched. The hammer has very strong traces of case colors, as does the frame, The rammer really has strong case colors remaining.

 The cylinder is a smoke/blue original patina, and the cylinder scene although showing some wear is completely visible.

The grips still retain almost all their original Varnish, although duller due to hand use over a 151 year span of time. The 1851 Navy was a prolific model for Colt , running 22 years uninterrupted production. Along the way it had minor design changes, mostly the trigger guard contours. It was incredibly popular, an elegant, light weight , accurate weapon. Perhaps made most famous by "Wild Bill" Hickok, who carried a brace of them, well into the cartridge era. He was deadly accurate with them. Starting with Soldiers in the Civil War, through the Indian Wars, and the great westward movement the '51 Navy was there ! ALL  Serial Numbers are matching, and in every location they should be ! even the wedge ! ALL factory applied markings, like barrel address, frame patent etc... are all present and vividly clear. Mechanically speaking, EVERY working action, for the pistol to function works 100% correctly. A correct tight specimen. PRICE $3,750

The Slim Jim holster is well made, with a Red suede lining, and Border stitched TWICE in Red thread around the entire front, following shape of the Holster.

It is of particular interest that this Navy Revolver still is with it's original Slim Jim Holster and a "grade" above usual quality to it. A colorful lining, and decorative stitching.


Colt Single Action Army .45, 4-3/4 inch, carved steer head pearl grips, original belt & holster

This is a "classic" appearing out fit : Long Horn Steer Head Pearl Grips, two loop holster & cartridge belt. This Single Action shipped in 1894 to St. Louis, Nickel, 4-3/4 inch, Stocks not listed, 2 in shipment. In examining the grips, they fit so perfect, they may well be factory, at worst, dealer placed the very day the Colt sold in 1894. The pattern is a Long Horn Steer, with the horns running the entire length of the grip. They have untouched perfect color of 123 years, and NO damage, and exhibit correct wear for the Colt.

Serial No. 15645X shows  use, NOT abuse, as there is only about 15%+ of the original factory nickel plate finish remaining. Mostly found on the barrel and grip, and other protected areas. The balance is a soft gray patina. There are faint case colors on the hammer. ALL parts are original, and ALL factory applied markings are present and very legible. This Colt has 100% perfect mechanical working actions, all the time ! It appears perhaps a Cowboy carried this Colt, as it has what is commonly known as Cowboy Campfire Art in two places. The first place is down the right side of the barrel, a Leaf and Vine design, NOT interfering with the barrel address !

The second area is much more simple, on three decorative hash lines on the flats between the cylinder.

A "Classic Cowboy" Colt .45 Single Action Army, and it's Rig.

Carried in a Mexican Style Two loop Catalogue Holster, with a cartridge belt with .45 loops. It has the correct nickel plated rectangle buckle.

PRICE $ 4,500


Colt introduced their very fist double action revolver in 1877, but it still loaded conventionally with a loading gate. In 1889 Colt continued their march into future design by introducing the FIRST swing-out cylinder Colt in 1889, the Navy Model. Between 1889 and 1894 they made design changes, not overwhelmingly obvious. The most noticeable was the addition of external bolt stop and free float notches to the exterior of the cylinder. The barrel roll address remained the same, ending in Nov. 1888. Colt was very clever, and to save time and money, they simply designated the difference by using the grip ! If the grip had only the word Colt in the oval, it was the Navy Model. If it had the Rampant Colt, with Rosettes it was the Army Model. Then the last addition were the adding of dates to the grip, such as 1894. IMPORTANT: the dated grip of 1894 is THE MOST rare of all the grips, as it was basically used only one year. They are NEVER encountered. For Colt, this clearly identified the "New " Models. The mechanical action never changed. Serial No. 1355X is a very strong example of an 1894 new Army revolver. It has about 97%+ of all the bright polish Colt blue, and only missing as usual on the back strap.

The real collector prize here, besides the high condition Colt, is the Pink Picture Label Box, with all it's graphics intact. These boxes are never seen, and highly treasured. The Colt was bought for the most part to use, so the cardboard box wound up filled with sewing needles, spare parts, or worst case scenario started the morning cook stove fire. Another attractive feature is the Nitre Fire Blue Hammer reverse, also on the trigger. Mechanically, this DA Colt functions 100% correctly on all working actions. A very difficult Colt to find, with the 1894 dated grips, and the matching and original box EARLY picture lid box ! PRICE $3,450


The 1894 dated grips are in perfect condition ! Note: they are the ULTIMATE rare grip in the Colt Double Action series, basically seen in a one year only production 1894. This is the PERFECT Colt DA, Box dated 1894, Grip dated 1894.


J. S. ALLISON , Marked Colt...


The .45 Colt Single Action shows the wear, yet care of , the 121 year old Colt. There is about 15% of the original factory blue present, mostly the ejector rod and barrel, with traces in the flutes. There are case colors still visible on the frame, mostly in front of the cylinder, and strong traces on the hammer. The balance of the Colt has a true and untouched original patina gray/plum. The grips show wear, but have no damage. The checkering is light and shows hand wear, and the Rampant Colt is still clear and very visible. Mechanically, this SAA operates 100% perfectly ! on all the working actions: safety, half cock, full cock, indexes, and locks tight! Serial No.16492X has a 5 inch barrel. The original barrel was reduced to 5 inches, and done "in the day", and very professionally. Re-sighted with a German Silver front sight, and perfectly installed, no doubt a gun smith of the late 1800's. Along with the Colt, it comes with it's ORIGINAL two loop holster, with some decorative spots.

This Colt has all the qualities of the Old West, it was adapted to the needs of an individual and was carried and used on the Old Frontier. PRICE $ 2,950





The right side of the barrel is stamped, in correct period font : J. S. Allison, and is absolutely the same time frame as the Colt.

The presence of several notches can be noted on the grip. What was J. S. Allison keeping count of ?



This Model Holster was mainly found in the Southwest Territories, Mexico, and the Texas Border area. Designed to hold the Colt SAA, it left the barrel exposed. It was carried over the belt as all holsters were at that time, it was a UNIQUE holster, indigenous to it's time and geographical area.

Single Action for Display Purpose ONLY

A very RARE and SCARCE holster, seldom if ever seen, areal collecting opportunity. PRICE $1,250

No broken seams, leather border trim, and stripe pattern in holster body area. Still flexible.

COLT MODEL 1877, DA.38..1879

The Model of 1877 represented Colt's first Double Action revolver. It would prove to be very popular, yet was very " delicate" with its DA system. Many found today have mechanical issues. This one, Serial No. 1842X is in PERFECT mechanical condition, which goes along with its physical condition. It has about 95%+ of all the original factory nickel plating, flaking only at the muzzle end of the cylinder. Most of the fire blue is still present on the parts, and it is fitted with Mother of Pearl grips. I believe these grips to original to the "lightning" It has the 3-1/2 inch barrel, with no ejector, sometimes referred to as the Sheriffs Model, or Storekeeper Model.

This is a very striking Model of 1877, with the bright nickel, perfect etched panel, and radiant pearl grips. As a footnote: It was Kittredge in Cincinnati, who hung the name " Lightning" on the .38 Model. When they received their first shipment in 1877, to gain advertising interest in their weekly ad, they billed the new Colt as the Lightning ! the .41 was billed as the "Thunderer"

PRICE $ 3,295




This early "Lightning" of 1879, still has the acid etched barrel panel for caliber identification. IT IS PERFECT and 100% present.


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FEBRUARY 28, 2018


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